After the Vote: Women, citizenship and the campaign for gender equality in the Irish Free State 1922-1943

Lenin: Soviet Democracy in 1917

A Novel Design of UHF RFID Passive Tag Antenna Targeting Smart Cards Limited Area


Dancing in the Technoculture

Information support on the role of high intensity focused ultrasound and cryotherapy for the treatment of localised prostate cancer

Introducing a Peoples Academy into Higher Education: A coproduction approach to sustained wellbeing

Machine possession: Dancing to repetitive beats

Electrocardiograms: a guide to rhythm recognition for emergency nurses

Why arguments against infanticide remain convincing - a reply to Joona Räsänen

Improvement of the isolation of the air cavity for ventilated cladding systems for fire safety purposes

Protecting children from faith-based abuse through accusations of witchcraft and spirit possession: understanding contexts and informing practice

Data Center Sustainability Indices

The Challenge of Modelling Solar Shading Products and Their Impact on the Built Environment.

A Real-world Study of the Relationship between Subjective Assessment of Productivity, Subjective Perception of Environmental Conditions and Objective Productivity Measures

Influence of Prior Ties on Trust in Contract Enforcement in the Construction Industry: Moderating Role of the Shadow of the Future

A Generalized Error Distribution-BasedMethod for Conditional Value-at-Risk Evaluation

Nurse practitioner consultations in primary health care: An observational interaction analysis of social interactions and consultation outcomes - ERRATUM

The Advertising Handbook

Exploring how innovation strategies at time of crisis influence performance: a cluster analysis perspective

Stochastic Ising model with flipping sets of spins and fast decreasing temperature

Intriguing yet simple skewness: kurtosis relation in economic and demographic data distributions, pointing to preferential attachment processes

Regular paths in financial markets: Investigating the Benford's law

Does the U.S. exercise contagion on Italy? A theoretical model and empirical evidence

Investigating the Configurations in Cross-Shareholding: A Joint Copula-Entropy Approach

Data on the annual aggregated income taxes of the Italian municipalities over the quinquennium 2007–2011

Copulas, uncertainty, and false discovery rate control

SME investment best strategies. Outliers for assessing how to optimize performance

A new measure for community structures through indirect social connections

Assessment of Ground-Borne Vibration from Underground Trains on a Proposed Residential Development

Global, regional, and national age-sex-specific mortality for 282 causes of death in 195 countries and territories, 1980–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017

A Peer-reviewed Newspaper About_ Research Values

CuSCN Nanowires as Electrodes for p-Type Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells: Charge Transfer Dynamics and Alumina Passivation

Engineered exciton diffusion length enhances device efficiency in small molecule photovoltaics

Improved efficiency of PbS quantum dot sensitized NiO photocathodes with naphthalene diimide electron acceptor bound to the surface of the nanocrystals

In situ formation and photo patterning of emissive quantum dots in small organic molecules

pH-Induced transformation of ligated Au 25 to brighter Au 23 nanoclusters

Role of lattice distortion and A site cation in the phase transitions of methylammonium lead halide perovskites

Triptycene as a Supramolecular Additive in PTB7: PCBM blends and its Influence on Photovoltaic Properties

Tuning the Exciton Diffusion Coefficient of Polyfluorene Based Semiconducting Polymers

Vocable Code (13082018): A lecture-performance in six parts

Vocable Code

(Micro)Politics of Algorithmic Music: Towards a Tactical Media Archaeology

RuntimeException(): Critique of Software Violence

Forceless Sadowsky strips are spherical

Most and Least of Research Value/s - Editorial

Incipient plasticity in tungsten during nanoindentation: Dependence on surface roughness, probe radius and crystal orientation

Designing nanoindentation simulation studies by appropriate indenter choices: Case study on single crystal tungsten

Ontology Based e-Learning Systems: A Step towards Adaptive Content Recommendation

Is the Modern Flying Factory (MFFs) the Quick fix for Disaster Management?

Determining the UK’s potential for heat recovery from wastewater using steady state and dynamic modelling - preliminary results

The Theoretical versus Practical Potential of Existing and Emerging Wastewater Heat Recovery Technologies

High-fidelity non-linear analysis of metal sandwich panels

Temporal Convolution Networks for Real-Time Abdominal Fetal Aorta Analysis with Ultrasound

Rural well-being: the push and pull and the diversity in-between

Can Education for Sustainable Development Change Entrepreneurship Education to Deliver a Sustainable Future?

Dental topography and the diet of Homo naledi

3D Ultrasound Image Guidance and Therapy Through the Rib Cage with a Therapeutic Random Phased Array

3D In Vitro Ultrasound Super-Resolution Imaging using a Clinical System

Terrain and the Gallipoli Landings, 1915

Les Flandres belges; des belligerants aux prise avec l'eau et la boue

Optics and Illusions of Street Drinking in East London: A thematic analysis

Mechanical models for local buckling of metal sandwich panels

Improved Seismic Design of Concentrically X-Braced Steel Frames to Eurocode 8

Locomotor stability in able-bodied trunk-flexed gait across uneven ground

The effects of an expected twofold perturbation on able-bodied gait: Trunk flexion and uneven ground surface

A strategic approach to exploiting and implementing BIM, big data analytics, and internet of things (BBI) for competitive advantage in the construction industry

Research, data collection and ethical issues: lessons from hindsight

Introduction: Settlers and Citizens: A Critical View of Israeli Society

Systematic multivariate optimization of biodiesel synthesis from high acid value waste cooking oil: A response surface methodology approach

Seeing Israel through Palestine: knowledge production as anti-colonial praxis

Oxidation states and ionicity

Prediction of multiband luminescence due to the gallium vacancy–oxygen defect complex in GaN

Deep vs shallow nature of oxygen vacancies and consequent n-type carrier concentrations in transparent conducting oxides

Defect Engineering of Earth-Abundant Solar Absorbers BiSI and BiSeI

Defect formation in In2O3 and SnO2: a new atomistic approach based on accurate lattice energies

Thermodynamically accessible titanium clusters Ti_N, N = 2–32

Children and Adults Tai Chi Study: a randomised feasibility study comparing internet delivered with face to face Tai Chi lessons in cystic fibrosis

New Denoising Unsharp Masking Method for Improved Intima Media Thickness Measurements with Active Contour Segmentation

