Influence of fibre aspect ratio and aggregate size on flexural performance of steel fibre reinforced concrete

Distribution and orientation of steel fibres in steel fibre reinforced concrete

Corruption, evasion and environmental policy: a game theory approach

Religion-based urbanization process in Italy: statistical evidence from demographic and economic data

Optimal Investment in Research and Development Under Uncertainty

Studies on Regional Wealth Inequalities: The Case of Italy

Regularities and discrepancies of credit default swaps: a data science approach through Benford's law

Bayesian estimation and entropy for economic dynamic stochastic models: An exploration of overconsumption

Non-exchangeable copulas and multivariate total positivity

Sustainable management of fossil fuels: A dynamic stochastic optimization approach with jump-diffusion

Risk measures on networks and expected utility

Innovation, imitation and policy inaction

Forecasting macroeconomic fundamentals in economic crises

A Universal Rank-Size Law

A theory of misperception in a stochastic dominance framework and its application to structured financial products

A game for exploring political and bureaucratic corruption

The Paradox of Breaking the Silence

Audio-haptic interfaces for digital audio workstations

Haptic Wave

A Peer-reviewed Newspaper About_ Excessive Research

BODIPY star-shaped molecules as solid state colour converters for visible light communications

Controlling the emission efficiency of blue-green iridium (iii) phosphorescent emitters and applications in solution-processed organic light-emitting diodes

Efficient eco-friendly inverted quantum dot sensitized solar cells

Ways of Machine Seeing

Excessive Research - Editorial

Automatic classification of small bowel mucosa alterations in celiac disease for confocal laser endomicroscopy

Automatic classification of endoscopic images for premalignant conditions of the esophagus

Superpixel-based automatic segmentation of villi in confocal endomicroscopy

Writing the Live Coding Book

Equilibrium shapes with stress localisation for inextensible elastic möbius and other strips

Strategies for Foreign Construction-Related Consultancy Firms to Improve Performance in China

Skeletal Immaturity, Rostral Sparing, and Disparate Hip Morphologies as Biomechanical Causes for Legg-Calve-Perthes’ Disease

Towards introducing basic acoustic education in the performance music curriculum

On the relationship between tooth shape and masticatory efficiency: a finite element study

Food mechanical properties and dietary ecology

What did Hadropithecus eat, and why should paleoanthropologists care?

Mechanical evidence that Australopithecus sediba was limited in its ability to eat hard foods

Cause Lawyering and Resistance in Israel

Demonstration of the donor characteristics of Si and O defects in GaN using hybrid QM/MM

Defects and Oxide Ion Migration in the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode Material LaFeO3

Nonstoichiometry and Weyl fermionic behavior in TaAs

Engineering Valence Band Dispersion for High Mobility p-Type Semiconductors

Band gap reduction in InNxSb1-x alloys: Optical absorption, k · P modeling, and density functional theory

Vibronic Structure in Room Temperature Photoluminescence of the Halide Perovskite Cs3Bi2Br9

Efficient and accurate approach to modeling the microstructure and defect properties of LaCoO3

The effects of acupuncture on polycystic ovary syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Adaptable buildings for sustainable built environment


Police officers' use of evidence to elicit admissions in a fictitious criminal case

How to make perpetrators in denial disclose more information about their crimes

Conventional, wind and solar energy resources in Oman

Analysis of solitary wave impulses in granular chains using ultrasonic excitation

Performance of Switched Mode Arbitrary Excitation using Harmonic Reduction Pulse Width Modulation (HRPWM) in Array Imaging Applications

The dynamic excitation of a granular chain for biomedical ultrasound applications: contact mechanics finite element analysis and validation

Characterisation of Liposome-Loaded Microbubble Populations for Subharmonic Imaging

Velocity estimation error reduction in stenosis areas using a correlation correction method

Clutter noise reduction in B-Mode image through mapping and clustering signal energy for better cyst classification

Plane wave imaging challenge

Enhancement of contrast and resolution of B-mode plane wave imaging (PWI) with non-linear filtered delay multiply and sum (FDMAS) beamforming

Improved shear wave-front reconstruction method by aligning imaging beam angles with shear-wave polarization: Applied for shear compounding application

Simultaneous trapping and imaging of microbubbles at clinically relevant flow rates

Coupling of wideband impulses generated by granular chains into liquids for biomedical applications

Spatial Resolution and Contrast Enhancement in Photoacoustic Imaging with Filter Delay Multiply and Sum Beamforming Technique

Specimen-agnostic guided wave inspection using recursive feedback

The Effect of Boundary Conditions on Resonant Ultrasonic Spherical Chains

An adaptive array excitation scheme for the unidirectional enhancement of guided waves

Quantum information processes in protein microtubules of brain neurons

Examining professionals' perspectives on sexuality for service users of a forensic psychiatry unit



The z notation: Whence the cause and whither the course?

Experimental Study on the Effect of Polyacrylate Polymer (C16-C22) on Wax Deposition

Fall prevention intervention technologies: A conceptual framework and survey of the state of the art.

Finding Public Service Media in a Global Mediascape

'Falling Between': Opportunities and Challenges for Intermediality [Editorial Introduction]

Modelling and measuring the irrational behaviour of agents in financial markets: Discovering the psychological soliton

The impact of climate on the abundance of Musca sorbens, the vector of trachoma

Stroke among African-Caribbean women: lay beliefs of risks and causes.

Time-based prospective memory in adults with developmental dyslexia.

A review of high temperature cooling systems in tropical buildings

Telecare call centre work and ageing in place

"Zip me up, and cool me down": Molar narratives and molecular intensities in 'helicopter' mental health services.

The association between metacognitions and the impact of Fibromyalgia in a German sample.

