Alkali-activated slag concrete with paper industry waste

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Mavroulidou, M. and Shah, Shamil (2021). Alkali-activated slag concrete with paper industry waste. Waste Management & Research: The Journal for a Sustainable Circular Economy. 39 (3), pp. 466-472.
AuthorsMavroulidou, M. and Shah, Shamil
AbstractPulp and paper manufacturing and recycling industries are a resource-intensive sector, generating 25–40% of the annual municipal solid waste worldwide. Waste includes abundant volumes of paper sludge, as well as the product of its incineration, namely paper sludge ash. These two waste materials are both predominantly landfilled. There is thus a drive for additional valorisation routes for these materials. This short communication focuses on the potential use of paper sludge ash in alkali-activated cement concrete; this type of concrete was estimated to potentially reduce CO2 emissions by up to 5–6 times, while it can also incorporate waste materials or industrial by-products in its composition. The paper presents a laboratory study assessing the feasibility of structural alkali-activated cement concrete with ground granulated blastfurnace slag (a by-product of steel production) and paper sludge ash. Paper sludge ash is used mainly as a source of Ca(OH)2 in the alkaline activator solution, and secondly as an additional source of aluminosilicates. A number of factors potentially affecting the activation process and the resulting concrete quality were investigated, including different dosage of activators, curing conditions and curing time. Mixes with paper sludge ash in the activator system developed high early concrete strengths at ambient temperatures and maintained adequate strengths for structural concrete. Further mix optimisation and mechanical and durability testing, accompanied by material characterisation, are required to establish the advantages of using this waste material in structural alkali-activated cement concrete.
KeywordsEnvironmental Engineering; Pollution
JournalWaste Management & Research: The Journal for a Sustainable Circular Economy
Journal citation39 (3), pp. 466-472
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