Fast Acoustic Wave Sparsely Activated Localization Microscopy (Fast-AWSALM) Using Octafluoropropane N Anodroplets

Development of Simultaneous Optical Imaging and Super-Resolution Ultrasound to Improve Microbubble Localization Accuracy

3-D Motion Correction for Volumetric Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging

3D in Vitro Ultrasound Super-Resolution Imaging Using a Clinical System

An assessment of health profile and body pain among construction workers

Heat stress, a hidden cause of accidents in construction

Geothermal energy resources in Oman

Combining Acoustic Trapping with Plane Wave Imaging for Localized Microbubble Accumulation in Large Vessels

Acoustic wave sparsely-activated localization microscopy (AWSALM): super-resolution ultrasound imaging using acoustic activation and deactivation of nanodroplets

Two-stage motion correction for super-resolution ultrasound imaging in human lower limb

3-D super-resolution ultrasound (SR-US) imaging using a 2-D sparse array with high volumetric imaging rate

3-D motion correction for volumetric super-resolution ultrasound (SR-US) imaging

Semantic memory in developmental amnesia

Remembering Hull: Performing Autobiographical Memory as a Strategy for Placemaking

CARE: IIR working group with emphasis on women in refrigeration

Outcomes of an Inner City Forensic Intellectual Disability Service

Emotional appeals in UK business-to-business financial services advertisements

Building Urban Resilience for Disaster Risk Management and Disaster Risk Reduction

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Hate Crime



A review of the application of non-intrusive infrared sensing for gas–liquid flow characterization

How to talk about gender equality with a 9 year old: Performing feminist values for children

Venturing under fire: entrepreneurship education, venture creation and poverty reduction in conflict-ridden Maiduguri, Nigeria

How do child protection practitioners make decisions in real life situations? Lessons from the psychology of decision making

Violence risk assessment and management in mental health: a conceptual, empirical and practice critique

Towards a Security Enabled and SOA-based QoS (for the Smart Grid) Architecture.

The Metacognitions about Gambling Questionnaire: Development and psychometric properties.

Midazolam use for dental conscious sedation: how safe are we?

"LEARN"ing what is important to children and young people with intellectual disabilities when they are in hospital

Heat Recovery Potential from Urban Underground Infrastructures

Identification of ignition sources in high pressure enriched gaseous oxygen system incidents using flow chart road map diagram methodology

Performance Enhancement of Urban Ground Source Heat Pumps through Interactions with Underground Railway Tunnels

Effects of BMI on bone loading due to physical activity

Effect of diffusion parameters on emitter formation in silicon solar cells by proximity rapid thermal diffusion

Statistical Mechanics of Binary Mixture Adsorption in Metal-Organic Frameworks in the Osmotic Ensemble.

Developing a web based interactive 3D virtual environment for novel skin measurement instruments

The Role of Emotional Competence in Tako-tsubo Cardiomyopathy.

Selective attentional bias for novel psychoactive substance (NPS) and expectancy-related stimuli amongst non-problematic NPS users and never NPS users.

A Qualitative Exploration of the Role of Vape Shop Environments in Supporting Smoking Abstinence

A comprehensive meta-analysis on Problematic Facebook Use

Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in people with severe mental illness: an online cross-sectional survey of healthcare professionals

Building Community Resilience in the Re-settlement of Displaced Communities

Alterations in Leg Extensor Muscle-Tendon Unit Biomechanical Properties With Ageing and Mechanical Loading.

Mothers’ Experiences of Managing their Child’s Pain Before and During Attendance at the Emergency Department

The Serial Portrait and Coeval Time on the Cable Car Up Manakamana Mountain

A step too far for teachers?

Formal Ontology Generation by Deep Machine Learning

Canonical variable analysis and long short-term memory for fault diagnosis and performance estimation of a centrifugal compressor

Diagnostic timeliness in adolescents and young adults with cancer: a cross-sectional analysis of the BRIGHTLIGHT cohort

Trench construction and engineering geology on the Western Front, 1914–18

Smart Building Creation in Large Scale HVAC Environments through Automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Who stays in addiction treatment groups? Anxiety and avoidant attachment styles predict treatment retention and relapse.

Should I say something? A framework for understanding silence from a line manager’s perspective during an economic crisis

Application of Bayesian methods and networks to ignition hazard event prediction in nuclear waste decommissioning operations

STI-protective Self-efficacy and Binge Drinking in a Sample of University Students in the United Kingdom

An exploration of predictors of children's nurses' attitudes, knowledge, confidence and clinical behavioural intentions towards children and young people who self-harm.

Mapping staff perspectives towards the delivery of hospital care for children and young people with and without learning disabilities in England: a mixed methods national study.

Innovating and evaluating education for people with kidney disease

The efficacy of complementary therapy for patients receiving palliative cancer care.

Professional judgement and decision-making in social work

Extravasation injury leading to acute compartment syndrome in a child: the vital role of pulse oximetry in early detection and management

Remote Vital Sign Recognition Through Machine Learning Augmented UWB

Quantile Dependence between the Stock, Bond and Foreign Exchange Markets - Evidence from the UK

Aspects of alcohol use disorder affecting social cognition as assessed using the Mini Social and Emotional Assessment (mini-SEA)

A Historical and Theoretical Review of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies: From Structural Self-Knowledge to Functional Processes

Nursing students’ attitudes to suicide and suicidal persons: A cross-national and cultural comparison between Turkey and the United Kingdom

Executive function and academic achievement in primary school children: The use of task-related processing speed

The Secret Processor Will Go to the Ball: Benchmark Insider-Proof Encrypted Computing.

Tracheal Sound Acquisition Using Laser Doppler Vibrometer

Impact of lower strength alcohol labelling on consumption: A randomised controlled trial

The Family and Private Life

The concept of compassion within UK media generated discourse: a corpus informed analysis

Fallen London: Authorship in Game Allegory

Historical Materialism

Comparison of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an intensive community supported discharge service versus treatment as usual for adolescents with psychiatric emergencies: a randomised controlled trial.

Wide-pulse, high-frequency, low-intensity neuromuscular electrical stimulation has potential for targeted strengthening of an intrinsic foot muscle: a feasibility study

Techno, economic and environmental assessment of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system-a case study for a university campus

Challenges and insights in inter-organizational collaborative healthcare networks: an empirical case study of a place-based network

The Pro-Circular Change Model (P-CCM)– Proposing A Framework Facilitating Behavioural Change Towards a Circular Economy

Selected B vitamins and their possible link to the aetiology of age-related sarcopenia: relevance of UK dietary recommendations.