The role of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in sexual and reproductive health

Intelligence and Extraversion in the neural evaluation of delayed rewards

Photothermal Radiometry for Skin Research

REAL (reliable, empathic, anticipatory and logical) services to assist students on the autism spectrum via universal design for learning

The Role of Metacognition in Self-Critical Rumination: An Investigation in Individuals Presenting with Low Self-Esteem

The Contribution of Metacognitions and Attentional Control to Decisional Procrastination

Report on BSN100 standards Oxygen System Safety update for BSi ACE001 committee

Acupuncture for treating polycystic ovary syndrome: guidance for future randomized controlled trials

Evaluating and Quantifying User and Carer Involvement in Mental Health Care Planning (EQUIP): Co-Development of a New Patient-Reported Outcome Measure

Partner Selection for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

Clinical Collaborations & CILEx Collaboration at LSBU: Where next in response to the SRA's t4t Proposals

Modified Brownian Motion Approach to Modelling Returns Distribution

Exploring the Production of Urban Space: Differential Space in Three Post-Industrial Cities

Locomotor stability and adaptation during perturbed walking across the adult female lifespan.

Loading paths for an elastic rod in contact with a flat inclined surface

Screening for co-occurring conditions in adults with autism spectrum disorder using the strengths and difficulties questionnaire: A pilot study

The Importance of Evidence for the Integration of Traditional and Complementary Medicine into Western Healthcare?

A three-fold framework for understanding HRM practices in South-Eastern European SMEs

Proximity rapid thermal diffusion for emitter formation in silicon solar cells

What drives quality improvement in chronic kidney disease (CKD) in primary care: process evaluation of the Quality Improvement in Chronic Kidney Disease (QICKD) trial.

The Stanmore Nursing Assessment of Psychological Status: Understanding the emotions of patients with spinal cord injury.

Harmonising data collection from osteoarthritis studies to enable stratification: Recommendations on core data collection from an Arthritis Research UK clinical studies group

Implicit and explicit drinker identities interactively predict in-the-moment alcohol placebo consumption

Life cycle assessment of salmon cold chains: comparison between chilling and superchilling technologies

Chaos of memories- Surviving archives and the ruins of history according to the found photo foundation

Bus-spotting + a story

Optical waveform monitoring based on a free-running mode-locked femtosecond fibre laser and four-wave mixing in a highly nonlinear fibre

Construction in India: empowering the citizenry through improved performance

Introducing “Evidence for clinical practice” [Editorial]

Self-reports of increased prospective and retrospective memory problems in adults with developmental dyslexia

Pediatric integrative medicine needs research evidence to guide decision-making

End-to-end quality aware optimization for multimedia clouds

Sunglass Filter Transmission and Its Operational Effect in Solar Protection for Civilian Pilots.

Modified international e-Delphi survey to define healthcare professional competencies for working with teenagers and young adults with cancer.

Change, Media and Moral Panic in Contemporary Youth Justice

Is there an increased risk of falls and fractures in people with early diagnosed hip and knee osteoarthritis? Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Understanding wave generation in pneumatic tsunami simulators

Educating a health service workforce about dementia: a qualitative study

V2I Applications in Highways: How RSU Dimensioning Can Improve Service Delivery

The utilisation of virtual images in patient information giving sessions for prostate cancer patients prior to radiotherapy

Legal professionals and witness statements from people with a suspected mental health diagnosis.

Enhancing care transfers from hospital to home for older people with complex needs

The Place where We were Last Together: Encountering the Border from Within

Alcohol Gel Ingestion Among Homeless Eastern and Central Europeans in London: Assessing the Effects on Cognitive Functioning and Psychological Health

Self-titration by experienced e-cigarette users: blood nicotine delivery and subjective effects

Construction in Developing Countries: Current imperatives and potential

Executive functions in adults with developmental dyslexia

Which patients are assessed by lung cancer nurse specialists? A national lung cancer audit study of over 128,000 patients across england

Troubled, Troubling or in Trouble: The Stories of ‘Troubled Families’

Sit-to-walk and sit-to-stand-and-walk task dynamics are maintained during rising at an elevated seat-height independent of lead-limb in healthy individuals

Finite size effects in the averaged eigenvalue density of Wigner random-sign real symmetric matrices

Exploring the knowledge ‘base’ of practitioners in the delivery of sustainable regeneration projects

Effectiveness of commercial versus homemade sports drinks on fluid balance and exercise capacity during high-intensity intermittent exercise

The Memory Illusion Remembering, Forgetting, and the Science of False Memory

The effect of alcohol dependence on automatic visuo-spatial perspective taking

Participation in advanced age: enacting values, an adaptive process

Rethinking political violence, memory and law. Introduction

A test of the Social Identity Model of Cessation Maintenance: The content and role of social control

Non-Conforming Behavior Detection for VoIP-Based Network Systems

Aspiring to Inspire: Student Engagement and Advocacy Teaching

Are parents identifying positive aspects to parenting their child with an intellectual disability or are they just coping? A qualitative exploration

Parents’ experiences of managing their child’s postoperative pain at home: an exploratory qualitative study

Assistive technologies for the older people: Physical activity monitoring and fall detection

Experimental Study of Wax Deposition in Pipeline – Effect of Inhibitor and Spiral Flow

Modeling the contribution of personality, social identity and social norms to problematic Facebook use in adolescents.

Mixed methods evaluation of a primary eye care training programme for primary health workers in Morogoro Tanzania

The effect of exercise on depressive symptoms in adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Early Global Trotters and their Entrepreneurial Employment Practices. A Case Study of the Colonial Hong Kong Government, 1845–1850.

‘A serious place’: Wyndham Lewis, Tarr, and the Café

Experimental Study of Wax Deposition in Pipeline – Effect of Inhibitor and Spiral Flow

Investigation of acoustic performance of compressed wool carpets

Curating Digital Life and Culture: Art and information.

