Most and Least of Research Value/s

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Cox, Geoff and Andersen, Christian Ulrik (2018). Most and Least of Research Value/s. APRJA. 7 (1).
AuthorsCox, Geoff and Andersen, Christian Ulrik

There is value and there are values. There is the measure of wealth, metrified and calculated in numerous ways, and there are ideas, ethics, preferences of taste, and customs of ideology. […] But what really happens when the two are conflated? How do we understand how the values associated with something give it value; or, how giving something a value affords certain values? And, in what ways are the conflations of value and values tied to the circulation of value and values in contemporary technical infrastructures? […] The articles published in A Peer-Reviewed Journal About Research Values interrogate value and values in ways that respond to techno-cultural shifts and embrace the range of economies that pervade digital culture.

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PublisherDigital Aesthetics Research Centre / Center for Digital Æstetikforskning
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Print06 Jul 2018
Online06 Jul 2018
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Accepted06 Jul 2018
Deposited02 Jan 2020
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