Audit of a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Course Within a Prison

Vibration suppression of the horizontal flexible plate using proportional– integral–derivative controller tuned by particle swarm optimization

A rising tide lifts all boats: the role of share and category changes in managing organic sales growth

Alkali-activated slag concrete with paper industry waste

Gene Expression Response to Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Transmission in M. cavernosa and O. faveolata From Florida

Research on the design and application of capillary heat exchangers for heat pumps in coastal areas

Comparative study on the hydrogenation of naphthalene over both Al2O3‑supported Pd and NiMo catalysts against a novel LDH-derived Ni-MMO-supported Mo catalyst

Machine learning for optimised and clean Li-ion battery manufacturing: Revealing the dependency between electrode and cell characteristics

Understanding the effect of coating-drying operating variables on electrode physical and electrochemical properties of lithium-ion batteries

Micro market based optimisation framework for decentralised management of distributed flexibility assets

On Beneficial Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Services

Heuristic Multi-Agent Control for Energy Management of Microgrids with Distributed Energy Sources

A multi-hazard risk model with cascading failure pathways for the Dawlish (UK) railway using historical and contemporary data

Experimental investigation on environmental control of a 50-person mine refuge chamber

Temperature oscillation of a dual compensation chamber loop heat pipe under acceleration conditions

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations at Micro-Scale Stenosis for Microfluidic Thrombosis Model Characterization

Case Report: Evaluating Biomechanical Risk Factors in Carotid Stenosis by Patient-Specific Fluid-Structural Interaction Biomechanical Analysis

Assessing the level of awareness of smart building technologies (SBTs) in the developing countries

Exploration of latent barriers inhibiting project management processes in adopting smart building technologies (SBTs) in the developing countries

The Metanarrative of Cancer: Disrupting the Battle Myth

Pandemic pains to Instagram gains! COVID-19 perceptions effects on behaviours towards fashion brands on Instagram in Sub-Saharan Africa: Tech-native vs non-native generations

To achieve and to conform: Motivational values predict social comparison orientation

Retrospective and prospective evaluations of mammography screening narratives: The role of own experience

Making sense of cultural bumps: Supporting international graduate teaching assistants with their teaching

The Social Course of Fibromyalgia: Resisting Processes of Marginalisation

Systematic Visuo-Textual Analysis: A Framework for Analysing Visual and Textual Data

Autoethnographic fiction: "Just one more time…", a family's experience of COVID social distancing

Deafness and hearing loss in higher education

Scope and continuum of participatory research

Researcher experiences in practice-based interdisciplinary research

Curriculum Design from stakeholders’ perspective

The Art and Care of Curating Online

Energy effectiveness of passive cooling design strategies to reduce the impact of long-term heatwaves on occupants’ thermal comfort in Europe: Climate change and mitigation

De-territorialisations for pedagogical co-creation: Challenging traditionalistic pedagogies with students in higher education

Inequality: an exploration of issues of gender, ‘race’ and social class in education

Homesickness in developing world expatriates and coping strategies

Towards a mechanistic understanding of particle shrinkage during biomass pyrolysis via synchrotron X-ray microtomography and in-situ radiography

Identifying Synergistic Effects between Biomass Components during Pyrolysis and Pointers Concerning Experiment Design

Liquid biofuels from food crops in transportation – A balance sheet of outcomes

A single-phase synchronization technique for grid-connected energy storage system under faulty grid conditions

Enhancement of flexibility in multi-energy microgrids considering voltage and congestion improvement: Robust thermal comfort against reserve calls

“We aren't your reincarnation!” workplace motivation across X, Y and Z generations

Who’s more vulnerable? A generational investigation of COVID-19 perceptions’ effect on Organisational citizenship Behaviours in the MENA region: job insecurity, burnout and job satisfaction as mediators

Desire thinking and craving across the continuum of problem drinking

Online Sensorless Solar Power Forecasting for Microgrid Control and Automation

Managing the Uncertainty Associated with Hydrogen Gas Hazards and Operability Issues in Nuclear Chemical Plants

Significance of the nuclear Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Receptor in Cancer

Foundations for Esports Curricula in Higher Education

Solar Shading Products and their effect on Overheating, Well-being, Productivity, and Sustainability in the UK Built Environment

Musculoskeletal Manifestations of COVID-19: A Systematic Search and Review

Validation of a commercially available indirect assay for SARS-CoV-2 neutralising antibodies using a pseudotyped virus assay.

The Evidence Chamber: Playful Science Communication and Research Through Digital Storytelling

Bibliometric analysis for reviewing published studies in the built environment

A systematic evidence synthesis of the changes observed in the brain of people diagnosed with a personality disorder in Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities

Questioning identity: Examining identity processes and threat in the context of policing mental health

Development of Capacitive Imaging Technology for Measuring Skin Hydration and Other Skin Properties

Deep Flow: a tentacular worlding of dance, biosensor technology, lived experience and embodied materials of the human and non-humankind

Resource Management in Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Algorithms of Vision. Human and machine learning in computational visual culture

Investigation of the Effect of Rising Temperature and Traffic Loading on the Behaviour of Rigid Pavements to Minimise Maintenance Requirements – Case Study of Lebanese Roads

Case Studies in the Absorption of Low Frequency Sound in Music Rooms


Driving Sustainability through Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

Should Engineering Students Learn About Human Factors at Universities?

An Empirical Investigation of UIP and PPP in Inflation Targeting Countries

Insights into philanthropy An investigation into motivations for UK charitable giving

The off-prescription use of modafinil and methylphenidate: Perceived risks, benefits and impact on cognitive function

Materials Procurement Conceptual Framework for Minimising Waste in the Egyptian Construction Industry


Synthesis and modification of porous boron nitride materials for application in carbon dioxide capture

What factors influence the optometric referral reply rate? A mixed methods study

Chromatin-based, in cis and in trans regulatory rewiring underpins distinct oncogenic transcriptomes in multiple myeloma

Forget Photography: The Arts Council and the Disappearance of Independent Photography in Neoliberal Britain.

Systemic transformative adaptation towards urban economic resilience

(In) Direct Effects of Customer-Defined Market Orientation on Brand Loyalty through Purchase Intention and Brand Image: A Parallel Mediation Approach

The Mediating Role of Real-Time Information Between Location-Based User-Generated Content and Tourist Gift Purchase Intention

Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of Multinational Companies and Sustainable Development: An Economic Perspective

Real-time information sharing, customer orientation, and the exploration of intra-service industry differences : Malaysia as an emerging market

Why harmful drinkers reject change: coping and cognition in maintaining heavy drinking

Positive Behaviour Support: Development and evaluation of an online staff training protocol

A contemporary theory of mathematics education research

Developing A Bim-Knowledge (Bim-K) Framework For Improved Decision-Making In Building Construction Projects

Impact of local energy markets integration in power systems layer: A comprehensive review

Recovery, rehabilitation and follow-up services following critical illness: an updated UK national cross-sectional survey and progress report.

Multiple meanings of resilience: Health professionals' experiences of a dual element training intervention designed to help them prepare for coping with error

The Practice Facilitator Role: ‘The everything facilitator’ within pre- registration nurse education in practice

Young adults' experiences of dialysis and kidney transplant decision-making

Young adults' experiences of decision-making: social media recruitment of participants

Port cities, cultural cities? The symbolic impacts of culture-led urban regeneration on port-city relationships across Europe

Using qualitative process evaluation in the development of a complex intervention to advance person-centred practice by pharmacists: The Medicines and Alcohol Consultation (MAC)

The Impact of Lighting Design on Perceived Architecture and Human Satisfaction in Museums

New generation of continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis materials for environmental applications

SUpporting wellbeing through PEeR-Befriending (SUPERB) feasibility trial: fidelity of peer-befriending for people with aphasia.

The Impact of Board Internationalization on Real Earnings Management: Evidence From China

Is Economic Uncertainty a Risk Factor in Bank Loan Pricing Decisions? International Evidence

Surprise: challenging design perceptions in immersive virtual reality environments? The case of designing a hospital project using a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment)

A New and Tidier Setting How Does Environmental Clutter Affect People With Dementia’s Ability to Perform Activities of Daily Living?