Barriers to implementing the Sepsis Six guidelines in an acute hospital setting

Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation alleviates the anxiety levels of IVF: a prospective, randomized and controlled study

Nurses' Knowledge, Attitudes and Clinical Practice in Pediatric Postoperative Pain Management

Stem and leaf plots extended for text visualizations

Univercity: images of success and structures of risk

Surface temperature generation during drop weight mechanical impact and the usefulness of dynamic thermocouple measurements for predicting impact ignition of flammable gases

Identification of fatigue damage evolution in 316L stainless steel using Acoustic Emission and Digital Image Correlation

Motives to use Facebook and problematic Facebook use in adolescents.

Mass Influxes and Protection in Europe: A Reflection on a Temporary Episode of an Enduring Problem

Developing a Sustainable and Circular Business Model for the Blinds and Shutter Industry in the UK

Crossing the divide: a longitudinal study of effective treatments for people with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder across the lifespan.

Barriers to effective diabetes management - a survey of people with severe mental illness

Technological constraints to firm performance: The moderating effects of firm linkages and cooperation

'Real-world' compensatory behaviour with low nicotine concentration e-liquid: subjective effects and nicotine, acrolein and formaldehyde exposure

The Transnational Women’s Suffrage Movement: how the vote was won in the USA, 1848-1920

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of CBT Interventions Based on the Fennell Model of Low Self-Esteem

Feasibility Study of Pumping Cycle Kite Power System Implication in Scotland UK

Analysis of Stainless Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

Citizen Media and Performance Studies

Institutional Resources as a source of trade union power in Southern Europe

Facing the void: Recollections of embodying fear in the space of childhood homes

The unique contribution of e-cigarettes for tobacco harm reduction in supporting smoking relapse prevention

The effects of food craving and desire thinking on states of motivational challenge and threat and their physiological indices.

Global and local perspectives on tobacco harm reduction: what are the issues and where do we go from here?

Automatic visual-spatial perspective taking in alcohol-dependence: a study with happy emotional faces

Contested memorial stones and the conflicting memories of the “years of lead” in Italy

The effect of mannequin fidelity on the achievement of learning outcomes for nursing, midwifery and allied healthcare practitioners: Systematic review and meta-analysis

An investigation into the benefits and constraints of shifting freight traffic from roads onto high-speed railways

The Effects of Brand Portfolio Management on Brand Choice Behaviour

Sustainable industrial development in the construction sector for urban youth employment creation

An Exploratory Quantitative Study into the Relationship between Catholic Affiliation and the Development of Social Entrepreneurship and Non-profit Management Courses in the USA

Utopias: Future, Present and Concrete in Alasdair MacIntyre and C.L.R. James

Digital Futures: Exhibits at EVA London 2018.

Of Museums and Digital Culture: A landscape view.

A pre-post pilot study of electronic cigarettes to reduce smoking in people with severe mental illness

Non stationarity of high order return distribution moments and their Irrational fractional Brownian Motion modelling

Fibre Wonder

Hyper Parameters Selection for Image Classification in Convolutional Neural Networks

A Survey and Analysis on Sequence Learning Methodologies and Deep Neural Networks

Correction: Global and local perspectives on tobacco harm reduction: What are the issues and where do we go from here? [Harm Reduct J., 15, (2018) (32)] DOI: 10.1186/s12954-018-0239-5

Are working practices of lung cancer nurse specialists associated with variation in peoples’ receipt of anti cancer therapy

Optimal approaches to the quality control checking of product labels

Suitability of Anthill Soil as a Supplementary Cementitious Material

Further development and testing of the metacognitive model of procrastination: Self-reported academic performance.

Nicotine absorption from e-cigarettes over 12 months

They did it again! Social control responses to repeated incidences of deviance in small groups

Buckling and post-buckling performance of stiffened webs subjected to interactive shear and compression

Smart cities – Thermal networks for London

A comparative study of mental health and wellbeing among UK students in professional degree programmes

Traffic Sign Recognition based on Synthesised Training Data

Antecedents of team innovation in health care teams

Early-Career Marketing Practitioner Experiences of Ethics: Implications for Ethics Education

Understanding drinking among midlife men in the United Kingdom: A systematic review of qualitative studies

Patient-reported experience measure in sickle cell disease.

Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Vacuum Tight Dual-Edge Seal for the Thermal Performance Analysis of Triple Vacuum Glazing

Bridging the digital divide gap in BIM technology adoption

Exploring mentors’ interpretation of terminology and levels of competence when assessing nursing students: an integrative review

Embedding shared decision-making in the care of patients with severe and enduring mental health problems: The EQUIP pragmatic cluster randomised trial.

Embodiment and place in autobiographical remembering: a relational-material approach

Digital Radiography Inspection of Flexible Risers in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Moral distress in healthcare assistants: an overview with recommendations

Running Median Algorithm and Implementation for Integer Streaming Applications

Let’s put the ‘T’ back into CBT

Overcoming barriers against interaction on innovation capabilities within and between smes

Noise and Vibration from Urban Wind Turbines

Exploring the Lammy review — Locating racial discrimination among the key concerns of contemporary youth justice

Design collaboration as organisational sense-making and sense-giving

Asymptotic analysis of the clamped-pinned elastica

RiserSure: Automated Deployment of Digital Radiography for Subsea Inspection of Flexible Risers

Using experience-based co-design to improve inpatient mental health spaces

The role of social media in the collaboration, interaction, co-creation and co-delivery of a social venture in an uncertain conflict environment

Effects of acupuncture during in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis

The Role of BIM in retrofitting works within the UK social housing sector

Mooring chain climbing robot for NDT inspection applications

Noise Mitigation and Realted Factors of High Speed Railway

Critical Points of the Clamped-Pinned Elastica

Ghana’s construction industry, yesterday, today and tomorrow: towards greater professionalism

Messages matter: The Tobacco Products Directive nicotine addiction health warning versus an alternative relative risk message on smokers' willingness to use and purchase an electronic cigarette

Barriers to delivering advanced cancer nursing: A workload analysis of specialist nurse practice linked to the English National Lung Cancer Audit

Case Studies: Effects of Beef, Whey and Carbohydrate Supplementation in Female Master Triathletes

Hegemony and Intervention: Alan Shandro's Lenin

Development of a Flat Membrane Microchannel Packed- Bed Reactor for Scalable Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in Flow

Evaluation of expressive writing for postpartum health: A randomized controlled trial

Moving toward a metacognitive conceptualization of cyberchondria: Examining the contribution of metacognitive beliefs, beliefs about rituals, and stop signals.