Autism spectrum disorder traits among prisoners

Bromelain and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Diabetes: An Exploratory Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Double Blind Clinical Trial

The impact of internationalization on innovation at countries' level: The role of absorptive capacity

Transitional Justice and Its Discontents: Socioeconomic Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Limits of International Intervention

General Practitioners’ use of and attitudes to acupuncture in relation to the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) clinical guidelines—A pilot study

Experimental modification of perspective on thoughts and metacognitive beliefs in alcohol use disorder.

How universities are teaching bim: A review and case study from the UK

Techno-economic analysis for the deployment of PPDR services over 4G/4G+ Networks

Exploring the Alcohol-Behaviour Link: Myopic self-enhancement in the absence of alcohol consumption as a function of past alcohol use

Entrepreneurship and innovation sustainable built environment: a research agenda

The Black Swan – Knowing the Unknown in Projects

Remedies for Managing Bottlenecks and Time Thieves in Norwegian Construction Projects – Public vs Private Sector

Experimental Study of Wax Deposition in Pipeline – Effect of Inhibitor and Spiral Flow

Do not say a word! Conceptualizing employee silence in a long-term crisis context

Development of a Wall Climbing Robotic Ground Penetrating Radar System for Inspection of Vertical Concrete Structures

EMD performance comparison: single vs double floating points

The effectiveness of the Penn Resiliency Programme (PRP) and its adapted versions in reducing depression and anxiety and improving explanatory style: A systematic review and meta-analysis

On the Phase Coupling of Two Components Mixing in Empirical Mode Decomposition

Examining the relationship between selective attentional bias for food- and body-related stimuli and purging behaviour in bulimia nervosa

National survey of nurse prescribing in mental health services; a follow-up 6 years on

Behavioural activation therapy for depression after stroke (BEADS): a study protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled pilot trial of a psychological intervention for post-stroke depression

Evidence is in the Eye of the Beholder: The case of the 2016 draft NICE Guidelines for Low Back Pain [editorial]

The Unintentional Procrastination Scale

Factors Associated with Ivermectin Non-Compliance and Its Potential Role in Sustaining Onchocerca volvulus Transmission in the West Region of Cameroon

The Experimental Manipulation of Desire Thinking in Alcohol use Disorder.

Sit-to-stand-and-walk from 120% knee height: A novel approach to assess dynamic postural control independent of lead-limb

Do Baseline Executive Functions Mediate Prospective Memory Performance under a Moderate Dose of Alcohol?

Inter-enterprise architecture as a tool to empower decision-making in hierarchical collaborative production planning

Desire thinking as a predictor of craving and binge drinking: A longitudinal study.

Rewarding employees in turbulent economies for improved organisational performance: Exploring SMEs in the South-Eastern European region

Karen by Blast Theory: Leaking Privacy

Just what the doctrine ordered?

Clinical legal education and the delivery of legal services to people on low incomes: preparing for the future

Effects of testing techniques on the SWRC of a partially saturated soil

Will a Smart City Have A High Street?

E-cigarette puffing patterns associated with high and low nicotine e-liquid strength: effects on toxicant and carcinogen exposure (study protocol)

Adolescent awareness and use of electronic cigarettes: A review of emerging trends and findings

Aging and the effects of a half marathon on Achilles tendon force-elongation relationship.

Personality, motives and metacognitions as predictors of problematic Facebook Use in university students

Performing Inequality: Feminist performative acts as protest gestures

Brexit; What now for Study Mobility between the EU and the UK?

Common mistakes when using plant names and how to avoid them

Exploitative Learning and Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition of a Family Business in Hong Kong during and after the Second World War

Fire suppression systems in aircraft: Their past, present & future

Exploring the Relationship between Sexual Compulsivity and Attentional Bias to Sex-Related Words in a Cohort of Sexually Active Individuals.

The development of a model for the prediction of polymer spontaneous ignition temperatures in high pressure enriched oxygen across a range of pressures and concentrations

What works to encourage student nurses to adopt healthier lifestyles? Findings from an intervention study.

Mental time travel ability and the Mental Reinstatement of Context for crime witnesses.

Developing a user informed training package for mentoring people on the autism spectrum

Radi(c)al Departures: Comparing Conventional Octolinear Versus Concentric Circles Schematic Maps for the Berlin U-Bahn/S-Bahn Networks Using Objective and Subjective Measures of Effectiveness

Meta-cognitive beliefs about worry and pain catastrophising as mediators between neuroticism and pain behaviour

Component-based modelling for scalable smart city systems interoperability: A case study on integrating energy demand response systems

Bearing signal separation of commercial helicopter main gearbox

Response of small sea ice floes in regular waves: A comparison of numerical and experimental results

Impact of alcohol promoting and alcohol warning advertisements on alcohol consumption, affect, and implicit cognition in heavy drinking young adults: a laboratory-based randomized controlled trial

Integrating acupuncture: are there positive health outcomes for women?

Dyads experience over confidence in hand-eye coordination skills after placebo alcohol

EMYNOS: Next Generation Emergency Communication

Challenges for the development of EFFICIENT - An Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression System for Cargo using Innovative Green Technology

Realising Dignity in Care Home Practice: An Action Research Project

Integrating IoT and Fog Computing for Healthcare Service Delivery

The Experience of Older People in the Shared Decision-Making Process in Advanced Kidney Care

Personality Traits and Metacognitions as Predictors of Positive Mental Health in College Students

Language brokering, mediated manipulations, and the role of the interpreter/translator

Wireless Information-Theoretic Security: Theoretical analysis & experimental measurements with multiple eavesdroppers in an outdoor obstacle-dense MANET

The condom imperative in anal sex – one size may not fit all: A qualitative descriptive study of men who have sex with men (MSM).

Distinguishing Between Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Protein Energy Wasting in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients on Dialysis

Attentional distraction by negative sports words in athletes under low- and high-pressure conditions: Evidence from the sport emotional stroop task

Reading the morphology of Ben Rivers’s chemical landscapes

Social anxiety in adult males with autism spectrum disorders

Mining routinely collected acute data to reveal non-linear relationships between nurse staffing levels and outcomes

Desire thinking: A new target for treatment of addictive behaviors?