The Online Age: The Shift From Traditional Banking to Online Banking in the UK and Its Effect on Applied Regulations

The First Attribute Heuristic in Risky Decision-Making.

The Challenges and Opportunities of Analogue Game-Based Learning


Forget Photography Chapter 1

Green Awareness Rating Scale (GARS) Development to Extend TAM

Enterprise Education with the Entrepreneurial Skills for Engineers Online Programme

Changing Numbers and Styles over Six Decades

3D Microwave Imaging Using Huygens Principle: A Phantom-based Validation

Disjunction, Conjunction and Categories

Developing a methodological framework for adopting digitalization for deconstruction planning

Evidence Based Medicine and the Potential for the Inclusion of Non-Biomedical Health Systems

Do SEC reviews address earnings quality at IPO?

Developing a circular economy in recycled polymer construction materials

The Elephant in the Room: How neoliberal architecture education undermines wellbeing

The Association Between Health Care Staff Engagement and Patient Safety Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

How does carer management style influence the performance of activities of daily living in people with dementia?

Problem Gambling ‘Fuelled on the Fly’

Are Impulsive Decisions Always Irrational? An Experimental Investigation of Impulsive Decisions in the Domains of Gains and Losses

Save the Best for First: First Attribute Heuristic in Consumer Choice

Moral Decision Making: From Bentham to Veil of Ignorance via Perspective Taking Accessibility

Autonomous vehicles: How perspective-taking accessibility alters moral judgments and consumer purchasing behavior

Arbitration Institutes as System Builders

Building back better? Post-pandemic opportunities for new practices in the live music industry

Wing Coupling in Bees and Wasps: From the Underlying Science to Bioinspired Engineering

Excavation mechanics of the elongated female rostrum of the acorn weevil Curculio glandium (Coleoptera; Curculionidae)

Spiky-joint: a bioinspired solution to combine mobility and support

Triple Stiffness: A Bioinspired Strategy to Combine Load‐Bearing, Durability, and Impact‐Resistance

Subnational mapping of HIV incidence and mortality among individuals aged 15–49 years in sub-Saharan Africa, 2000–18: a modelling study

Mapping inequalities in exclusive breastfeeding in low- and middle-income countries, 2000–2018

Testing Benford’s Laws (non)conformity within disclosed companies’ financial statements among hospitality industry in Romania

Mapping subnational HIV mortality in six Latin American countries with incomplete vital registration systems

Tracking development assistance for health and for COVID-19: a review of development assistance, government, out-of-pocket, and other private spending on health for 204 countries and territories, 1990–2050

Spatial, temporal, and demographic patterns in prevalence of chewing tobacco use in 204 countries and territories, 1990-2019: A systematic analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

Global, regional, and national progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 3.2 for neonatal and child health: all-cause and cause-specific mortality findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019

The Overlap Between Problematic Smartphone Use and Problematic Social Media Use: a Systematic Review

Digital Storytelling: the Integration of Intangible and Tangible Heritage in the city of Surat, India

Responsive human resource framework for design and building of mega housing development projects in Egypt

A meta-analysis and systematic review of changes in joint position sense and static standing balance in patients with whiplash-associated disorder

My Doctorate: The Longest Pregnancy

Modern Methods Of Construction A Technique In Achieving Affordable Housing In Nigeria

CSR motivators of local firms in a developing country- The case of Quang Ninh province, Vietnam

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Bim: Strategic Positioning Of Bim

The Impact of Parental Behavior on the Cognitive Level of Preschoolers in Upper-Egypt

Abolitionary Listening: Propositions & Questions

A Systematic Review of Construction Scheduling Methods: Trends, gaps, and potential research areas

Vibroacoustic analysis of composite thin fiberglass plate

The impact of using internet of things (IOT) to imporve the operational performance of a commercial building

Mapping routine measles vaccination in low- and middle-income countries

Analysis of Mechanical Adhesion Climbing Robot Design for Wind Tower Inspection

Living Between Two Worlds

Resource Management for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted THz-MIMO Network

Model-based fuzzy time series clustering of conditional higher moments

Global Challenges and Opportunities for Parliamentary Public Engagement during the Covid-19 Crisis

A comparative analysis of the vestibular apparatus in Epipliopithecus vindobonensis: Phylogenetic implications

New femoral remains of Nacholapithecus kerioi: Implications for intraspecific variation and Miocene hominoid evolution

Comparative anatomy of the carotid canal in the Miocene small-bodied catarrhine Pliobates cataloniae

The valuation of high-risk residential buildings and the role of EWS1

Grenfell and Construction Industry Reform

Picture Other Voices: A conflict transformation drama project


Co-production: fostering greater inclusion or reproducing existing exclusion? An analysis of co-commissioning and resident participation on a South London housing estate

Can Professional Interventions Contribute to an Escalation in Cases of Youth Violence? Considering the Impact of the Shift from Informal to Formal Youth Support on an Inner City Housing Estate

A qualitative analysis of the interfaces between urban underground metro infrastructure and its environment in London

UAV visual flight control method based on deep reinforcement learning

The Genomic Landscape of Actinic Keratosis

ACSNI: An unsupervised machine-learning tool for prediction of tissue-specific pathway components using gene expression profiles

SFPQ promotes an oncogenic transcriptomic state in melanoma

What are the challenges and opportunities for schools in supporting children of people in prison?

The role of domain-specific and domain-general cognitive functions and skills in sports performance: A meta-analysis

Investigation of a Thermoelectric Generator with PCM for Harvesting Solar Energy

Person-centred hydration care for older people living with dementia in acute hospital wards: A case study

Psychometric Properties of the Five Facets Mindfulness Questionnaire in Moderate-to-Severe, Persistent Depression

(Re-)generating Symbolic Port-City Links: Urban Regeneration and the Cultural Demaritimisation and Remaritimisation of European Port Cities

A heritage-inspired cultural mega-event in a stigmatized city: Hull UK City of Culture 2017

Rethinking fostering and adoption panels’

There’s no such thing as non-judgemental

A Numerical Analysis on the Cyclic Behavior of 316 FR Stainless Steel and Fatigue Life Prediction

Ultimate behaviour and serviceability analysis of stainless steel reinforced concrete beams

UAV flight control method based on deep reinforcement learning

Decomposition of Additive-Free Formic Acid Using a Pd/C Catalyst in Flow: Experimental and CFD Modelling Studies

Microbial Electrolysis Cells for Decentralised Wastewater Treatment: The Next Steps

A voluntary activation deficit in m. abductor hallucis exists in asymptomatic feet.

healthcareCOVID: a national cross-sectional observational study identifying risk factors for developing suspected or confirmed COVID-19 in UK healthcare workers.

Experimental and Process Modelling Investigation of the Hydrogen Generation from Formic Acid Decomposition Using a Pd/Zn Catalyst

Making a difference: Belonging, diversity and inclusion in occupational therapy

Process Simulation Modelling of the Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of 4-Propylguaiacol in Microreactors

“Loneliness can also kill:” a qualitative exploration of outcomes and experiences of the SUPERB peer-befriending scheme for people with aphasia and their significant others

Theoretical Investigation of the Deactivation of Ni Supported Catalysts for the Catalytic Deoxygenation of Palm Oil for Green Diesel Production

Skin Characterizations by Using Contact Capacitive Imaging and High-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging with Machine Learning Algorithms

Statistical Analysis of the Membership Management Indicators of the Church of England UK Dioceses during the Recent (XXth Century) “Decade of Evangelism”

African Migration, Human Rights and Literature, written by Fareda Banda

Low cycle fatigue behavior of circumferentially notched specimens made of modified 9Cr–1Mo steel at elevated temperature

A review of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing of aluminium alloys: Microstructure and properties

Experimental data on water vapour adsorption on silica gel in fully packed and Z-annulus packed beds

An Evaluation of Motion Trackers with Virtual Reality Sensor Technology in Comparison to a Marker-Based Motion Capture System Based on Joint Angles for Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Testing for localization with entropy-based measures

Defendants with intellectual disability and autism spectrum conditions the perspective of clinicians working across three jurisdictions

Script Development on Unscripted Television: Grand Designs & The Spectacle of the Reveal

Beyond Covid-19: Maximising the ROI on Commercial Property for Key Financial Stakeholders and Landlords in the UK

Performance analysis for the UK's first 5th generation heat network – The BEN case study at LSBU

Historical and Conceptual Approaches to Addiction

Experimental data of cathodes manufactured in a convective dryer at the pilot-plant scale, and charge and discharge capacities of half-coin lithium-ion cells.