Effects of serotonin depletion and dopamine depletion on bimodal divided attention.

Towards a Business Model Framework to Increase Collaboration in the Freight Industry

Nurses as role models in health promotion: piloting the acceptability of a social marketing campaign.

Efficient control of a nonlinear double-pendulum overhead crane with sensorless payload motion using an improved PSO-tuned PID controller

The past, present and future of research on judgment and decision making in sport

Commentary on “diagnosis and treatment of ASD in women in secure and forensic hospital”

Detroit: Techno City

Freight Transport using High-Speed Railways

Numerical Investigation into the Product’s Weight loss and Display Shelf life inside the Serve-over Cabinet

Ectogenesis and the case against the right to the death of the foetus

PMO Implementation for Project Management in a Collaborative Research Context

What utility scores do mental health service users, healthcare professionals and members of the general public attribute to different health states? A co-produced mixed methods online survey

Quality of Service Provisioning for Heterogeneous Services in Cognitive Radio-enabled Internet of Things

Comparative Causality Analyses between Hydrological Natural Inflow and Climate Variables in Brazil

Debating Genocide

The influence of nanostructure on the mechanical properties of 3D printed polylactide/nanoclay composites

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the Developing World: Mitigating Financiers' Risks

Pink – collar crime: women and crime committed at work

Brands: culture, leadership and differentiation: testing the effectiveness of highly performance-oriented appeal in four European countries.

A Self Regulating and Crowdsourced Indoor Positioning System through Wi-Fi Fingerprinting for Multi Storey Building

Semi-Supervised Learning Techniques for Automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis of HVAC System

Potential hazard consequences to personnel exposed to the ignition of small volumes of weakly confined stoichiometric hydrogen/air mixture

Allied Health Professional (AHP) Transformation Project – Radiography results from a regional UK survey

Contemporary dilemmas in social work: The social work degree in England and its implications for practice

Entrepreneurship through Bricolage: A Study of Displaced Entrepreneurs at Times of War and Conflict

The effects of the European E-cigarette health warning and comparative health messages on non-smokers' and smokers' risk perceptions and behavioural intentions: study protocol

Utilizing P-Type ILA in tuning Hybrid PID Controller for Double Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator

New Representations of Religion & Belief in Schools

Facilitating Implementation of Research Evidence (FIRE): an international cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate two models of facilitation informed by the Promoting Action in Research Implementation in Health Services (PARIHS) framework.

A realist process evaluation within the Facilitating Implementation of Research Evidence (FIRE) cluster randomised controlled international trial: an exemplar

Factors affecting the construction waste management in terms of refurbishing, reusing or recycling

Living ‘in between’ outside and inside: The forensic psychiatric unit as an impermanent assemblage

Selecting IV fluids to manage fluid loss in crtically ill patients

Cost of Fire in Highrise Building

A new professionalism in construction: importance of trust

The Spatial Dimensions of Identity Development for Black, Urban Youth/ Between Love, Rights and Solidarity

Influence of Sewage Sludge Biochar on the Microbial Environment, Chinese Cabbage Growth, and Heavy Metals Availability of Soil

Resilient infrastructure delivery, transparency and governance in Santa Catarina, Brazil

fanSHEN’s Looking for Love: A Case Study in how Theatrical and Performative Practices Inform Interactive Digital Narratives

Developing the construction industries in developing countries to enhance performance: the case of Ethiopia

Decentralized intelligent PID based controller tuned by evolutionary algorithm for double link flexible robotic manipulator with experimental validation

Vaping as an alternative to smoking relapse following brief lapse

Substantive International Criminal Law

Picturing ourselves in the world: Drawings, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and the Relational Mapping Interview

Helping you helps me: Giving and receiving social support in recovery groups for problem gamblers

Response to Campbell et al., (2018) - Health risk perceptions and reasons for use of tobacco products among clients in addictions treatment

Location of station can influence the sustainability of high speed rail

Intoxicated eyewitnesses: The effect of a fully balanced placebo design on event memory and metacognitive control.

An exploration into “do-it-yourself” (DIY) e-liquid mixing: Users' motivations, practices and product laboratory analysis

Doctors as patients: how psychological therapists experience the opposing ideologies

Passive elastic contribution of hip extensors to joint moments during walking in people with low back pain

Reviewing interventions supporting parents' well-being after a child’s intensive care unit discharge

The Brutalist Playground

Identity Processes in Smokers Who Want to Quit Smoking: A Longitudinal Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Online and face-to-face extended brief interventions for harmful alcohol use: Client characteristics, attendance and treatment outcomes.

Metacognitive Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder: A Systematic Case Series

Achieving Sustainability in the UK Construction by Reducing Waste Generation

Control design of a de-weighting upper limb exoskeleton

Factors that influence patients’ decisions to discontinue with an acupuncture service—A qualitative study

Addressing the shortcomings of traditional multiple-choice tests: subset selection without mark deductions

Interrelations between temporal and spatial cognition: The role of modality-specific processing

What is an "ethnic group" in ordinary people’s eyes? Different ways of understanding it among American, British, Mexican, and Polish respondents

Securing diplomacy in the war on terrorism: a critical perspective

Building an online interactive 3D virtual world for aquaflux and epsilon

Involving young people in BRIGHTLIGHT from study inception to secondary data analysis: Insights from 10 years of user involvement

Effect of passive hyperthermia on working memory resources during simple and complex cognitive tasks

How to mitigate the effects of peri-operative death on nursing staff

Greener synthesis of dimethyl carbonate using a novel tin-zirconia/graphene nanocomposite catalyst

Systematic review: What works to address obesity in nurses

The Association between Obesity and Cognitive Function in Otherwise Healthy Premenopausal Arab Women

Comparative cross-sectional quantitative study of health status among consumers of bitter kola in Igbuzor community living in Oshilmili North Local Government area of Delta state.