Intensive care discharge summaries for general practice staff: a focus group study

A systematic literature review comparing the psychological care needs of patients with mesothelioma and advanced lung cancer

Viability of using Corncob Ash as a Pozzolan in Concrete

The Importance of Romantic Love to People with Learning Disabilities

Understanding Chinese entrepreneurship from a historical perspective: What can we Learn from our Entrepreneurship heritage and How? [Editorial]

Design for safety: theoretical framework of the safety aspect of BIM system to determine the safety index

The impact of advertising patient and public involvement on trial recruitment: embedded cluster randomised recruitment trial

Performing Everyday Maternal Practice: Activist Structures in Creative Work [Editorial]

Performing everyday maternal practice: Activist structures in creative work

A Metacognitive model of procrastination.

Distinguishing between nociceptive and neuropathic components in chronic low back pain using behavioural evaluation and sensory examination

Experimental Study on the Effect of Spiral Flow on Wax Deposition Volume

Understanding the ECG Part 2: ECG basics

Promoting care giving interventions through the Dance of Caring Persons (after Pross et al,)

The effect of amidation on the behaviour of antimicrobial peptides

Persistent rigid-body motions and Study's "Ribaucour" problem

On the use of the Klein quadric for geometric incidence problems in two dimensions

Controlling nanowire nucleation and growth with a negative substrate bias

Using observational research to obtain a picture of nursing practice

What Do Women Want? Housewives' Associations, Activism and Changing Representations of Women in the 1950s

From let it be to it must be love: the development of a choir for patients and staff at a high secure hospital

The influence of ice structure on thermo-elastic waves in saline ice

The tensile strength of saline and freshwater ice in field tests

A Literature Review Outlining the Importance of Blinds and Shutters as a Sustainable Asset that has the Potential to enhance the Productivity of Occupants in the UK

Expert nurses' perceptions of the relevance of Carper's patterns of knowing to junior nurses.

Deployment of laser cutting head with wall climbing robot for nuclear decommissioning

Recrystallisation and damage of ice in winter sports

The influence of closed brine pockets and permeable brine channels on the thermo-elastic properties of saline ice

High Temperature Superconductivity in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems

Using Typography to Expand the Design Space of Data Visualization

Retrospective and prospective remembering in adults with developmental dyslexia.

Executive functions in adults with developmental dyslexia.

Capacitive Imaging For Skin Characterization and Solvent Penetration

Experimental Realization of a Single-Phase Five Level Inverter for PV Applications

Exploration of Zika virus travel-related transmission and a review of travel advice to minimise health risk to UK travellers

How are service users instructed to measure home furniture for provision of minor assistive devices?

Airplanes are like really big candy bars

Testimonies of Trauma: Surviving Auschwitz-Birkenau

Unlocking Thesis Data through persistent identifiers: what next?

The friction of saline ice on aluminium

Use of DIC and AE for Monitoring Effective Strain and Debonding in FRP and FRCM-Retrofitted RC Beams

Hair Water Content and Water Holding Capacity Measurements

Do High Street Fashion Brands All Share the Same Types of Customers?

Borders with/in the mother

The expert patient

Modelling and simulation of fault detection in Shielded Twisted Pair cables

A cyclosporine derivative is a substrate of the oligopeptide transporter PepT1

Clinical recommendations for pain, sedation, withdrawal and delirium assessment in critically ill infants and children: an ESPNIC position statement for healthcare professionals

Pain as the neglected patient safety concern: Five years on.

Ultrafine Nanolatexes Made via Monomer-Starved Semicontinuous Emulsion Polymerization in the Presence of Water-Soluble Chain Transfer Agents

Group Analysis in Practice: Narrative Approaches

An empirical study of industrial consumer buying behaviour: how airlines buy airplanes

A Lifespan Perspective on Embodied Cognition

How is rising obesity tackled in China and Europe?

Huygens Principle based UWB Microwave Imaging Method for Skin Cancer Detection

Healthy universities: an example of a whole-system health-promoting setting

Capacitive Contact Imaging For Skin Characterization

Skin Image Retrieval Using Gabor Wavelet Texture Feature

Towards a Framework for IT Offshore Outsourcing in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Reducing quality control errors by guiding behavior

Status Effects on Reactions to Communication Norm Violations

The Challenges of Digitalization in Higher Education Teaching

German Women and the Home Front in the Second World War

Induction Motor Parameter Estimation Using Sparse Grid Optimization Algorithm

On Distributed Deep Network for Processing Large-Scale Sets of Complex Data

A comparative study of the effectiveness of vibration and acoustic emission in diagnosing a defective bearing in a planetary gearbox

A study of the water retention curve of lime-treated London Clay

Font attributes enrich knowledge maps and information retrieval: Skim formatting, proportional encoding, text stem and leaf plots, and multi-attribute labels

Applying green IT with a strategic focus on business sustainability: a study of businesses in St Lucia

Individual differences in athletes' perception of expressive body movements

My Human Campaign: Cohedia Summer Fair

Helicopter Main Gearbox Bearing Defect Identification with Acoustic Emission Techniques

Identifiers for PhD theses and research students: How can we make it happen?

Calixarene Assisted Rapid Synthesis of Silver-Graphene Nanocomposites with Enhanced Antibacterial Activity

Warm needle acupuncture for osteoarthritis: A systematic review protocol

Warm Needle Acupuncture vs. Needle Acupuncture for Osteoarthritis of the Knee: A Pilot Study Protocol

The Challenges for Smart Cities in the UK

Disorders of Sex Development - Ambiguous Genitalia

Microporosity and delamination mechanisms in thermally sprayed borosilicate glass coatings

Busy yet passive: (non-)decision making in school governing bodies

Working in partnership with patients and carers

‘Cultivating our humanity’ in child and family social work in England

First year nursing students’ experiences of social media during the transition to university: a focus group study

Process control for thermal-spray deposition of thermoset coatings using computer simulation

Re-mapping women's testimonies into networked subjectivities: The Quipu Project


Villains, fools or unsung heroes? A study of the contradictory narratives of social work identities in contemporary England

Being Responsive: Promoting LGBTI Health and Well-being.

