Generalized pentagonal geometries

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Forbes, A. and Rutherford, C. G. (2021). Generalized pentagonal geometries. Journal of Combinatorial Designs.
AuthorsForbes, A. and Rutherford, C. G.

A pentagonal geometry PENT( π‘˜,π‘Ÿ ) is a partial linear space, where every line is incident with π‘˜ points, every point is incident with π‘Ÿ lines, and for each point π‘₯ , there is a line incident with precisely those points that are not collinear with π‘₯ . Here we generalize the concept by allowing the points not collinear with π‘₯ to form the point set of a Steiner system 𝑆(2,π‘˜,𝑀) whose blocks are lines of the geometry.

KeywordsGeology; Ocean Engineering; Water Science and Technology
JournalJournal of Combinatorial Designs
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Online31 Oct 2021
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Accepted15 Oct 2021
Deposited10 Nov 2021
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