Urban Wind Turbines: A feasibility study

Beyond infanticide: How psychological accounts of persons justify harming infants

Drug therapies to manage nausea and vomiting

Book Review: Down's Syndrome Screening and Reproductive Politics: Care, choice, and disability in the prenatal clinic.

Community Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: Contexts and Challenges—The Case of Nurse Prescribing and Recovery-Focused Interventions

Every Breath You Take : The process of breathing explained

‘It’s not a Muslim ban!’ Indirect speech acts and the securitisation of Islam in the United States post-9/11

An Affective (Re)balancing Act? The Liminal Possibilities for Heterosexual Partners on MDMA

Disability inclusive elections in Africa: a systematic review of published and unpublished literature

Evaluation of suitability of recycled domestic appliances for re-use

Guest editorial: Special issue on information visualisation

Evaluation of how a real time pre-registration health acre curricula was mananged through the application of a newly designed Change Management Model: A qualitative case study

Numerical analysis of hot polymer-coated steel pipeline joints in bending

Contribution on Improving Power Resilience in the Healthcare Facility

Effect of two adjacent muscles of flexor and extensor on finger pinch and hand grip force

Electromyography assessment of forearm muscles: Towards the control of exoskeleton hand

Cognitive Informatics: Towards Cognitive Machine Learning and Autonomous Knowledge Manipulation

An investigation of the noise from London Heliport and the Effect on the Local Residents

Annular liquid film thickness prediction in a vertical 180o return bend

Benchmarking of supermarket energy consumption

A comparison of metrics proposed for circadian lighting and the criterion adopted in the WELL Building Standard.

Singing and loudness: a short study with the royal opera house

An Investigation of e-Government Adoption in Bahrain and Evaluate the key Determining Factors for Strategic Advantage

Displacement Varieties for Some PUP Linkages

Effect of melting parameters during synthesis on the structure and properties of tin fluoride phosphate glasses

Financial viability of liquid air energy storage applied to cold storage warehouses.

Continuous ECG monitoring in hospital: part 1, indications

Chemochromic Pd-V2O5 Sensors for Passive Hydrogen Detection in Nuclear Containments

The education and training > needs of advanced clinical practitioners; an exploratory, qualitative > study

Evaluating the Implementation of CAM-ICU using a Quality Improvement approach

Local Antibiotic Delivery Systems: Current and Future Applications for Diabetic Foot Infections.

Classification of chronic kidney disease ten years on: what have we learnt and what do we need to do now?

Approach to the determination of the contact angle in hydrophobic samples with simultaneous correction of the effect of the roughness

Ventilator-associated pneumonia and suction: a review of the literature.

Parents' drinking motives and problem drinking predict their children's drinking motives, alcohol use and substance misuse

Climate Change and Post-Political Communication

A study of alkali-activated concrete mixes with ground granulated blast furnace slag

Double Bennett Mechanisms with Assembly Modes of Different Dimensions

Peri-operative care for people with dementia: Challenges and solutions

Skewed intimacies and subcultural identities: Anne Boleyn and the expression of fealty in a social media forum

Improved Exercise Tolerance with Caffeine Is Associated with Modulation of both Peripheral and Central Neural Processes in Human Participants.

Enough is enough: time for change in pain education?

Pattern of physical activity can influence its efficacy on muscle and bone health in middle-aged men and women

Rethinking pain education

The judgment in Re W (A child): national and international implications for contemporary child and family social work

Day-ahead forecasting of grid carbon intensity in support of HVAC plant demand response decision-making to reduce carbon emissions

Numerical modelling of hot polymer-coated steel pipeline joints in bending

Working with Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities and Comorbid Mental Health/ Autism/ Challenging Behaviour Conditions: A Workforce Development Project

The People's Academy Manifesto: a new partnership between citizens and professionals

Viability of Airborne Wind Energy in the United Kingdom

Smart Cities – Thermal Networks

Study of Energy and Cost Savings of Demand Controlled Fresh Air Systems

Assessment of Ground-Borne Vibration from Underground Trains on a Proposed Residential Development

Exploring the lived experience of the individual of Black ethnicity living with dementia: A phenomenological study

Control strategy of a novel dry air ground source (DAGS) system

Reflective Glass Effect on Energy Consumption and Food Quality in Delicatessen Cabinets

The Effect of Process Parameters of Plasma Sulphurisation on the Morphology of CZT Precursors

Analysing integrated renewable energy and smart-grid systems to improve voltage quality and harmonic distortion losses at electric-vehicle charging stations

Pneumatic Long-Wave Generation of Tsunami-Length Waveforms and their Runup

The Challenge of Modelling Solar Shading Products and their Impact on the Built Environment

Bending Moment Capacity of Stainless Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

Effects of triceps surae muscle strength and tendon stiffness on the reactive dynamic stability and adaptability of older female adults during perturbed walking.

Retention of gait stability improvements over 1.5 years in older adults: effects of perturbation exposure and triceps surae neuromuscular exercise.

Personal information documents for people with dementia: healthcare staff’s perceptions and experiences

QoS provisioning in a service-oriented architecture targeting the smart grid world

Continuous ECG monitoring in hospital: part 2, practical issues

Specialist Interest Group in Rooms and Comms - Challenges in Acoustics

Teaching Industrial Automation Concepts with the use of Virtual/Augmented Reality – The IEC 61499 Case

A continuous process for the liquid phase epoxidation of an olefinic compound

Medical approaches to suffering are limited, so why critique Improving Access to Psychological Therapies from the same ideology.

Evidence based interventions to improve fostering relationships

KurSL: Model of anharmonic coupled oscillations based on Kuramoto coupling and Sturm-Liouville problem

Post‐disaster Housing Reconstruction: The Impact of Resourcing in Post‐cyclones Sidr and Aila in Bangladesh

Liquid fuel synthesis in microreactors

Towards a Novel Acoustic Absorber Using a Magnetically Induced Geometric Nonlinearity in an Elastic Membrane

Assessment of Ground-Borne Vibration from Underground Trains on a Proposed Residential Development

Community response from noise emissions from London heliport operation

Design and Prototype of a Magnetic Adhesion Tracked-Wheel Robotic Platform for Mooring Chain Inspection

Modelling of liquid air energy storage applied to refrigerated cold stores

Feasibility Study of Pumping Cycle Kite Power System Implication in Scotland UK

The Trembling Giant As Hyperobject

Nurse practitioner consultations in primary health care: a case study-based survey of patients’ pre-consultation expectations, and post-consultation satisfaction and enablement

Non-Destructive Testing Robots (NDTBOTS) for In-service Storage Tank Inspection

Time to take a stand on nurses’ working conditions?