Westminster, Governance and the Politics of Policy Inaction: Do Nothing

A comparative study focusing on the clinical decision making processes of nurse practitioners versus medical doctors using scenarios within a secondary care environment

A case study of the nurse practitioner consultation in primary care: communication processes and social interactions

Economic analysis of wider benefits to facilitate SuDS uptake in London, UK

An investigation of refrigerant leakage in commercial refrigeration

Image interpretation performance: A longitudinal study from novice to professional

Exhausted without trust and inherent worth: A model of the suicide process based on experiential accounts

Non-attendance at psychological therapy appointments

Feasibility study on using thioether as an emergency backup lubrication system on a large helicopter main gearbox

QL-282 - Emerging Medical Sensory Technology

Imperialism: novel forms, old problems

A review of the evidence linking Zika virus to the developmental abnormalities that lead to microcephaly in view of recent cases of birth defects in Africa

A Sentimental Analysis Tool for Determining the Promotional Success of Fashion Images on Instagram



Personal identification based on skin texture features from the forearm and multi-modal imaging


Bangladeshi female students in higher education: 'Agentic autonomy' at the race/gender trajectory

Legislative control of quinoa in the United Kingdom and European Union

Integrating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and conventional diagnoses.

The relationship between high street footfall, attraction and conversion

Talking with experts - from research to objects: using academic research as the basis of collaborative and cross disciplinary projects for design students

Skills recognition in higher education

Examining intellectual prowess, not social difference: Removing barriers from the doctoral viva for autistic candidates


Traffic Light: An Alternative Approach to Abnormality Signalling

Lovely Bones: Ambient Music and the Uncanny in Leitmotiv and Underscore

Clinic Post SRA t4t: Threats & Opportunities

Digital Pedagogy and the Student Voice

Multiprotocol interoperation communication device and method (Patent Application CN 105704125 A)


Hut-Like Pillar Si Solar Cells

Living in a Terminal

Preliminary Clinical Evaluation: The What, Where, How Approach to Scoring

Large scale cooling using mains water

The Challenges and Benefits of Developing a Sustainable and Circular Business Model for the Blinds and Shutter Industry in the UK

The Strategic Use of Instagram in the Fashion Industry

Thermal expansion measurements in fresh and saline ice using fiber optic strain gauges and multi-point temperature sensors based on Bragg gratings

A Fully Encrypted Microprocessor: The Secret Computer is Nearly Here

Canonical Variate Analysis for Performance Degradation under Faulty Conditions

Image Interpretation Performance of Diagnostic Radiographers in Singapore

Some Mobile Overconstrained Parallel Mechanisms

Set Visualization

Evaluation of Ultra Low Concentration Surfactant System for Chemical Flooding

Energy saving claims for lighting controls in commercial buildings

Mutlivariate Labeled Cartograms

Evaluation of Visualization by Critiques

Using cognitive behaviour therapy to explore resilience in the life-stories of 16 UK centenarians.

Review – Globalization and Capitalist Geopolitics

RadBench: Benchmarking image interpretation skills

A continuous-flow apprach to alkene epoxidation catalysed by Polystyrene 2-(Aminomethyl)Pyridine supported Mo(VI) complex

An investigation into how small companies in London and the South East UK engage in IT offshore outsourcing and the impact of culture on this phenomenon

How To Photograph Onion Skins

Improving the physical health of people with mental health problems: Actions for mental health nurses

Greener and Sustainable Alkene Epoxidation Process

Electrocaloric effect in lead-free Aurivillius relaxor ferroelectric ceramics

Cognitive-behavior therapy for problem gambling: a critique of current treatments and proposed new unified approach.

David Bomberg and the Borough: A Different Class

Reliability and Validity of the Work and Social Adjustment Scale in Treatment-Seeking Problem Gamblers.

Using community development to build critical health literacy

University Based Drop-In Legal Advice Services in the UK; Widening Access to Justice and Tackling Poverty

Improving time–frequency domain sleep EEG classification via singular spectrum analysis

Low Speed Bearing Condition Monitoring – A Case Study

Is a visual worth more than a thousand words? An investigation into brand engagement and social shopping on visual social media

Book review of 'Privatisation, Education and Social Justice', edited by Geoffrey Walford

Supporting student mental health nurses in clinical placement through virtual in-practice support (VIPS): Innovation uptake and the 'VIPS' project.

Causes of ATtrition in CHIldren’s NursinG (CATCHING) study

Miniaturization of Dipole Antenna for Low Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar

EU Temporary Protection Directive: What lessons have been learned?

Aerobic oxidations in flow: opportunities for the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries

Brexit: An uncertain journey

The New England 4G framework for the treatment of a common health concerns: a gambling case analysis.

Sport and Exercise Psychology Research: From Theory to Practice

Beyond reasonable adjustment: autistic-friendly spaces and Universal Design

Helicopter Main Gearbox Bearing Defect Identification using Vibration and Acoustic Emission Techniques

The control and maintenance of desired flow patterns in bends of different orientations

Good to Go: Enhancing care transfers from hospital to home for older people with complex needs.

Low pH enhances the action of maximin H5 against Staphylococcus aureus and helps mediate lysylated phosphatidylglycerol induced resistance

Eye-tracking reveals the cost of switching between self and other perspectives in a visual perspective-taking task.

