Selecting IV fluids to manage fluid loss in crtically ill patients

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Cathala, X (2018). Selecting IV fluids to manage fluid loss in crtically ill patients. Nursing Times. 114 (12), pp. 41-44.
AuthorsCathala, X

Critically ill patients admitted to intensive care settings may need to be administered
intravenous fluids – for example, to restore their blood pressure or replace lost blood.
A crucial question arising in the management of these patients is which type of fluid
to use. To decide which fluid is most appropriate and safest, nurses working in
critical care need to understand how the different types of fluids act on the human
body. This article describes the three main types of fluids (crystalloids, colloids and
blood products), their composition, mode of action, indications and side-effects.
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JournalNursing Times
Journal citation114 (12), pp. 41-44
Publication dates
Print19 Nov 2018
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Deposited23 Jan 2019
Accepted29 Jun 2018
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