Fear of missing out (FoMO) and internet use: A comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis.

I DoBEIC2021 An overview of the methods and technologies for removal of carbon dioxide from the environment

A Cognitive Routing Framework for Reliable Communication in IoT for Industry 5.0

Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost, Years Lived With Disability, and Disability-Adjusted Life Years for 29 Cancer Groups From 2010 to 2019

The ability to increase the base of support and recover stability is limited in its generalisation for different balance perturbation tasks

The Interplay of Interstitial and Substitutional Copper in Zinc Oxide

Non Medical Prescribing – How can you make a difference to your service as a Non Medical Prescriber?

Advanced Practice and Prescribing

Normal Sex Development

Teaching Media Production: Understanding Unconscious Bias in Creative Idea Development

Antigone in the London office: documentary film, creativity and female agency

Measuring therapeutic engagement in acute mental health inpatient environments: the perspectives of service users and mental health nurses.

Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar Power Plants in Kuwait: Modelling the Performance of PV and CSP Systems

Towards a Hybrid Approach to BIM implementation – A Critical Discourse

Covid Uncertainties and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC): What Effect on the UK Housing Industry.

Correction to: The Combined Contribution of Fear and Perceived Danger of COVID 19 and Metacognitions to Anxiety Levels during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Sustainable Approach for the Replacement of Water Mains: Environmental, Social and Economic Considerations.

Complexities Inherent in Mega Infrastructure: The Challenges of Accurate Estimating.

Cost Effectiveness of Implementing External Facades System.

How can value co-creation create social value as management practice for sustainable water supply projects?.

A Smart Meter Infrastructure for Smart Grid IoT Applications

What Sort of Collective Bargaining is Emerging in Nigeria?

Race, Recognition and Retribution in Contemporary Youth Justice: The Intractability Malleability Thesis (Routledge Critical Studies in Crime, Diversity and Criminal Justice)

The Role of Libraries, Archives and Museums for Metaliteracy in Smart Cities: Implications, Challenges and Opportunities

Post-Euphoria in Electronic Music Making


Primary care networks: navigating new organisational forms.

Real Estate Finance & Economics: A guide to securing finance for Real Estate Project Development in Developed and Emerging Economies

Virtual reality in education

Demand-Avoidance Phenomena (“Pathological”/”Extreme” Demand Avoidance): what are the implications of it being a biopower identity?

Exchange Rate Parities and Taylor Rule Deviations

Segregation with social linkages: Evaluating Schelling’s model with networked individuals

Rent Strikes and Resistance: An Illustration of Raising Critical Consciousness

Online training resources to aid therapeutic radiographers in engaging in conversations about physical activity and diet: A mixed methods study

The use of mHealth apps in interactive health literacy – perspectives from healthcare professionals.

Insects: Functional Morphology, Biomechanics and Biomimetics

A holistic design approach for 5th Generation Smart Local Energy systems: project GreenSCIES

Reconstructing State Obligations To Protect And Fulfil Socio-Economic Rights In An Era Of Marketisation

Development of carbonaceous tin-based solder composite achieving unprecedented joint performance

Emerging and New Treatment Options for Knee Osteoarthritis


What is a nurse?

Reference values for intake of 6 types of soluble and insoluble fibre in healthy UK inhabitants based on the UK Biobank data.

Diet and the microbiome in precision medicine

Impact of Plant-Based Meat Alternatives on the Gut Microbiota of Consumers: A Real-World Study

Performance Comparison of Recent Population-based Metaheuristic Optimisation Algorithms in Mechanical Design Problems of Machinery Components

Microstructural and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Analyses on Argon Ion Implantations in Tantalum Thin Films for Microelectronic Substrates

Experimental investigation on microwave sintered composite tool for electro-discharge machining of Titanium alloy

Meteorological Drought Analysis and Return Periods over North and West Africa and Linkage with El Niño−Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

Do Pakistani Corporate Governance Reforms restore the relationship of Trust on Banking sector through Good Governance and Disclosure Practices

Transformative Encounters? Racism and the Sonic Representation of Stephen Lawrence's Story

The Persian COVID-19 Anxiety Syndrome Scale (C-19ASS): Psychometric properties in a general community sample of Iranians.

Enabling local rapid change solutions to the Climate Emergency

Lateral–torsional buckling resistance prediction model for steel cellular beams generated by Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)


Social Connection and the Responsible Economist

Decolonising occupational science

Dynamic Quality Monitoring System to Assess the Quality of Asphalt Concrete Pavement

Water Consumption Increases Handwriting Speed andVolume Consumed Relates to Increased Finger‑tapping Speed in Schoolchildren

ME‐MADDPG: An efficient learning‐based motion planning method for multiple agents in complex environments

Building Sustainability and Resilience in the Nigerian Power sector – A case study of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA)

The Legacy of Thelma & Louise - A Panel Discussion

Lockdown in London – COVID reflections

A comparative study of different biocementation implementation methods for embankment foundation soil

Performance of different chemical soil stabilisers in the presence of sulphates

Functionality And Mechanical Properties Of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete In Stemming Building Collapses In Nigeria

Experimental Characterisation of Adobe Bricks Stabilised with Rice Husk and Lime for Sustainable Construction

A systematic review of parenting interventions used by social workers to support vulnerable children

Commentary: Exploring the perceptions of dignity among patients and nurses in hospital and community settings: an integrative literature review

MammoWave Breast Imaging Device: A Procedure for Device’s Characterization Via Phantom Measurements and Subsequent Clinical Trials’ Preliminary Results

Dynamic Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Using Micro-Polarisation Spatial Phase Shift Digital Shearography

Changing behaviour: Role of theories and techniques in increasing physical activity in non-specific low back pain patients

Entrepreneurship Education for Engineers: Technology Evaluation and Commercialization through Project-based Learning

Digital Platforms for SMME Enablement

Cortical and subcortical neuroanatomical signatures of schizotypy in 3004 individuals assessed in a worldwide ENIGMA study

Children's verbal, visual and spatial processing and short-term storage abilities: An analysis of verbal comprehension, reading, counting and mathematics

An amplification-free ultra-sensitive electrochemical CRISPR/Cas biosensor for drug-resistant bacteria detection.

Ethoxyquin Inhibits the Progression of Murine Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma through the Inhibition of Autophagy and LDH

If fetuses are persons, abortion is a public health crisis

CFD Study of the Numbering up of Membrane Microreactors for CO 2 Capture

Effects of Pet Therapy in Elderly Patients with Neurocognitive Disorders: A Brief Review.

Generalized pentagonal geometries

Interjoint Coordination in Kicking a Moving Target: A Comparison Between Elite and Nonelite Taekwondo Players.

The relative contribution of health cognitions and metacognitions about health anxiety to cyberchondria: A prospective study

Metacognitions, rumination, and worry in personality disorder.

Repetitive Negative Thinking and Eating Disorders: A Meta-Analysis of the Role of Worry and Rumination.

Modelling the Contribution of Metacognitions, Impulsiveness, and Thought Suppression to Behavioural Addictions in Adolescents

Examining the roles of cognitive flexibility, emotion recognition, and metacognitions in adult Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder with predominantly inattentive presentation

The case for compulsory surgical smoke evacuation systems in the operating theatre

From dissemination to engagement: learning over time from a national research intermediary centre (Four Fs)

The desire thinking questionnaire-Persian version (DTQ-P) and its association with addictive behaviors in individuals with alcohol use disorder, nicotine dependence, and problematic social media use.

Archival Absurdity, or a walk in the park.

Demand-Avoidance Phenomena (“Pathological”/ “Extreme” Demand Avoidance): It’s four schools of thought, and how you may conceptualise it?

Nanofabrication route to achieve sustainable production of next generation defect-free graphene: analysis and characterisation

Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Time Pooling Deep Recurrent Neural Network

IoT-Enabled Real-Time Management of Smart Grids with Demand Response Aggregators

The development of SUCCEED: urban sustainability assessment tool for developing countries with focus on Nigeria


Guest editorial

Application of Leg, Vertical, and Joint Stiffness in Running Performance: A Literature Overview

Evaluation of the Lewisham Trauma Informed Group Work Programme

How do SMEs decide on international market entry?