Insects as food and feed: European perspectives on recent research and future priorities

Flexible microfluidic fabrication of oil-encapsulated alginate microfibers

Addressing loneliness and isolation in retirement housing

Preconditioning 2D integer data for fast convex hull computations

Gender and Race Matter: Global Perspectives on Being a Woman

Age-related differences in drop jump performance are eliminated when triceps surae mechanical properties are matched

Life and Times in Nazi Germany

Modelling and Evaluation of Supermarket Energy Use and Emissions

Experimentation on Air Leakage Characteristics and Key Paremeters Analysis of Refrigerated Transport Unit

Supermarket energy use and greenhouse gas emissions – technology options review

Dynamics of repeated interviews with children

Institutional forgetting/forgetting institutions: Space and memory in secure forensic psychiatric care

Magnetic Attraction

Dispersion of VOC vapours in the surface treatment workspace: influence of variability in diffusivity, mass transfer and air velocity.

Use of a Lucas-Kanade-Based Template Tracking Algorithm to Examine In Vivo Tendon Excursion during Voluntary Contraction Using Ultrasonography.

Parenting cultures: change and transmission between generations of African-Caribbean and white British mixed families in London

Carbon reduction opportunities for supermarkets

A novel single-phase thirteen level inverter for photovoltaic application

How Effective Is a Video Review System in Soccer?

Adaptive robust video broadcast via satellite

Harmonic analysis of elliptical hollow section tubes in blending.

Iterated Local Search Algorithm for Clustering Wireless Sensor Networks.

A heuristic crossover enhanced evolutionary algorithm for clustering wireless sensor network

Postbuckling strength of slender elliptical hollow sections in compression

Numerical fitting-based likelihood calculation to speed up the particle filter

Body-scaled information for affordances in a virtual environment

Emotions et prise de décision en éducation physique


Structured nursing educational programs improve quality of life outcomes in patients with Cushing's syndrome.

A practical encrypted microprocessor

Perspectives on current child health issues

Local buckling and ultimate strength of slender elliptical hollow sections in compression

From education to research: A journey of utilising virtual training

Elevated temperature material properties of stainless steel reinforcing bar

Visual and proprioceptive contributions to postural control of upright stance in unilateral vestibulopathy.

The relationship between malnutrition risk and clinical outcomes in a cohort of frail older hospital patients

Malaysian experience with public-private partnership (PPP): Managing unsolicited proposal

Numerical analysis and design of concrete-filled elliptical section columns and beam-columns

Design and Optimization of Permanent Magnet Based Adhesion Module for Robots Climbing on Reinforced Concrete Surfaces

Carbon reduction opportunities for supermarkets

Crime Victims’ Demographics Inconsistently Relate to Self-Reported Vulnerability

Mathematical Anxiety as an Inhibitor of Skills Development in Accounting Students

Exploring the Curriculum gap: An analysis of Management Accounting topics and skills

The Prevalence of Mathematical Anxiety in a Business School: A Comparative Study Across Subject Areas

Women in the cold chain industry

A Resilience Framework for Critical Infrastructure

Remembering 7/7: the collective shaping of memories of the London bombings

Matching participants for triceps surae mechanical properties eliminates age-related differences in drop jump performance

Postbuckling behaviour of beams with discrete nonlinear restraints

Authenticity and Liveness in Digital DJ Performance

Vulnerability Assessment for Climate-Induced Disasters in Malaysia.

GE Jet Engine Bracket Challenge: A Case Study in Sustainable Design

Computational Methodology for Optimal Design of Additive Layer Manufactured Turbine Bracket

London Exceptionalism and the Challenge of Brexit

Application of short air curtains in retail display refrigerators

Market(ing) the small. How does marketing work for UK SMEs?

Nosey Parkers? Professional curiosity in nursing and social work

Approaching the War/Game Nexus [Editorial]

Eco-Apocalypse: Environmentalism, Political Alienation, and Therapeutic Agency

Ecological building design: a proof of concept and identifying the factors which deter the use of Iranian vernacular principles in modern architecture

What do ‘skills’ mean for school governing bodies? [blog post]

‘Conflicted Justifiers’ – Are these the new Luxury Consumers?

Investigation of an integrated low carbon solar assisted heat pump


Understanding the terminologies: Disaster, crisis and emergency

Challenges during disaster response planning resulting from war operations and terrorism in Iraq

Solar assisted heat pumps

Enhancing sustainable design - the use of national and international standards in design education.

Assessment of professional competence in engineering, product design – and higher education–speculative directions for developing practice

Lessons for the UK Green Deal from the US BBNP

Alternative Heat Transfer Fluid in Heating Systems-Energy Results from a Real Case Study

Education for sustainability - challenges and opportunities: the case of RCEs (regional centres of expertise in education for sustainable development)

Ignition of flammable atmospheres by mechanical stimuli

Fostering an alumni “Give-Back” culture to help develop student self-esteem

A comparison of the hearing acuity of classical musicians

UK Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings (CEREB)- Lessons Learned After 5 Years of Running

Measuring absorption below 100Hz with a particle velocity-pressure sensor

The suitability of additive manufacturing materials in a 1:10 scale reverberation chamber

Theorising media/state relations and power

Suitability of Corncob Ash as a supplementary Cementitious Material

RELATIONAL ARCHITECTURE: Dense Voids and Violent Laughters

International briefing 34: training and development in Spain

PH dependent antimicrobial peptides and proteins, their mechanisms of action and potential as therapeutic agents

Ethanol-based proliposome delivery systems of paclitaxel for in vitro application against brain cancer cells

Optimisation of biodiesel production from waste cooking oil under supercritical conditions

Los recursos del poder de los Sindicatos en España: su examen a traves de la negociación colectiva

The Value of hybrid heat pumps

Evaluation of Supermarket Energy Use and Emissions with Various Technology Options

Clinical Legal Education: Quality & Supervision

Effect of glass compositional variables on the structure and properties of phosphate glass/polyamide 11 hybrids

The service user and carer perspective

Greener and sustainable approach for the synthesis of commercially important epoxide building blocks using polymer-supported Mo(VI) complexes as catalysts

