Pebble Dot Dash

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Sanderson, P (2018). Pebble Dot Dash.
CreatorsSanderson, P

Pebble Dot Dash combines flâneur footage with shortwave radio broadcasts. The camera takes a series of walks on and off the beaten track around the coastal town of Hastings. Time slips elliptically by as movements there and back are merged electronically into one layer, the train arriving whilst departing, the tide going in as it goes out, a man shadowing his own footsteps.

The sound is synchronized, not to audio recorded with a microphone but to signals in the ether, shortwave transmissions from across the globe captured during filming. The broadcasts from China, Pakistan, Russia, The USA and elsewhere, reflect contemporary neo-liberal anxieties - deals and scams, the financing of the second coming, aspiration and desire. Sound and image mesh asynchronously, global audio relocating the here to there.

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Deposited12 Dec 2018
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Print11 Dec 2018
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