PEGylation enhances the antibacterial and therapeutic potential of amphibian host defence peptides.

Dataset: Co-development of mobile phone text messages to support smokers’ quitting by switching to an e-cigarette

Predicting the environmental suitability for onchocerciasis in Africa as an aid to elimination planning.

Gastrocnemius medialis contractile behavior during running differs between simulated Lunar and Martian gravities

Psychometric validation of the desire thinking questionnaire in a Turkish adolescent sample: Associations with internet gaming disorder.

An Embodied Cognition Perspective on the Role of Interoception in the Development of the Minimal Self

FANET: Smart city mobility off to a flying start with self‐organized drone‐based networks

The Art of Peace

Mission statement effectiveness: investigating managers' sensemaking role

Biomechanical strategies to reach a compromise between stiffness and flexibility in hind femora of desert locusts

3D Microwave Imaging Using Huygens Principle: A Phantom-based Validation

Microwave Imaging for Lung Covid-19 Infection Detection through Huygens Principle

HRER WERA 7 Talking about rights without talking about rights

Goalkeepers put their money where the coach’s mouth is: Knowing kickers’ preferences enhances anticipation of football goalkeepers

Effects of visual blur and contrast on spatial and temporal precision in manual interception.

Evolutionary Design Processes with Embedded Homeostatic Principles -Adaptation of Architectural Form and Skin to Excessive Solar Radiation

A renewable lignin-derived bio-oil for boosting the oxidation stability of biodiesel

Mechanisms and processes involved in women's pathways into alcohol dependence and towards recovery: a qualitative meta-synthesis

Investigating the Behaviour of Air–Water Upward and Downward Flows: Are You Seeing What I am Seeing?

Learning the structure of Bayesian networks with ancestral and/or heuristic partition

Demand-Avoidance Phenomena (“Pathological”/ “Extreme” Demand Avoidance): As a biopower identity?

Fabrication of three-dimensional sin-shaped ripples using a multi-tip diamond tool based on the force modulation approach

Memory, gender and filmmaking: Exploring Thelma & Louise

Computational prediction of electrical and thermal properties of graphene and BaTiO3 reinforced epoxy nanocomposites

Assessing The Resilience of UK Construction SMEs: A cross-sectional analysis of the effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

Electrooxidation of Hydrazine Utilizing High-Entropy Alloys: Assisting the Oxygen Evolution Reaction at the Thermodynamic Voltage

In-situ continuous hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles on conductive N-doped MXene nanosheets for binder-free Li-ion battery anodes

Investigating the Role of the Emissions Trading Policy to Reduce Emissions and Improve the Efficiency of Industrial Green Innovation

Institutional stakeholders’ perceptions of a sustainable neighbourhood in metropolitan Lagos

Intra-vulnerabilities: An Artistic Strategy for Co-creating Culture and Policy with Communities, Funders and Artists

The impact of a Eurocentric curriculum on racial disparities in maternal health.

Shifting Accounts of Justice: The Legalisation and Politicisation of International Criminal Justice

Prisoners with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Co-morbidities & Service Pathways

Evaluation of a liaison and diversion Court Mental Health Service for defendants with neurodevelopmental disorders.

England and Autism

Finding Home Catalogue

Developing and evaluating mental health lived experience practitioner (LXP) roles in an NHS trust

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Higher Education: A UK, USA Comparison

The effect of heat conduction through fins on the performance of finned-tube CO2 supercritical gas coolers

Sound radiation from composite plates

Architectural Narrative and the Promise of the Not Yet

Leaning the Trunk Forward Decreases Patellofemoral Joint Loading During Uneven Running.

Some New Tests of Conformity with Benford's Laws

Rank–size distributions for banks: A cross-country analysis

Compound glycyrrhizin injection for improving liver function in children with acute icteric hepatitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Group B strep in mothers and babies

Nonlinearities and asymmetric adjustment to PPP in an exchange rate model with inflation expectations

Automated breast lesion localisation in microwave imaging employing simplified pulse coupled neural network

Role of Thermal Spray in Combating Climate Change

Initiatives that enable Singapore contractors to improve construction productivity

Professionalism in built environment research: beyond integrity and good practice

Process waste analysis for offsite production methods for house construction – A case study of factory wall panel production


A Semantic Offsite Construction Digital Twin- Offsite Manufacturing Production Workflow (OPW) Ontology

Street Gangs and Coercive Control: The Gendered Exploitation of Young Women and Girls in County Lines

The Archival Politics of International Courts

Exploring the Exhaust Emission and Efficiency of Algal Biodiesel Powered Compression Ignition Engine: Application of Box–Behnken and Desirability Based Multi-Objective Response Surface Methodology

The primary visual cortex of Cetartiodactyls: organization, cytoarchitectonics and comparison with perissodactyls and primates.

Elytra coupling of the ladybird Coccinella septempunctata functions as an energy absorber in intentional falls

Recent Advances in Preparation and Testing Methods of Engine-Based Nanolubricants: A State-of-the-Art Review

BaBi2O6: A Promising n-Type Thermoelectric Oxide with the PbSb2O6 Crystal Structure

Single-cell profiling of human bone marrow progenitors reveals mechanisms of failing erythropoiesis in Diamond-Blackfan anemia

A comparative assessment of alkali-activated stabilisers including waste materials, for the treatment of swelling-shrinking soils

A Study of Innovative Alkali-Activated Binders for Soil Stabilisation in the Context of Engineering Sustainability and Circular Economy

Teaching controversial issues: Talking about religious freedom and the imagined ‘other’

Challenging the Commodification of Human Rights: The Case of the Right to Housing

Understanding the Interaction of Organic Corrosion Inhibitors with Copper at the Molecular Scale: Benzotriazole on Cu(110)

Low-cost high entropy alloy (HEA) for high-efficiency oxygen evolution reaction (OER)

Magnetron sputtering technique for analyzing the influence of RF sputtering power on microstructural surface morphology of aluminum thin films deposited on SiO2/Si substrates

Contractile behavior of the gastrocnemius medialis muscle during running in simulated hypogravity

Intelligent Processing and IT Tools of E-Commerce Data,Information and Knowledge

Volunteer Task Recommender in Humanitarian Supply Chain for Effective Disaster Management

Effectiveness of acupoint hot compress on early puerperal rehabilitation of parturients after natural childbirth: study protocol for a prospective, multi-center, randomized controlled clinical trial



From European Union student mobility to lockdown: “Virtual study mobility” in the COVID-19 era and a case study of transnational law in an international classroom delivered online

A Developmental Embodied Choice Perspective Explains the Development of Numerical Choices

Refusing the Burden of Computation: Edge Computing and Sustainable ICT

Pathological demand avoidance (PDA): Its four schools of thought.

A Critical Analysis Of Collaborative And Disruptive Digital-Driven Built Environment Education

The Associations between Asymmetries in Quadriceps Strength and Gait in Unilateral Transtibial Amputees

Introduction to the theme issue ‘Biological anthroengineering’

Analysis of factors affecting construction and demolition waste reduction in Egypt

Quantifying materials waste in the Egyptian construction industry: a critical analysis of rates and factors

Scattering Evaluation of Equivalent Surface Impedances of Acoustic Metamaterials in Large FDTD Volumes Using RLC Circuit Modelling

Third Nature Embodiment of borders and thinking beyond: Surviving despite capitalism

Enhancing the renewable energy payback period of a photovoltaic power generation system by water flow cooling

Daylighting, artificial electric lighting, solar heat gain, and space-heating energy performance analyses of electrochromic argon gas-filled smart windows retrofitted to the building

Predictive permanent magnet synchronous generator based small-scale wind energy system at dynamic wind speed analysis for residential net-zero energy building

Analysis of indoor environment and insulation performance of residential house with double envelope vacuum insulation panels

Analysis of indoor environment and performance of net-zero energy building with vacuum glazed windows

Experimental Modal Analysis of Distinguishing Microstructural Variations in Carbon Steel SA516 by Applied Heat Treatments, Natural Frequencies, and Damping Coefficients

Predicting the Impact of Chemical and Physical Variability in Binary and Ternary Cementitious Blends

Impact of chopped basalt fibres on the mechanical proper- ties of concrete

Evaluation of an On-Campus Program Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap in Occupational Therapy Education: Student Perspective

Evaluation of an on-campus programme bridging the theory-practice gap in occupational therapy education: Student perspective

A Peer Reviewed Newspaper About Research Refusal

Anthroengineering: an independent interdisciplinary field

BIM-based mixed-reality application for bridge inspection and maintenance

Toward next‐generation engineering education: A case study of an engineering capstone project based on BIM technology in MEP systems

Welcome to the 13th European Congress of Mental Health in Intellectual Disability

Surmising synchrony of sound and sight: Factors explaining variance of audiovisual integration in hurdling, tap dancing and drumming.