Structural integrity management and improved joint flexibility equations for uni-planar k-type tubular joints of fixed offshore structures

Strength, durability and leaching properties of concrete paving blocks incorporating GGBS and SF

Integrated Modelling System with Uncertainty Analysis for Reservoir Water Quality Management in a Reclamation River Basin

Handy guide to the Care Certificate

Experimental study and flow visualization of Fe2O3/kerosene in glass oscillating heat pipes

An investigation of Cooling Unit Performance on the London Underground Railway Network

An experimental and CFD study into the dispersion of buoyant gas using passive venting in a small fuel cell enclosure

Personal experiences of autism and secure units

Commentary on 'Autism, mental health and offending behaviour: a mother's quest for healthcare'

Helicopter gearbox bearing fault detection using separation techniques and envelope analysis

Wireless Acoustic Emission Transmission System Designed for Fault Detection of Rotating Machine

Museums, Scholarly Enterprise and Global Assemblages: A Response to ‘Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display’

Computer Graphics, Imaging & Visualization — New Techniques and Trends

Performance evaluation of low exergy systems depicting decentralized dedicated outdoor air system coupled with radiant cooling in the tropics

Briefing and design for sustainability

Typographic sets: Labeled set elements with font attributes

Safeguarding Safety Critical Infrastructure with Mobile Robot Inspectors , Opportunities and Challenges

Understanding the ECG. Part 5: Pre-excitation.

Induction Motor Stator Fault Detection by a Condition Monitoring Scheme Based on Parameter Estimation Algorithms

Understanding the ECG. Part 9: Myocardial ischaemia and infarction (part B)

36 Views of Orbit

Rotating machine prognostics using system-level models

Understanding the ECG. Part 10: Pacing, drugs and electrolytes

Catalysis in multifunctional reactors

Demolition: The Afterdrawing of Architecture

The European Union Temporary Protection Directive: an example of solidarity in law but not in practice. A Review of Temporary Protection in the European Union 1990-2015.

Black women subjects in auto/ biographical discourse

Understanding the ECG. Part 4: Conduction blocks

Understanding the ECG. Part 3: Arrhythmias

Understanding the ECG. Part 6: QRS axis

An Overview Algorithm to Minimise Side Lobes for 2D Circular Phased Array

Understanding the ECG. Part 7: Chamber enlargement

Understanding the ECG. Part 8: myocardial ischaemia and infarction (part A)

Mental Capacity and Traumatic Brain Injury

Staying Curious: Professional Curiosity and Traumatic Brain Injury

Nosey Parkers? Professional Curiosity in Nursing and Social Work

Using empirical mode decomposition scheme for helicopter main gearbox bearing defect identification

A Bayesian Approach to Learn Bayesian Networks Using Data and Constraints

On the elasto-plastic stability analysis of circular cylindrical shells

Modelling post-tensioned precast concrete segmental girder bridges with dry keyed joints – preliminary results

Numerical analysis of shear-off failure of keyed epoxied joints in precast concrete segmental bridges

Post-scriptum: 'But that is not enough'

Creating our Future Built Environment - comfort energy and heat storage

Making Better Use of Big Data

Sustainable Procurement Strategies for Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study

A Critical Contribution to the “Security-Religion” Nexus: Going Beyond the Analytical

Facing the music: Helping classical musicians comply with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations

Simulation of the heat recovery use of R744 systems in a supermarket

The role of local joint flexibility (LJF) in the structural assessments of ageing offshore structures

Hybrid additive manufacturing of 3D electronic systems


Sit-to-Stand and Stand-to-Sit Control Mechanisms of Two-Wheeled Wheelchair.

Fuzzy PID control of lower limb exoskeleton for elderly mobility

Simulation and control of multipurpose wheelchair for disabled/elderly mobility

Fuzzy sliding control with non-linear observer for magnetic levitation systems

Invasive weed optimization algorithm optimized fuzzy logic scaling parameters in controlling a lower limb exoskeleton

Tracking human upper-limb movements with sliding mode control type-II fuzzy logic

PD-fuzzy control of lower limb exoskeleton for elderly mobility

Advances in Cooperative Robotics

Chaotic spiral dynamics optimization algorithm

Authorship, Collaboration, Computation? Into the Realm of Similar Images

Bacterial resistance to host defence peptides

Architecture and Trauma

Game Theory in Neuroeconomics

Stiffness control of bionic joint for a musculoskeletal leg mechanism

Electro Music with Alaryngeal Voices: a pilot study

Automated Peripheral Sensory Neuropathy Assessment of Diabetic Patients Using Optical Imaging and Binary Processing Techniques

Analysing Shariah-Compliant Microfinance: A Case Study Of Uganda

Mental Vitality: Assessing the Impact of a Walk in the Woods

3D embedded freeform electrical circuitry in metal componentry

Outcome of treatment seeking rural gamblers attending a nurse-led cognitive-behaviour therapy service: A pilot study

Early diagnosis and testing for human immunodeficiency virus

Innovation and sustainability in a large-scale healthcare improvement collaborative – seven propositions for achieving system-wide innovation and sustainability

Have you seen the Evidence-Based Nursing blog? Evidence-Based Nursing blogs: highlighting contemporary issues in nursing.

