Healthcare stakeholders’ perceptions and experiences of factors affecting the implementation of critical care telemedicine (CCT): qualitative evidence synthesis

A rising tide lifts all boats: the role of share and category changes in managing organic sales growth

Alkali-activated slag concrete with paper industry waste

Why we should stop using animal-derived products on patients without their consent

Thermo-Economic Analysis on Integrated CO2, Organic Rankine Cycles, and NaClO Plant Using Liquefied Natural Gas

Why we should not extend the 14-day rule

Editorial: Muscle and Tendon Plasticity and Interaction in Physiological and Pathological Conditions

Development of Quantum Dot (QD) Based Color Converters for Multicolor Display.

Infrastructure Projects’ Assessment Through SDG Targets: Towards a Comprehensive Framework

6G Vision: Towards Future Collaborative Cognitive Communication (3C) Systems

Chinese Herbal Medicine Xingnaojing Injection for Ischemic Stroke:An Overview of Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses

Changes in pain catastrophization and neuropathic pain following operative stabilisation for patellofemoral instability: a prospective cohort with 12-month follow-up

The diagnosis and management of testicular cancer

Biological basis of child health 10: function and formation of blood and common blood disorders in children.

Municipal waste management: A complex network approach with an application to Italy.

Development of an MFL Coil Sensor for Testing Pipes in Extreme Temperature Conditions

Blogs, identity, stigma and scars: The legacy of self-injury

Immersive technology-driven investigations on influence factors of cognitive load incurred in construction site hazard recognition, analysis and decision making

Voice in context: An international comparative study of employee experience with voice in small and medium enterprises

Exploration of the physical health of dual users of heroin and crack in methadone treatment who inject or have previously injected drugs

Customising Evacuation Instructions for High-Rise Residential Occupants to Expedite Fire Egress: Results from Agent-Based Simulation

Development of an MFL coil sensor for testing pipes in extreme temperature conditions


Mechanistic insight into the fluorescence activity of forensic fingerprinting reagents.

Bribes, Lobbying and Industrial Structure

Predicting future cancer burden in the United States by artificial neural networks

Preface: recent developments in financial modelling and risk management

Data validity and statistical conformity with Benford's Law

Does Death Anxiety Inhibit Product Innovation?An Exploratory Study In Small Manufacturing Companies

Benford's laws tests on S&P500 daily closing values and the corresponding daily log-returns both point to huge non-conformity

Clinical application of Chinese herbal injection for cancer care: Evidence-mapping of the systematic reviews, meta-analyses and randomized controlled trials

Talking Tolerance: Being Deliberative about Fundamental British Values

Exploring entrepreneurial pivoting and the factors that trigger pivots by tech startups

Laboratory Investigations of the Bending Rheology of Floating Saline Ice and Physical Mechanisms of Wave Damping In the HSVA Hamburg Ship Model Basin Ice Tank

Cost Changes in UK Design and Build Projects

The UK Retail Industry and its Effect on Construction Sectors

Role of Polymorphisms of NKG2D Receptor and Its Ligands in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Human Stem Cell Transplantation

Ethnic inequalities in mental health and socioeconomic status among older women living with HIV: results from the PRIME Study.

Novel online conference held to promote mutual discipline awareness between acoustics and architecture students

Eye acupuncture for pain conditions: a scoping review of clinical studies.

A guide to airway management

Effects of age on goal-dependent modulation of episodic memory retrieval.

A systematic review of metacognitions in Internet Gaming Disorder and problematic Internet, smartphone, and social networking sites use

Breast lesion detection through MammoWave device: Empirical detection capability assessment of microwave images' parameters.

Post-War Societies: Great Britain and Ireland

Economic performance evaluation of the wind supercharging solar chimney power plant combining desalination and waste heat after parameter optimization

Worked Examples of Radiation Heat Transfer

Study of the Flow Characteristics, Pressure Drop and Augmentation of Heat Performance in a Horizontal Pipe with and without Twisted Tape Inserts

Study on Waxy Crudes Characterisation and Chemical Inhibitor Assessment

From Erasmus to Turing: What now for Study Mobility between the UK and the EU? Damage Limitation and New Opportunities

New converts and seasoned campaigners: the role of social identity at different stages in the addiction recovery journey

3D Gait Abnormality Detection Employing Contactless IR-UWB Sensing Phenomenon

Study of novel solar assisted heating system

Flow boiling in a four-compartment heat sink for high-heat flux cooling: A parametric study

Research project to reduce the sound level in the pit

Usher syndrome, an unseen/hidden disability: a phenomenological study of adults across the lifespan living in England

Contrasting learning psychology theories applied to the teaching-learning-training process of tactics in soccer

Factors influencing environmental performance: a bibliometric review and future research agenda


Molecular dynamics simulation of AFM tip-based hot scratching of nanocrystalline GaAs

Metacognitions as a predictor of online gaming in adolescents: Psychometric properties of the metacognitions about online gaming scale among iranian adolescents

Collaborations for Digital Transformation: Case Studies of Industry 4.0 in Brazil

Movement Matters! Understanding the Developmental Trajectory of Embodied Planning

Inter-individual differences in sport refereeing: A review of theory and practice

A systematic review and meta-analysis of cannabis-based medicines, cannabinoids and endocannabinoid system modulators tested for antinociceptive effects in animal models of injury-related or pathological persistent pain

London Branch news

Towards An SDN Assisted IDS

When the brain, but not the person, remembers: Cortical reinstatement is modulated by retrieval goal in developmental amnesia.