The effects of femoral metaphyseal morphology on growth plate biomechanics in juvenile chimpanzees and humans

How can we help novice child protection social workers to see situations like experienced practitioners? A randomised controlled trial evaluation of the ShadowBox™ method using pre-recorded video feedback

The "alcoholic other": Harmful drinkers resist problem recognition to manage identity threat.

Problem recogntion amongst harmful drinkers: a conceptual model for problem framing factors

Social mindfulness and prosociality vary across the globe

Development and Testing of Relative Risk-based Health Messages for Electronic Cigarette Products

An assessment of humanitarian intervention based on case studies by thematic analysis of debates on Libya and Syria in the British House of Commons, 2010-2014

Opportunities to decarbonize heat in the UK using Urban Wastewater Heat Recovery

Remedial Adaptations in Building Services to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission

Editorial: How To Refuse Research from The Ruins of Its Own Production

Facile one-step synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic activity of WC/ferroelectric nanocomposite

Editorial - What is the role of a nursing associate in mental health?

The damping and structural properties of dragonfly and damselfly wings during dynamic movement

Double-rowed teeth: design specialization of the H. venator ants for enhanced tribological stability

Automated terminal unit performance analysis employing x-RBF neural network and associated energy optimisation – A case study based approach

Dietary diversity during infancy and the association with childhood food allergen sensitization

Good Lives Model: Importance of Interagency Collaboration in Preventing Violent Recidivism

This Girl Can, can't she? Perspectives from exercise providers and participants on what factors influence participation  

3D printed catalytic reactors for aerobic selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol into benzaldehyde in continuous multiphase flow

Influence of project alliance in rail construction industry.

Opportunities and challenges for Implementing Smart Local Energy Systems in Cities and Towns, demonstrated through case studies

Impacts of Metabolism and Organic Acids on Cell Wall Composition and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Susceptibility to Membrane Active Antimicrobials

Antimicrobial Peptides with pH-Dependent Activity and Alkaline Optima: Their Origins, Mechanisms of Action and Potential Applications

SO-KDN: A Self-Organised Knowledge Defined Networks Architecture for Reliable Routing

Non-Invasive Driver Drowsiness Detection System.

Following the trail: a covariance plotting of the crippling effect of COVID-19 on small and medium sized -SMEs firms in the UK’s Construction Industry

Multiscale interplay of higher-order moments between the carbon and energy markets during Phase III of the EU ETS

Deep Learning-based Automated Lip-Reading: A Survey

Voice In Non-Traditional Employment Relationships: A Review And Future Research Directions

Development of innovative automated solutions for the assembly of multifunctional thermoplastic composite fuselage

Skutki epidemii Covid-19 w miastach

A Variant Q-Sorting Methodology for Building Diagnostic Trees

The Scope of Advanced Smart Vacuum Insulation Technologies for Net-Zero Energy Buildings

Combined benefits of cooling with heat recovery for electrical cable tunnels in cities

Hybrid spiral-bacterial foraging algorithm for a fuzzy control design of a flexible manipulator

High-Speed Railway

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care: An Overview of 5834 Randomized Controlled Trials Published in Chinese

Psychological distress in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: the joint contribution of intolerance of uncertainty and cyberchondria

Sexual citizenship: rhetoric or reality for Rural Gay Men in Ireland and England?

Decoupling the influence of wall thinning and cladding thickness variation pulsed eddy current using principal component analysis

A compact laser shearography system for on-site robotic inspection of wind turbine blades

Attack Of The Drones’ Exploration Of The Sound Power Levels Emitted And The Impact Drone’s Could Have Upon Rural Areas

Teaching Acoustics under COVID: Lab in a Box for Experiments at Home

Waste Heat Recovery from Underground Railways – Evaluating the Cooling Potential

Review of Intelligent Control Systems for Natural Ventilation as Passive Cooling Strategy for UK Buildings and Similar Climatic Conditions

Investigation of opportunities for utilising waste heat for district heating networks in cities

Lunar phase as a cue for migrations to two species of explosive breeding amphibians—implications for conservation

Towards the Development of Sustainable Ground Improvement Techniques —Biocementation Study of an Organic Soil

Digitalisation To Improve Organisational Competitive Advantage: A Study On BBI Exploitation

Rights of non-autistic children and young persons with PDA

A framework for modelling economic regional location processes under uncertainty

Influence of blockchain adoption on technology transfer, performance and supply chain integration, exibility and responsiveness. A case study from IT&C medium size enterprises

The sooner the better: lives saved by the lockdown during the COVID-19 outbreak. The case of Italy

A new concept of reliability system and applications in finance

Stability recovery performance in adults over a wide age range: A multicentre reliability analysis using different lean-and-release test protocols.

Replacing Synperonic® N in the physical developer fingermark visualisation process: Pseudo-operational trial and parameter studies.

The effect of corrosive substances on fingermark recovery: a pilot study

Exploring adult critical illness survivors’ experiences of fatigue; a qualitative study

A Study On Low Cycle Fatigue Life Assessment of Notched Specimens Made of 316LN Austenitic Stainless Steel

Enhancing students’ employability skills awareness through the accounting professional body on an undergraduate accounting degree

Investigating Undercurrents of Stationarity and Growth With Long-Term Panel Data

Demand Avoidance Phenomena (“Pathological”/ “Extreme” Demand Avoidance): is it a Disorder at a lower diagnostic threshold?

Qualitative study of factors perceived by senior health service staff as influencing the development of Advanced Clinical Practice roles in mental health services

A review on biomass-derived materials and their applications as corrosion inhibitors, catalysts, food and drug delivery agents

Barriers and facilitators to implementing and sustaining peer support in kidney care

Opening Pandora’s Box: How Does Peer Assessment Affect EFL Students’ Writing Quality?

Optical properties of PVC composite modified during light exposure to give high absorption enhancement

Metadiffusers for quasi-perfect and broadband sound diffusion

Deep Learning Causal Attributions of Breast Cancer

A discriminant analysis model of psychosocial predictors of problematic Internet use and cannabis use disorder in university students.

Doing gender and being gendered through occupation: Transgender and non-binary experiences

Investigating Smart City Development Based on Green Buildings, Electrical Vehicles and Feasible Indicators

eHealth literacy during the COVID-19 pandemic: seeking, sharing, suspicion amongst older and younger UK populations

Synthesis of Planar Stiffness

Sexism and Project Studies: The Case of Construction and Engineering Organizations

A Bibliometric Study on Biomimetic and Bioinspired Membranes for Water Filtration

Marketing research faces two challenges and a world of opportunity with long-term panel data

The unbearable lightness of buying

A Critical Review of the Nigerian Electricity Generation and Supply

Flow Field Structure, Characteristics of Thermo-Hydraulic and Heat Transfer Performance Analysis in a Three Dimensions Circular Tube with Different Ball Turbulators Configurations

Factors Affecting Efficiency Of Railways In Terms Of Safety At Railway Level Crossings

Critical Investigation of Cheops Pyramid Building in Relation to the Solar Equinox

Improving Thermal Energy Performance of UK Built Environment through the Use of Shading Devices

Pyroelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting

Affordances of the Networked Image

Development of a robot for in-service radiography inspection of subsea flexible risers

What is an Image?

