Early diagnosis and testing for human immunodeficiency virus

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Hesman, A (2016). Early diagnosis and testing for human immunodeficiency virus. Nursing Standard. 30 (41), pp. 52-60.
AuthorsHesman, A

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is now considered a long-term condition. However, HIV can only become a long-term condition if it is diagnosed early and antiretroviral therapy is commenced immediately. Individuals with HIV who are diagnosed late have an increased risk of death in the year after diagnosis compared to those diagnosed promptly. This article outlines HIV testing policy in the UK, the importance of the early diagnosis of HIV, the barriers to HIV testing, and how to offer testing in a range of settings.

JournalNursing Standard
Journal citation30 (41), pp. 52-60
PublisherRCN Publishing (RCNi)
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Print08 Jun 2016
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Deposited06 Feb 2018
Accepted15 Mar 2016
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