What is the significance of hearing a heart murmur during the newborn physical examination?

Evidence that ageing does not influence the uniformity of the muscle-tendon unit adaptation in master sprinters

A thematic analysis of the prevention of future deaths reports in healthcare from HM coroners in England and Wales 2016–2019

Implementation of advanced practice nursing for minor orthopedic injuries in the emergency care context – a non-inferiority study

Impact of environmental regulations on carbon emissions of transportation infrastructure: China’s evidence

The failed amnesty of the ‘years of lead' in Italy: continuity and transformations between (de)politicisation and punitiveness

The failed amnesty of the ‘years of lead' in Italy: continuity and transformations between (de)politicisation and punitiveness

Metacognitive beliefs across eating disorders and eating behaviours: A systematic review

Talking about rights without talking about rights: on the absence of knowledge in classroom discussions

Changes in puffing topography and subjective effects over a 2-week period in e-cigarette naïve smokers: effects of device type and nicotine concentrations

The Impact of Supervised Manifold Learning on Structure Preserving and Classification Error: A Theoretical Study

Experimental investigation on semicircular, triangular and rectangular shaped absorber of solar still with nano-based PCM

Enhancing Transformer-based language models with Commonsense Representations for Knowledge-driven Machine Comprehension

Biological Basis to Child Health 14: The Immune System

Origins of ductile plasticity in a polycrystalline gallium arsenide during scratching: MD simulation study

The diagnosis and management of Henoch-Schönlein purpura

Does the content and source credibility of health and risk messages related to nicotine vaping products have an impact on harm perception and behavioural intentions? A systematic review

In-depth microscopic characterisation of the weld faying interface revealing stress-induced metallurgical transformations during friction stir spot welding

Enabling Real-Time AI Edge Video Analytics

‘Emotion is of the essence. … Number one priority’: A nested qualitative study exploring psychosocial adjustment to stroke and aphasia

Electrokinetic biocementation of an organic soil

Does alcohol-related desire thinking predict in-the-moment drinking behaviours?

London Greenwich foot tunnel acoustics characterisation

Volitional step execution is an ineffective predictor of recovery performance after sudden balance loss across the age range

Novel hybrid method to additively manufacture denser graphite structures using Binder Jetting.


Introduction: Ways of Machine Seeing

Analysis and design of recycled glass bead sandwich panels in bending

Towards Consumer 4.0 Insights and Opportunities under the Marketing 4.0 Scenario

Protective effects of vitamins/antioxidants on occupational noise induced hearing loss: A systematic review

Hypothesis on the Influence of the Magnetic Behaviour of Hydrogen Doped Zinc Oxide during its Plasma Sputtering Process

An Efficient Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots from a Targeted Biomass Precursor for On-Off Metal Ions Nano-Sensing

A Self-Organised Knowledge Defined Networks Architecture for Reliable Routing

Positioning as Service for 5G IoT Networks

A Comparative Analysis of Deadlock Avoidance and Prevention Algorithms for Resource Provisioning in Distributed MEC

A Novel Predictive-Collaborative-Replacement (PCR) Intelligent Caching Scheme for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MECs)

‘Contextualisation as a (Feminist) Method for Transnational Legal Practice

Using circular economy principles to recycle materials in guiding the design of a wet scrubber-reactor for indoor air disinfection from coronavirus and other pathogens.

Empirical Assessment of Breast Lesion Detection Capability Through an Innovative Microwave Imaging Device

Alkali-activated concrete mixes with ground granulated blast furnace slag and paper sludge ash in seawater environments

Experimental investigation of the characteristics of the transition from spherical cap bubble to slug flow in a vertical pipe

Problematic Internet Use in early adolescence: The role of attachment and negative beliefs about worry

Deep learning for the prediction of treatment response in depression

Editorial COVID-19: will you as a mental health nurse get vaccinated?

Lead limb loading during a single-step descent in persons with and without a transtibial amputation in the trailing limb


Critical care without walls—and into cardiac nursing

Managing headlice in children

The effect of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation and cigarette smoking initiation: An evidence-based rapid review and meta-analysis.

Potential pathway for recycling of the paper mill sludge compost for brick making

A Review of Recent Advances in Emerging Alternative Heating and Cooling Technologies

Performance prediction and evaluation on the first balanced energy networks (BEN) part I: BEN and building internal factors

Exploring the potential of heat as a service in decarbonization: Evidence needs and research gaps

Exploring the etiological pathways of Problematic Pornography Use in NoFap/PornFree rebooting communities: A critical narrative analysis of Internet forum data

Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation via tragus or cymba conchae: Are its psychophysiological effects dependent on the stimulation area?