A strategy to face the impact of Covid-19 and technology disruption on higher education in the 2020-2025 lustrum

An Autonomous Wall Climbing Robot for Inspection of Reinforced Concrete Structures: SIRCAUR

Enforcement against contract violation in Chinese construction projects: impacts of trust and perceived intentionality

Embedded training for undergraduate children’s nursing students to increase self-leadership, personal autonomy and emotional agility skills.

Pituitary volume in people with chronic schizophrenia: Clarifying the roles of serious violence and childhood maltreatment


Wireless communication with mobile inspection robots while submerged inside oil storage tanks

A pluriverse of local worlds: A review of Computing within Limits related terminology and practices

Linearized esculentin-2EM shows pH dependent antibacterial activity with an alkaline optimum.

Obedience to collaboration: compliance, adherence and concordance

Self-harm and Mental Health Characteristics of Prisoners with elevated rates of autistic traits.

High yield recovery of 2,3-butanediol from fermented broth accumulated on xylose rich sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate using aqueous two-phase extraction system

Blog: The role of Education in Civil Engineering to face Climate Change

The role of Education in Civil Engineering to face Climate Change

Climbing robot to perform radiography of wind blades

A Perspective on the Catalysis Using the High Entropy Alloys

An analytical model to predict the depth of sub-surface damage for grinding of brittle materials

Large scale manufacturing route to metamaterial coatings using thermal spray techniques and their response to solar radiation

China and imperialism in the 21st century

Getting It Straight: Accommodating Rectilinear Behavior in Captive Snakes-A Review of Recommendations and Their Evidence Base.

Digital Loyalty Programmes: Pull Strategies in B2B Channel Marketing

London South Bank University

Reducing carbon footprint and cooling demandin arid climates using an integrated hybrid ventilation and photovoltaic approach

Supporting Students Who Stammer in Higher Education

Intellectual Disabilities Behavior Under the Lens of Embodied Cognition Approaches

The COVID-19 anxiety syndrome and selective attentional bias towards COVID-19-related stimuli in UK residents during the 2020-2021 pandemic

Model–Database–Interface: A study of the redesign of the ArtBase, and the role of user agency in born-digital archives

Driving Sustainability through Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

Systems level profiling of chemotherapy-induced stress resolution in cancer cells reveals druggable trade-offs

The innate sensor ZBP1-IRF3 axis regulates cell proliferation in multiple myeloma

X-ray computed tomography evaluations of additive manufactured multimaterial composites.


Therapeutic effects and safety of oral Chinese patent medicine for COVID-19: A rapid systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Editorial for Volume 35, Issue 2

Study protocol for Testing Nicotine Pod Vaping Devices: Are EU-TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) compliant pod-devices sufficiently satisfying to UK smokers?

Reducing fire risk in buildings: the role of fire safety expertise and governance in building and planning approval

Adopting Review, Reflect and Re-focus [Triple R] sessions to support pre-registration therapeutic radiography students post clinical placement

EkmEx - An Extended Framework for Labeling an Unlabeled Fault Dataset

A Dynamic and Scalable User-centric Route Planning Algorithm Based on Polychromatic Sets Theory

What can whiskers tell us about mammalian evolution, behaviour, and ecology?

ESG investing: A chance to reduce systemic risk

Identifying Assessment Opportunities in Postgraduate Learning for Sustainability

“For them and for me”: a qualitative exploration of peer befrienders’ experiences supporting people with aphasia in the SUPERB feasibility trial

Peripheral recovery: ‘Keeping safe’ and ‘keep progressing’ as contradictory modes of ordering in a forensic psychiatric unit

Cross Functional Integration between Organizational Structure and the New Product Development Process

Nature inspired materials: Emerging trends and prospects

Emergence of machine learning in the development of high entropy alloy and their prospects in advanced engineering applications

Atomic scale friction studies on single crystal GaAs using AFM and molecular dynamics simulation

The role of education in civil engineering to face the climate change

Rethinking and Adapting Approaches to Education for Sustainability to Address Cultural and Behavioural Change and Challenges

Evaluation of a personal professional mentor scheme for newly qualified nurses.

Thermophysics Analysis of Office Buildings with a Temperature–Humidity Coupling Strategy Under Hot-Arid Climatic Conditions

Energy and Exergy Analyses on Seasonal Comparative Evaluation of Water Flow Cooling for Improving the Performance of Monocrystalline PV Module in Hot-Arid Climate

Immediate Psychosocial Impact on Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic in China: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Sun safety advice: Protecting against skin cancer

Moderating Effect of Senior Management Support on the Relationship Between Schedule Delay Factors and Project Performance

Mediating Role of Switch Leadership Between Dynamic Work Environment and Project Success

Stories from lockdown: the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the well-being of clients at Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers (SDCAS)

Book review: The Good Ancestor: How to think long term in a short-term world, by Roman Krznaric

Adaptability to Balance Perturbations During Walking as a Potential Marker of Falls History in Older Adults

Examining the impact of Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nursing in acute trusts in London

Pharmacists in advanced clinical practice roles in emergency departments (PARED).

Robust, Resilient and Reliable Architecture for V2X Communication

Self-critical Rumination and Associated Metacognitions as Mediators of the Relationship Between Perfectionism and Self-esteem.

Advanced clinical practice roles in the National Health Service, England: a remedy for workforce problems? A qualitative study of senior staff perspectives.

Tioconazole and Chloroquine Act Synergistically to Combat Doxorubicin-Induced Toxicity via Inactivation of PI3K/AKT/mTOR Signaling Mediated ROS-Dependent Apoptosis and Autophagic Flux Inhibition in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells.

Outdoor light pollution and COVID-19: The Italian case

Cyamella (a popliteal sesamoid bone) prevalence: A systematic review, meta‐analysis, and proposed classification system

An examination of Advanced Clinical Practice: Qualitative insights from therapeutic radiography advanced and consultant practitioners based in England.

Why we should not extend the 14-day rule

Autoencoder Based Anomaly Detection for SCADA Networks

Editorial: Muscle and Tendon Plasticity and Interaction in Physiological and Pathological Conditions

Development of Quantum Dot (QD) Based Color Converters for Multicolor Display.

Infrastructure Projects’ Assessment Through SDG Targets: Towards a Comprehensive Framework


6G Vision: Towards Future Collaborative Cognitive Communication (3C) Systems

Chinese Herbal Medicine Xingnaojing Injection for Ischemic Stroke:An Overview of Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses

Changes in pain catastrophization and neuropathic pain following operative stabilisation for patellofemoral instability: a prospective cohort with 12-month follow-up

The diagnosis and management of testicular cancer

Neurally Adjusted Ventilator Assist in Infants With Acute Respiratory Failure: A Literature Scoping Review.

Does social capital explain the Solow residual? A DSGE approach

Does the law think that black lives matter? A reflection upon the role of the public sector equality duty in promoting racial equality before the law

Municipal waste management: A complex network approach with an application to Italy.

Innovation ambidexterity and impact on the performance in IT companies: the moderating role of business experience

Development of an MFL Coil Sensor for Testing Pipes in Extreme Temperature Conditions

A novel data-driven approach to support decision-making during production scale-up of assembly systems

Identifying Optimal Granularity Level of Modular Assembly Supply Chains Based on Complexity-Modularity Trade-Off

Blogs, identity, stigma and scars: The legacy of self-injury

Immersive technology-driven investigations on influence factors of cognitive load incurred in construction site hazard recognition, analysis and decision making

Exploration of the physical health of dual users of heroin and crack in methadone treatment who inject or have previously injected drugs

Customising Evacuation Instructions for High-Rise Residential Occupants to Expedite Fire Egress: Results from Agent-Based Simulation


Mechanistic insight into the fluorescence activity of forensic fingerprinting reagents.

Bribes, Lobbying and Industrial Structure

Predicting future cancer burden in the United States by artificial neural networks

Preface: recent developments in financial modelling and risk management

Data validity and statistical conformity with Benford's Law

Does Death Anxiety Inhibit Product Innovation?An Exploratory Study In Small Manufacturing Companies

Benford's laws tests on S&P500 daily closing values and the corresponding daily log-returns both point to huge non-conformity

Clinical Application of Chinese Herbal Injection for Cancer Care: Evidence-Mapping of the Systematic Reviews, Meta-analyses, and Randomized Controlled Trials.