Data collection in qualitative research

Investigation Of Risk Factors That Precede Primary Open Angle Glacoma

The Ring Project [internet publication]

A methodology to objectively assess the performance of sound field amplification systems demonstrated using fifty physical simulations of classrooms

From Postcodes to Profits: How gangs have changed in Waltham Forest

The Effects of Acculturation to Global Consumer Culture on Impulsive Buying and Attitudes Towards Advertising in General

Autonomous, Seamless and Resilience Carrier Cloud Brokerage Solution for Business Contingencies during Disaster Recovery

RESCUE: A Resilient Cloud Based IoT System for Emergency and Disaster Recovery

Feasibility of Serverless Cloud Services for Disaster Management Information Systems

Nurse practitioner consultations in primary health care: an observational interaction analysis of social interactions and consultation outcomes

Psychodiagnostics: Classification of the yips phenomenon based on musician’s dystonia

Moving arms: The effects of sensorimotor information on the problem-solving process

The effects of religion and stereotype content on verdicts and sentence severity when defending terror charges

The Dunston Manuscript

Radio Buncefield at Punto de Fuga

Buncefield Soundsystem

Tourism Development through the Sustainable Development Funding Scheme within the Brecon Beacons National Park

Challenges and opportunities in building critical health literacy

Turning data into useful knowledge to improve patient care

Do lung cancer nurses relieve the burden of lung cancer? An outcomes study

Natural ventilation in cities: the implications of fluid mechanics

Gabapentin and pregabalin in the pain setting: all you need to know

Thiodipeptides targeting the intestinal oligopeptide transporter as a general approach to improving oral drug delivery

Evaluating the implementation of confusion assessment method-intensive care unit using a quality improvement approach.

Visual analytics in the public sector: An analysis on diversities and similarities of London’s wards

Integrated model for the stressors, stress, stress-coping behaviour of construction project managers in the UK

The Student Role in Quality: From Data Source to Partner and Back Again

Reliable Resource Provisioning using Bankers’ Deadlock Avoidance Algorithm in MEC for Industrial IoT

Investigation on the Plastic Buckling Paradox for Metal Cylinders

Teaching CBT to Pre-Registration nurses: A critical account of a teaching session to pre-registration mental health nurses on the subject of cognitive behavioural therapy and trauma.

Modelling the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Specialist Nurse Workforce standards by determination of optimum caseloads in the United Kingdom.

Frederick Engels, Social Reproduction, and the Problem of a Unitary Theory of Women’s Oppression in advance

Linking self-efficacy and decision-making processes in developing soccer players

Causes of ATtrition in CHIldren's NursinG (CATCHING): An exploratory mixed method study.

On the Modelling of CDNaaS Deployment

Adaptable legged-magnetic adhesion tracked wheel robotic platform for misaligned mooring chain climbing and inspection

Catalytic conversion and chemical recovery

Effects of Corrective Training on Drop Landing Ground Reaction Force Characteristics and Lower Limb Kinematics in Older Adults With Genu Valgus: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Internally Displaced Entrepreneurs in Pakistan: The Case of Abdullah

Supressing Coalescence and Improving Uniformity of Polymer Beads in Suspension Polymerisation using a Two-Stage Stirring Protocol

Study of Inclusion in Phase Inversion Emulsification and Multiple Emulsions

Greener synthesis of butylene carbonate via CO2 utilisation using graphene-inorganic nanocomposite catalysts

To share or not to share knowledge – that’s the decision! The influence of feedback and expert status in knowledge sharing dilemmas

Design and simulation of an integrated process for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using supercritical methanolysis

Valorisation of high acid value waste cooking oil into biodiesel using supercritical methanolysis: Experimental assessment and statistical optimisation on typical Egyptian feedstock

The Streetfighter Lady: Invisibility and Gender Role - Play in Game Composition

Overcoming Practical Challenges and Implementing Low-Carbon Heat in the UK: Lessons from the Balanced Energy Network (BEN) at LSBU

A review on polymer flooding in enhanced oil recovery under harsh conditions

Non-catalytic production of biodiesel using supercritical methanol: a brief review

Approaches to 3D printing teeth from X-ray microtomography.

Optimization of digital volume correlation computation in SR-microCT images of trabecular bone and bone-biomaterial systems.

Darzi Clinical Leadership Fellows: An Activity Theory Perspective

Development of sustainable biodegradable lignocellulosic hemp fiber/ polycaprolactone biocomposites for light weight applications

Service Users’ Involvement in Interprofessional Learning and Higher Overall Pass Rate.

Towards safe inspection of long weld lines on ship hulls using an autonomous robot

A practical guide to prescribing statins in primary care

The role of muscle strength on tendon adaptability in old age

An ecological approach to exploring physical activity interventions aimed at young UK-based females: A narrative systematic review

Hydration dependent mechanical performance of denture adhesive hydrogels

Design and the Circular Economy in the UK Blinds and Shutter Industry

Learning disability today fourth edition: The essential handbook for support staff, service providers, families and carers

A comparison study into low leak rate buoyant gas dispersion in a small fuel cell enclosure using plain and louvre vent passive ventilation schemes

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Bertin’s Forgotten Typographic Variables and New Typographic Visualization


Norm-based abduction process (NAP) in developing information architecture

The imperative need to develop guidelines to manage human versus machine intelligence

Optimisation of SrBi2(Nb,Ta)<inf>2</inf>O<inf>9</inf>Aurivillius phase for lead-free electrocaloric cooling

Skin Cancer Detection through Microwaves: Validation on Phantom Measurements

Interprofessional learning interventions: championing a lost cause?

A facile and greener synthesis of butylene carbonate via CO2 utilisation using a novel copper–zirconia oxide/graphene catalyst

Research and Grant Management: The Role of the Project Management Office (PMO) in a European Research Consortium Context.

What Is the current fascination with VR on the part of museums and art galleries?