Optimizing regional allocation of CO2 emissions considering output under overall efficiency

Deep-Learning Estimation of Perfusion Kinetic Parameters in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging

Selling themselves short: How inclusive is the UCAS application process to non-traditional students?

The Advertising Revolution: Past, Present and Future

Dyslexia and syllogistic reasoning in adults: Differences in strategy usage

Brd2/4 and Myc regulate alternative cell lineage programmes during early osteoclast differentiation in vitro

Differential identity components predict dimensions of problematic Facebook use

The intoxicated co-witness: Effects of alcohol and dyadic discussion on memory conformity and event recall.

Gastrocnemius Medialis Contractile Behavior Is Preserved During 30% Body Weight Supported Gait Training

Controllable Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Approach Based on Multi-Stage Charging Current Methodology

The Generation Z Audience for In-App Advertising

Teaching Marketing Science

The Effects of Alcohol Use on Prospective Memory: A Systematic Literature Review.

Easy scalable avenue of anti-bacterial nanocomposites coating containing Ag NPs prepared by cryomilling

Potential pathway for recycling of the paper mill sludge compost for brick making

A Sexual Harm?: HIV Transmission, “Biological” GBH, and Ancillary Sentencing Provisions in England and Wales

Trajectories of Aristocratic Wealth 1858-2018: Evidence from Probate

Application of Artificial Neural Networks for web-post shear resistance of cellular steel beams

User Selection in Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Communication Systems

Biological Basis to Child Health 13: Skin

Recycling of waste coal dust for the energy-efficient fabrication of bricks: A laboratory to industrial-scale study

Bactericidal surfaces: An emerging 21st-century ultra-precision manufacturing and materials puzzle

Consideration of methodological issues when using photo-elicitation in qualitative research.

Chinese herbal medicine used with or without conventional therapy for COVID-19: an evidence review of clinical studies

How do we Assess?

The impact of predictability on dual-task performance and implications for resource sharing accounts

Cryogenic Fuel Storage Modelling And Optimisation For Aircraft Applications

Cancer, Bereavement and Work

Metacontrol and joint action: how shared goals transfer from one task to another?

Mind the Gap! A transatlantic, intergenerational theatre project

Acute psycho-physiological responses to perceptually regulated hypoxic and normoxic interval walks in overweight-to-obese adults

Short-Term Perceptually Regulated Interval-Walk Training in Hypoxia and Normoxia in Overweight-to-Obese Adults.

The influence of sagittal trunk leans on uneven running mechanics

Ways to Improve Multitasking: Effects of Predictability after Single- and Dual-Task Training.

Modelling the contribution of the Big Five personality traits, health anxiety, and COVID-19 psychological distress to generalised anxiety and depressive symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Quiet Project – UK Acoustic Community’s response to COVID19 during the easing of lockdown

Identifying consistent biomechanical parameters across rising-to-walk subtasks to inform rehabilitation in practice: A systematic literature review

Flexible control of acoustic conditions in a music rehearsal space using airbeds

The analysis of barriers to bim implementation for industrialized building construction: a China study

Fire performance of connections between high-strength steel tubular members

Multiple breaks detection in financial interval-valued time series

Biological basis of child health 9: development of the liver and clinical features of childhood liver disease

Female Credit: Excavating Acknowledgement for the Capcom Sound Team

Influence of agglomeration and selection effects on the Chinese construction industry

Understanding the Communication and Collaboration Challenges Encountered by Technology Managers

Vibration suppression of the horizontal flexible plate using proportional–integral–derivative controller tuned by particle swarm optimization

An Unexpected but Fruitful Academic Journey

The impact of predictability on dual-task performance and implications for resource-sharing accounts.

Factors influencing nurses' engagement with CPD activities: a systematic review.

The Time Course of Compensatory Puffing With an Electronic Cigarette: Secondary Analysis of Real-World Puffing Data With High and Low Nicotine Concentration Under Fixed and Adjustable Power Settings

Decision‐making experiences of young adults with long‐term conditions

War art and the formation of community

How do labels using lower strength verbal descriptors, %ABV, or their combination impact wine consumption? A bar laboratory adaptive randomised controlled trial.

Solutions of Critical Raw Materials Issues Regarding Iron-Based Alloys.

Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Using Critical Raw Materials: A Review.

Variation in the timing of Covid-19 communication across universities in the UK.

Towards Next-Generation Sustainable Composites Made of Recycled Rubber, Cenospheres, and Biobinder.

Supporting wellbeing through peer-befriending (SUPERB) for people with aphasia: A feasibility randomised controlled trial

Influence of Tool Geometry and Process Parameters on the Properties of Friction Stir Spot Welded Multiple (AA 5754 H111) Aluminium Sheets.

Healthcare stakeholders' perceptions and experiences of factors affecting the implementation of critical care telemedicine (CCT): qualitative evidence synthesis.

Obstacle avoidance training in virtual environments leads to limb-specific locomotor adaptations but not to interlimb transfer in healthy young adults.

Developing a consensus-based scoring rubric to enhance practice-based assessment of student nurses' clinical competence: A Delphi study.