Talking Tolerance: Being Deliberative about Fundamental British Values

Exploring entrepreneurial pivoting and the factors that trigger pivots by tech startups

Laboratory Investigations of the Bending Rheology of Floating Saline Ice and Physical Mechanisms of Wave Damping In the HSVA Hamburg Ship Model Basin Ice Tank

Cost Changes in UK Design and Build Projects

The UK Retail Industry and its Effect on Construction Sectors

Role of Polymorphisms of NKG2D Receptor and Its Ligands in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Human Stem Cell Transplantation

Ethnic inequalities in mental health and socioeconomic status among older women living with HIV: results from the PRIME Study.

Novel online conference held to promote mutual discipline awareness between acoustics and architecture students

Eye acupuncture for pain conditions: a scoping review of clinical studies.

A guide to airway management

Effects of age on goal-dependent modulation of episodic memory retrieval.

Breast lesion detection through MammoWave device: Empirical detection capability assessment of microwave images' parameters.

Post-War Societies: Great Britain and Ireland

Economic performance evaluation of the wind supercharging solar chimney power plant combining desalination and waste heat after parameter optimization

Specialist Interest Groups in the Association of Nephrology Nurses UK

Worked Examples of Radiation Heat Transfer

Study of the Flow Characteristics, Pressure Drop and Augmentation of Heat Performance in a Horizontal Pipe with and without Twisted Tape Inserts

Study on Waxy Crudes Characterisation and Chemical Inhibitor Assessment

From Erasmus to Turing: What now for Study Mobility between the UK and the EU? Damage Limitation and New Opportunities

New converts and seasoned campaigners: the role of social identity at different stages in the addiction recovery journey

3D Gait Abnormality Detection Employing Contactless IR-UWB Sensing Phenomenon

Study of novel solar assisted heating system

Factors contributing to parental ‘vaccine hesitancy’ for childhood immunisations.

Flow boiling in a four-compartment heat sink for high-heat flux cooling: A parametric study

Research project to reduce the sound level in the pit

Usher syndrome, an unseen/hidden disability: a phenomenological study of adults across the lifespan living in England

Contrasting Learning Psychology Theories Applied to the Teaching-Learning-Training Process of Tactics in Soccer

Factors influencing environmental performance: a bibliometric review and future research agenda


Molecular dynamics simulation of AFM tip-based hot scratching of nanocrystalline GaAs

Metacognitions as a predictor of online gaming in adolescents: Psychometric properties of the metacognitions about online gaming scale among iranian adolescents

Collaborations for Digital Transformation: Case Studies of Industry 4.0 in Brazil

Movement Matters! Understanding the Developmental Trajectory of Embodied Planning

Inter-individual differences in sport refereeing: A review of theory and practice

A systematic review and meta-analysis of cannabis-based medicines, cannabinoids and endocannabinoid system modulators tested for antinociceptive effects in animal models of injury-related or pathological persistent pain

London Branch news

Towards An SDN Assisted IDS

When the brain, but not the person, remembers: Cortical reinstatement is modulated by retrieval goal in developmental amnesia.

What is the significance of hearing a heart murmur during the newborn physical examination?

Obstacle avoidance training in virtual environments leads to limb-specific locomotor adaptations but not to interlimb transfer in healthy young adults.

Evidence that ageing does not influence the uniformity of the muscle-tendon unit adaptation in master sprinters.

Implementation of advanced practice nursing for minor orthopedic injuries in the emergency care context – a non-inferiority study

Impact of environmental regulations on carbon emissions of transportation infrastructure: China’s evidence

The failed amnesty of the ‘years of lead’ in Italy: Continuity and transformations between (de)politicization and punitiveness

Talking about rights without talking about rights: on the absence of knowledge in classroom discussions

Changes in puffing topography and subjective effects over a 2-week period in e-cigarette naïve smokers: effects of device type and nicotine concentrations

The Impact of Supervised Manifold Learning on Structure Preserving and Classification Error: A Theoretical Study

Experimental investigation on semicircular, triangular and rectangular shaped absorber of solar still with nano-based PCM

Enhancing Transformer-based language models with Commonsense Representations for Knowledge-driven Machine Comprehension

Biological Basis to Child Health 14: The Immune System

Origins of ductile plasticity in a polycrystalline gallium arsenide during scratching: MD simulation study

The diagnosis and management of Henoch-Schönlein purpura

Does the content and source credibility of health and risk messages related to nicotine vaping products have an impact on harm perception and behavioural intentions? A systematic review

In-depth microscopic characterisation of the weld faying interface revealing stress-induced metallurgical transformations during friction stir spot welding

Mental Health Nurse Academics can help attain Goals for Mental Health Research and influence Policy

Enabling Real-Time AI Edge Video Analytics

‘Emotion is of the essence. … Number one priority’: A nested qualitative study exploring psychosocial adjustment to stroke and aphasia

Electrokinetic biocementation of an organic soil

Supporting wellbeing through peer-befriending (SUPERB) for people with aphasia: A feasibility randomised controlled trial

London Greenwich foot tunnel acoustics characterisation

Volitional step execution is an ineffective predictor of recovery performance after sudden balance loss across the age range

Novel hybrid method to additively manufacture denser graphite structures using Binder Jetting.


Introduction: Ways of Machine Seeing

Analysis and design of recycled glass bead sandwich panels in bending

Towards Consumer 4.0 Insights and Opportunities under the Marketing 4.0 Scenario

Protective effects of vitamins/antioxidants on occupational noise induced hearing loss: A systematic review

Editorial - Have your say on Mental Health Act reforms

Hypothesis on the Influence of the Magnetic Behaviour of Hydrogen Doped Zinc Oxide during Its Plasma Sputtering Process

An Efficient Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots from a Targeted Biomass Precursor for On-Off Metal Ions Nano-Sensing

A Self-Organised Knowledge Defined Networks Architecture for Reliable Routing

Positioning as Service for 5G IoT Networks

A Novel Predictive-Collaborative-Replacement (PCR) Intelligent Caching Scheme for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MECs)

‘Contextualisation as a (Feminist) Method for Transnational Legal Practice

Using circular economy principles to recycle materials in guiding the design of a wet scrubber-reactor for indoor air disinfection from coronavirus and other pathogens.

Alkali-activated concrete mixes with ground granulated blast furnace slag and paper sludge ash in seawater environments

Experimental investigation of the characteristics of the transition from spherical cap bubble to slug flow in a vertical pipe

Why do students dislike research methods modules and what to do about it?

Deep learning for the prediction of treatment response in depression

Editorial COVID-19: will you as a mental health nurse get vaccinated?

Lead limb loading during a single-step descent in persons with and without a transtibial amputation in the trailing limb


Migration as a Creative Practice: An Interdisciplinar Exploration of Migration

Critical care without walls—and into cardiac nursing

Managing headlice in children

The effect of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation and cigarette smoking initiation: An evidence-based rapid review and meta-analysis.

Potential pathway for recycling of the paper mill sludge compost for brick making

A Review of Recent Advances in Emerging Alternative Heating and Cooling Technologies

Performance prediction and evaluation on the first balanced energy networks (BEN) part I: BEN and building internal factors

Exploring the potential of heat as a service in decarbonization: Evidence needs and research gaps

Exploring the etiological pathways of Problematic Pornography Use in NoFap/PornFree rebooting communities: A critical narrative analysis of Internet forum data

Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation via tragus or cymba conchae: Are its psychophysiological effects dependent on the stimulation area?

Optimizing regional allocation of CO2 emissions considering output under overall efficiency

Response to Biologics in Ibd Patients Assessed by Computerized Image Analysis of Probe Based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy With Molecular Labeling

Deep-Learning Estimation of Perfusion Kinetic Parameters in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging

Selling themselves short: How inclusive is the UCAS application process to non-traditional students?

The Advertising Revolution: Past, Present and Future

Do alcohol product labels stating lower strength verbal description, percentage alcohol‐by‐volume, or their combination affect wine consumption? A bar laboratory adaptive randomised controlled trial

Dyslexia and syllogistic reasoning in adults: Differences in strategy usage.