Nurse practitioner consultations in primary health care: patient, carer, and nurse practitioner qualitative interpretations of communication processes

The Review of Rework Causes and Costs in Housing Construction Supply Chain

Making our research relevant and visible to patients and the public

Effect of Cavity Vacuum Pressure Diminution on Thermal Performance of Triple Vacuum Glazing

Changing from 12 hour to 8 hour day shifts: a qualitative exploration of effects on organising nursing care and staffing

Positive Work Contribution Shifts from Distal to Proximal Joints during a Prolonged Run

Novel sound absorption materials from air laid non woven feather fibres

Matching Participants for Triceps Surae Muscle Strength and Tendon Stiffness Does Not Eliminate Age-Related Differences in Mechanical Power Output During Jumping

Acoustic conditions in orchestra pits: are metadiffusers a potential solution?

Indoor Localization of Mobile Robots with Wireless Sensor Network Based on Ultra Wideband using Experimental Measurements of Time Difference of Arrival

Patients’ and healthcare professionals’ experiences and perceptions of physiotherapy services in the emergency department: A qualitative systematic review

Wie können Erfahrung und Wissen aus der Sportpsychologie Empfehlungen generieren, die Wirkungen in der Arbeitswelt haben? - Die Antwort: Lesen sie das Buch "Boost!"

An Atlas of Anionic Antimicrobial Peptides from Amphibians

The Psychophysiology of action: A Multidisciplinary endeavor for integrating action and cognition

Embodied perspectives on behavioral cognitive enhancement

Greener synthesis of 1,2-butylene carbonate from CO2 using graphene-inorganic nanocomposite catalyst

Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in a Continuous Catalytic Membrane Reactor

Wordfulness for Neophytes

A study on the potential use of paper sludge ash in concrete with glass aggregate

Predicting the Features of Methane Adsorption in Large Pore Metal-Organic Frameworks for Energy Storage

Preface to the Special Issue: 50 years of FEPSAC

Effects of implicit, explicit and sequential learning in the acquisition of the basketball shooting skill in novices

Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots

Enhancing Service-Oriented Behaviors in an Asian Business Context: Lessons From a Pakistani Bank

Use of paper sludge ash as a calcium-based stabiliser for clay soils

Foetal developmental origins of adult onset non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Exploring the relationship between materials procurement and waste minimization in the construction industry: the case of Egypt

Towards a green materials procurement: investigating the Egyptian green pyramid rating system

Corporate governance and investment decision-making in real estate investment trusts (REITs)

A strategic approach to real estate financing: challenges & opportunities in real estate financing in Nigeria

Shortages of skills & competences; constraint to private sector real estate funding in the emerging economies

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Management Structure and Performance

A skilled manager, strategic to real estate financing

Modelling of Heat Energy Recovery Potential form Underground Railways with Nearby Vertical Ground Heat Exchangers in an Urban Environment

JPMHN report on the 2018 Skellern Lecture and JPHMN Lifetime Achievement Award - held at the University of Greenwich Maritime Campus, June 14th 2018

Prototype wireless sensors for monitoring subsurface processes in snow and firn

The aftermath of a perioperative death: who cares for the clinician?

Influence of the initial chemical conditions on the rational design of silica particles

Developing a Circular Economy in the Retail Refrigeration Industry: The Influence of Financial Incentives, Quality Standards and Process Supporting Tools on the Behavioural Intentions to Purchase and Produce Remanufactured Refrigeration Equipment

Parameters that remain consistent independent of pausing before gait-initiation during normal rise-to-walk behaviour delineated by sit-to-walk and sit-to-stand-and-walk.

Oxidative Stress in Iron-toxicity of Liver

Iron Enhances Hepatic Fibrogenesis and Activates Transforming Growth Factor-β Signaling in Murine Hepatic Stellate Cells.

Causes, Consequences and Prevention of Refrigeration Fires in Residential Dwellings

Spectres and Agents: Life Space on a Medium Secure Forensic Psychiatric Unit

Successful adoption for disabled children or children with mental health conditions: a systematic review

When frames collide: ‘Ethnic war’ and ‘genocide’

Mongolian management: local practitioners’ perspectives in the face of political, economic and socio-cultural changes

Numerical study of airflow and temperature distribution in a loaded cold store

LSBU 2017 Bibliography: Outputs from Our Research Community

Automated Application of Full Matrix Capture to Assess the Structural Integrity of Mooring Chains

Predicting Category Growth from Quarterly Penetration

How markets grow. The factors associated with category expansion.

Loyalty Deviations and the Small Brand Syndrome.

The effect of cumulative category and brand growth on competitive intensity.

Executive functions in adults with dyslexia

Towards prevention of post-traumatic osteoarthritis: report from an international expert working group on considerations for the design and conduct of interventional studies following acute knee injury

Experimental and Analytical Simulation Analyses on the Electrical Performance of Thermoelectric Generator Modules for Direct and Concentrated Quartz-Halogen Heat Harvesting

Combining cooling of underground railways with heat recovery and reuse

Marksist teoriye bir katkı: Rusya'da devlet kapitalizmi teorisi

On the Load Balancing of Edge Computing resources for on-line video delivery

Majority Report

ProMe: A Mentoring Platform for Older Adults Using Machine Learning Techniques for Supporting the “Live and Learn” Concept

LGBT people and suicidality in youth: A qualitative study of perceptions of risk and protective circumstances

Review: Los parados: Como viven,que piensan,porque no protestan

Magneto static analysis of adhesion force for the wall climbing robot

Magneto static analysis of adhesion force for the wall climbing robot

Develop a sensor based robot for railway inspection

The influence of low-temperature surface induction on evacuation, pump-out hole sealing and thermal performance of composite edge-sealed vacuum insulated glazing

Management of Diaspora Business: Issues and Learning

Clinical resistance associated with a novel MAP2K1 mutation in a patient with Langerhans cell histiocytosis

Behavioural Aspects and Value-Perception Dimensions in Hong Kong Luxury Residential Market

Pebble Dot Dash

Grenfell tower fire: the importance of ethics and professionalism for the procurement of safe buildings and infrastructure in the construction industry

Longitudinal Study of the Impact of the London Darzi fellowship Programmes years 1-8.