The importance of the perspectives of carers and service users

Acupuncture For The Treatment Of Phantom Limb Syndrome

Economic And Environmental Impact Assessment Of Construction And Demolition Waste Recycling And Reuse Using LCA And MCDA Management Tools

Optimisation Of Inter- Seasonal Ground Source Heat Pumps With Predictive Behavioural Control

Investigating the Forensic Interviewing of Children: Multiple Interviews and Social Support

Digital Beamforming Techniques for Passive UHF RFID Tag Localization

Habitus dislocation and the importance of affinity groups for older lesbians and bisexual women

Developing Action Strategies For Sustainable Living Amongst Employees At A Uk University

Analysis Of Household Energy Consumption In Ibadan Metropolis Of Nigeria

Integrative Medicine For Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Mixed Methods Study

Development of a Wall Climbing Robot and Ground Penetrating Radar System for NonDestructive Testing of Vertical Safety Critical Concrete Structures

Emotional Culture? An Investigation into the Emotional Coverage of Televised Leader Debates in Newspapers and Twitter

Environmental health regulation in urban South Africa: a case study of the Environmental Health Practitioners of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality

Future Of Cluster Developments – Lessons From Energy Valley, The Netherlands

Financial crisis containment: An analysis and evaluation of relevant actions applying a complex system approach

What are the factors underlying the high educational performance – ‘overachievement’ – of Bangladeshi-heritage primary-school pupils?

The far side of mobile application integrated development environments

Statistical & Numerical Density Derivatives Application in Oil and Gas Well Test Interpretation

Men Selling Sex to Men: Representations, identities, and experiences in contemporary London

Exploring the transition from staff nurse to ward sister/manager – An exploratory case study

An investigation into the effect of acoustics on vocal strain of Opera singers

Nurturing Women Entrepreneurship, UK and Bahrain perspectives

Analytical expression for the NO concentration profile following NONOate decomposition in the presence of oxygen

Dealing with missing data for prognostic purposes

A service oriented QoS architecture targeting the smart grid world & machine learning aspects

NETWORKS IN HEALTHCARE Managing Complex Relationships

The University of YouTube: the medium, the user, photography and the search for really useful knowledge. [Internet Publication]

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016

Human Factor - Endless prototyping

Anxiety disorders

South of the River: Crowd Theory

Improving the physical health assessment of people with serious mental illness

Importance of Instructions in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Creating a journal club competition improves paediatric nurses' participation and engagement

Experimental Study of the Runup of Tsunami Waves on a smooth Sloping Beach

Evaluation of bioprosthetic heart valve failure using a matrix-fibril shear stress transfer approach

Failure mechanisms in denture adhesives

Morphological and Mechanical Biomimetic Bone Structures

Type VI Collagen Regulates Dermal Matrix Assembly and Fibroblast Motility

Supporting the physical health needs of people with learning disabilities



Business Planning Methodology to Support the Development of Strategic Academic Programs.

Group Norms in Virtual Work: New Directions

Exploring the Project Management Office (PMO)–Role, Structure and Processes

Characterization of hepcidin response to holotransferrin in novel recombinant TfR1 HepG2 cells

Constructing a historical case for the teaching of business and management subjects – public and private multinational enterprises in colonial Hong Kong

Transforming capital: slavery, family and the making of the Hibbert family

Britain's History and Memory of Transatlantic Slavery

Defining pedagogic expertise: students and new lecturers as co-developers in learning and teaching

The financial and economic challenges of housing provision for an ageing society

Molecular Effects of Alcohol on Iron Metabolism

A comparative study of adaptive filters in detecting a naturally degraded bearing within a gearbox

Problemy z projektami realizowanymi w partnerstwie publiczno-prywatnym – doświadczenia brytyjskie

Capitalising on rapport, emotional labour and colluding with the neoliberal academy

Agency, Resistance and Subversion: Voices in the Field

Anionic host defence peptides from the plant kingdom: their anticancer activity and mechanisms of action

Downregulation of IGF-1 receptor occurs after hepatic linage commitment during hepatocyte differentiation from human embryonic stem cells

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, problem gambling and metacognition

Becoming a Complete Project Leader

Effect of internal electric fields on charge carrier dynamics in a ferroelectric material for solar energy conversion

Tuning the electrocaloric enhancement near the morphotropic phase boundary in lead-free ceramics

Invited Seminar: Insights from Managing Complex Research, Technology and Engineering Projects in Academia

Bismuth ferrite enhanced ZnO solid state dye-sensitised solar cell

Structural, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Cu-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles by Co-Precipitation Method

Thyroid Hormone Receptor (TR): a regulator in Liver Fibrogenesis

Experiments on Tsunami Impact with a Vertical Sea Wall

Catalysis in multifunctional reactors

Network Adaptive Interference Aware Routing Metric for Hybrid Wireless Mesh Networks

A permeable particle container

Entoptic Phenomena in Audio: Categories of Psychedelic Electroacoustic Composition

An Interactive Music Playlist Generator that Responds to User Emotion and Context

The Sound of the Smell (and Taste) of My Shoes Too: Mapping the Senses Using Emotion as a Medium

The Piranesi Effect

Nouns of Assembly

"We sometimes hold on to ours" - Professionals' views on factors that both delay and facilitate transition to adult care

In-Game Intoxication: Demonstrating the Evaluation of the Audio Experience of Games with a Focus on Altered States of Consciousness

Visualisation of latent fingermarks on polymer banknotes using copper vacuum metal deposition: A preliminary study

The influence of materials on fingermark enhancement

An Unfortunate Accident of Geography: Badlands and the ANZAC Sector, Gallipoli, April–December 1915

Fritz and Tommy: Across the Barbed Wire

On Distributed Deep Network for Processing Large-Scale Sets of Complex Data

Miniaturized dipole antenna development for low frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR) system

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a patient-initiated botulinum toxin treatment model for blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm: a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Implementation of recommended type 2 diabetes care for people with severe mental illness - a qualitative exploration with healthcare professionals

Cross - national comparisons of attitudes towards suicide and suicidal persons in university students from 12 countries

Suicidal Behavior and Psychological Distress in University Students: A 12-Nation Study. Archives of Suicide Research

Severe mental illness and type 2 diabetes: using theory and research evidence to develop complex behaviour change interventions

Self management interventions for type 2 diabetes in adult people with severe mental illness

Erratum to: ’Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a patient-initiated botulinum toxin treatment model for blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm compared to standard care: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial’.

Kitchener's Mob The New Army to the Somme