Brd2/4 and Myc regulate alternative cell lineage programmes during early osteoclast differentiation in vitro

Decision‐making experiences of young adults with long‐term conditions

Differential identity components predict dimensions of problematic Facebook use

Gastrocnemius Medialis Contractile Behavior Is Preserved During 30% Body Weight Supported Gait Training

Controllable Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Approach Based on Multi-Stage Charging Current Methodology

The Generation Z Audience for In-App Advertising

How persistent are duplication of purchase partitions

Teaching Marketing Science

The Effects of Alcohol Use on Prospective Memory: A Systematic Literature Review.

Easy scalable avenue of anti-bacterial nanocomposites coating containing Ag NPs prepared by cryomilling

Potential pathway for recycling of the paper mill sludge compost for brick making

A Sexual Harm? HIV Transmission, ‘Biological’ GBH and Ancillary Sentencing Provisions in England and Wales

Trajectories of Aristocratic Wealth 1858-2018: Evidence from Probate

Gender Inclusion and the Impact on Women’s Lives in Post Disaster Build Back Better Programmes in Sri Lanka

Application of Artificial Neural Networks for web-post shear resistance of cellular steel beams

User Selection in Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Communication Systems

Biological basis of child health 13: structure and functions of the skin, and common children's skin conditions.

Recycling of waste coal dust for the energy-efficient fabrication of bricks: A laboratory to industrial-scale study

Bactericidal surfaces: An emerging 21st-century ultra-precision manufacturing and materials puzzle

Consideration of methodological issues when using photo-elicitation in qualitative research.

'Kitchener's Mob': myth and reality in raising the New Army, 1914-15

Chinese herbal medicine used with or without conventional therapy for COVID-19: an evidence review of clinical studies

How do we Assess?

Cryogenic Fuel Storage Modelling And Optimisation For Aircraft Applications

Digital disclosure: HIV status, mobile dating application design and legal responsibility

Cancer, Bereavement and Work

Measuring Infrastructure Projects’ Impact on UN SDG Global Goals: Development of an SDG Impact-Value Chain for the Infrastructure Sector based on the Triple Bottom Line

Metacontrol and joint action: how shared goals transfer from one task to another?

Mind the Gap! A transatlantic, intergenerational theatre project

Key characteristics of decision making in soccer and their implications

Acute psycho-physiological responses to perceptually regulated hypoxic and normoxic interval walks in overweight-to-obese adults

Short-Term Perceptually Regulated Interval-Walk Training in Hypoxia and Normoxia in Overweight-to-Obese Adults.

Ways to Improve Multitasking: Effects of Predictability after Single- and Dual-Task Training.

Modelling the contribution of the Big Five personality traits, health anxiety, and COVID-19 psychological distress to generalised anxiety and depressive symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Quiet Project – UK Acoustic Community’s response to COVID19 during the easing of lockdown

Identifying consistent biomechanical parameters across rising-to-walk subtasks to inform rehabilitation in practice: A systematic literature review

Flexible control of acoustic conditions in a music rehearsal space using airbeds

Advanced Clinical Practitioners in London NHS Trusts 2020 HEE

The analysis of barriers to bim implementation for industrialized building construction: a China study

Fire performance of connections between high-strength steel tubular members

Multiple breaks detection in financial interval-valued time series

Biological basis of child health 9: development of the liver and clinical features of childhood liver disease

Gabber: Raising Hell in Technoculture

Female Credit: Excavating Acknowledgement for the Capcom Sound Team

Influence of agglomeration and selection effects on the Chinese construction industry

Understanding the Communication and Collaboration Challenges Encountered by Technology Managers

The Employment Situation of Migrant Workers and Their Experience of Work Life Pressures

Daring to tilt worlds: the fiction of Irenosen Okojie.

An Analytical Approach in Calculation of the inductance of Single Phase Asynchronous Motor

Spirals, Spikes and Spinning Wheels: Temporal models challenging the sustainability agenda in relation to fast fashion consumption

Counting on informal networks: the meaning, influence and role of the ‘nutag’-network in Mongolian managers’ thinking

Exploring safety climate factors in construction

Healthcare stakeholders’ perceptions and experiences of factors affecting the implementation of critical care telemedicine (CCT): qualitative evidence synthesis

The impact of predictability on dual-task performance and implications for resource-sharing accounts.

Factors influencing nurses' engagement with CPD activities: a systematic review.

The time course of compensatory puffing with an electronic cigarette: Secondary analysis of real-world puffing data with high and low nicotine concentration under fixed and adjustable power settings

Problematic Internet Use in early adolescence: The role of attachment and negative beliefs about worry

War art and the formation of community

A thematic analysis of the prevention of future deaths reports in healthcare from HM coroners in England and Wales 2016–2019

The intoxicated co-witness: effects of alcohol and dyadic discussion on memory conformity and event recall.

Solutions of Critical Raw Materials Issues Regarding Iron-Based Alloys.

Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing Using Critical Raw Materials: A Review.

Podcast- Support for students with a disability or impairment

Variation in the timing of Covid-19 communication across universities in the UK.

Media Making Out of the Classroom – Best Practice in a Pandemic

Towards Next-Generation Sustainable Composites Made of Recycled Rubber, Cenospheres, and Biobinder.

Influence of Tool Geometry and Process Parameters on the Properties of Friction Stir Spot Welded Multiple (AA 5754 H111) Aluminium Sheets.

Prevalence and experience of fatigue in survivors of critical illness: a mixed‐methods systematic review

Healthcare stakeholders' perceptions and experiences of factors affecting the implementation of critical care telemedicine (CCT): qualitative evidence synthesis.

Developing a consensus-based scoring rubric to enhance practice-based assessment of student nurses' clinical competence: A Delphi study.

Metacognitive beliefs across eating disorders and eating behaviours: A systematic review

A systematic review of metacognitions in Internet Gaming Disorder and problematic Internet, smartphone and social networking sites use

Using intuition in social work decision making

Black Girl Resist

Development of an MFL Coil Sensor for Testing Pipes in Extreme Temperature Conditions.

Voice in context: An international comparative study of employee experience with voice in small and medium enterprises


Thermo-Economic Analysis on Integrated CO 2, Organic Rankine Cycles, and NaClO Plant Using Liquefied Natural Gas

Uneven running: How does trunk-leaning affect the lower-limb joint mechanics and energetics?

The Impact of Pitch on Tempo-Spatial Accuracy and Precision in Intercepting a Virtually Moving Ball

A Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry: Using Design Methods to Address the Challenge of Whole System Sustainability in a Unique Industrial Sector

The relationship between fear of COVID‐19 and health anxiety among families with COVID‐19 infected: The mediating role of metacognitions, intolerance of uncertainty and emotion regulation

Why we should stop using animal-derived products on patients without their consent.

Does alcohol-related desire thinking predict in-the-moment drinking behaviours?

Women in Film: The Changing Landscape


Qualitative study of perceptions of senior health service staff as to factors influencing the development of Advanced Clinical Practice roles in mental health services

Smart green charging scheme of centralized electric vehicle stations

A Sustainable Energy Distribution Configuration for Microgrids Integrated to the National Grid Using Back-to-Back Converters in a Renewable Power System

Discharged from paediatric intensive care: A mixed methods study of teenager's anxiety levels and experiences after paediatric intensive care unit discharge.

The Effectiveness of Self-Guided Virtual-Reality Exposure Therapy for Public-Speaking Anxiety

The Big Five personality traits and online gaming: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Individualism/collectivism and perceived consumer effectiveness: The moderating role of global–local identities in a post‐transitional European economy

Solar farm voltage anomaly detection using high-resolution μ PMU data-driven unsupervised machine learning

Quantifying the target market for advertisers

Creating truly radical change in autism research: A response to Frith and Mottron.

Experts use base rates in real-world sequential decisions.


Modelling the contribution of metacognitions and expectancies to problematic smartphone use

What makes young people get involved with street gangs in London? A study of the perceived risk factors

Effects of living and working in a hot environment on cognitive function in a quiet and temperature-controlled room: An oil and gas industry study

Molar biomechanical function in South African hominins

A Novel Approach to Railway Track Faults Detection Using Acoustic Analysis.

The Combined Contribution of Fear and Perceived Danger of COVID-19 and Metacognitions to Anxiety Levels during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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