High Town Bag Research Report: A report examining the views of the residents in High Town about their local community


Dynamic Forces Of Organizational Change: Alignment Of Interests & Imposition Of Identity

Kitchen-table UK charities funding educational projects in sub-Saharan Africa: issues of sustainability

The Politics of Natural Resources Governance in Africa: Environment, Conflict and Security Nexus in Nigeria's Niger Delta Region

Findings of Patterns in Prehistoric Architecture- Case Study of the Pyramid of Cheops

Managing Project Sustainability: A Study of the Construction Industry in Hong Kong

Using macroeconomic variables in the prediction of stock market indices: A theoretical and empirical assessment within BRICS and selected developed economies

Student Adoption Of Facebook Private Groups For Mobile Learning In Hong Kong

Text in Visualization: Extending the Visualization Design Space

Grenfell Tower Fire = A look into the aspects of “minimum requerementa” “risk” and “modern technology” (BIM)

The Role of the Expatriate Business Community in Rebuilding a State After Forced Failure A Case Study of Iraq

The Shareholder Wealth Effects of Corporate Divestitures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Developing the occupational therapy practice in a local community health team working with adults with learning disabilities: An action research study

Pupils’ Experiences of Authentic Voice and Participatory Practices in a Special School

Reference to Women's Place in the Home must be removed from Constitution

Healthcare Facilities in Nigeria: Redefining Standards and Developing Performance Benchmarks for the Professionalisation of FM Practices, Professionalism and ethics in construction: Improving the global industry

Digital Tate: the use of video and the construction of audiences

The problems with participation

Introduction to the edited book 'Risk in social work practice: current issues'

Gabber Overdrive: Gabber Overdrive–Noise, Horror, and Acceleration

Preservation of bone tissue integrity with temperature control for in situ SR-MicroCT experiments

Can waste foundry sand fully replace structural concrete sand?

Bank lending: principles and practice

Rehabilitation of historical cities in the mediterranean using modular patterns – case study of Sidon

Optimal Tuning of PD controllers using Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

An Investigation into the Benefits and Constraints of Shifting Freight Traffic onto High-Speed Railways

Effect of SR-microCT radiation on the mechanical integrity of trabecular bone using in situ mechanical testing and digital volume correlation

Enhanced discharge energy density of rGO/PVDF nanocomposites: The role of the heterointerface

Invited Seminar: University-Industry Research Collaborations - Trends, Insights and Management Practice

Modified sewer asset management to accommodate London’s future sustainable development

Optimization of 3D ZnO brush-like nanorods for dye-sensitized solar cells

Intelligent modeling of double link flexible robotic manipulator using artificial neural network

Implementation of PID Based Controller Tuned by Evolutionary Algorithm for Double Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator

Visual control of a robotic arm

Modelling development and analysis on the Balanced Energy Networks (BEN) in London

On Research Challenges in Hybrid Medium Access Control Protocols for IEEE 802.15.6 WBANs

Acupuncture & moxibustion for osteoarthritis of the knee: a component analysis approach

Contour Mapping for Speaker-Independent Lip Reading System

Optimal tuning of PD controllers using modified artificial bee colony algorithm

Synthetic Landscapes: New Strategies for Landscape, Infrastructure and Architecture

Retention of improvement in gait stability over 14 weeks due to trip-perturbation training is dependent on perturbation dose

A novel approach in S-shaped input design for higher vibration reduction

Guest editorial

The Review of Rework Causes and Costs in Housing Construction Supply Chain

Fathers’ presence in the birth room – implications for professional practice in the Caribbean

Retention, savings and interlimb transfer of reactive gait adaptations in humans following unexpected perturbations

Photography Remoulded

Turing's Genius - Defining an apt microcosm.

Do oncology outpatients need chaplaincy services?

Supercritical methanolysis of waste cooking oil for biodiesel production: Experimental assessment for evaluating the effect of free fatty acids content

A mixed methods study exploring how parents of children with cancer manage their child’s cancer pain at home

Resourcing For Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction: The Case Of Cyclones Sidr And Aila In Bangladesh

The Chaplain’s Presence and Medical Power: Rethinking Loss in the Hospital System

Performance comparison between shorter and conventional air curtains in retail display refrigerators

Inner Sound: Altered States of Consciousness in Electronic Music and Audio-Visual Media

States of Being: Art and identity in digital space and time

EVA London 2018

Fingermark visualisation on metal surfaces: An initial investigation of the influence of surface condition on process effectiveness

Visualising the past – An evaluation of processes and sequences for fingermark recovery from old documents

Bursting bubbles of interiority: Exploring space in experiences of distress and rough sleeping for newly homeless people

Integration of Evidence from a Systematic Review into Practice involving the care of adolescent males exposed to domestic violence

Stock market integration between the UK and the US: Evidence over eight decades

Introduction: Fingerprint Development Techniques: Theory and Application

Harnessing the Power of Microbiome Assessment Tools as Part of Neuroprotective Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Interventions

Towards Reliable Computation Offloading in Mobile Ad-Hoc Clouds Using Blockchain

High-Level Analysis of Audio Features for Identifying Emotional Valence in Human Singing

Home Office Fingerprint Source Book

Briefing: Occupational safety and health regulations in Oman

Perceptions on safety climate: A case study in the Omani construction industry

Human Growth and Development An Introduction for Social Workers

Assessing phosphomolybdic acid as a fingermark enhancement reagent

IUHPE Position statement on health literacy: a practical vision for a health literate world

L’interprète au sein du dispositif technologique : une humanité augmentée

The transformative nature of networks within contemporary art practice

Developing Viable Self-Sustaining Community-Owned Solar V Projects in the UK through Business Model Innovation

Development of a Chain Climbing Robot and an Automated Ultrasound Inspection System for Mooring Chain Integrity Assessment

Technological options for retail refrigeration

‘Giving a voice to the voiceless’: The lived experience of health-related quality of life in Bangladeshi patients with ankylosing spondylitis

In-Vivo Skin Capacitive Image Classification Using AlexNet Convolution Neural Network

Educational Network Bandwidth Analysis and Prediction

Educational Bandwidth Traffic Prediction using Non-Linear Autoregressive Neural Networks

All Mediation Conference

Talking about special places

Controlling the non-parametric modeling of double link flexible robotic manipulator using hybrid PID tuned by P-type ILA

Knowledge, Experts and Accountability in School Governing Bodies

Student Voice in Higher Education: Opening the Loop

Impact of Sustainable Procurement on Post Disaster Reconstruction

A Risk Based Approach for Proactive Asset Management of Sewer Structural Conditions in England and Wales

The Concept of Affective Tonality, and the Role of the Senses in Producing a Cinematic Narrative