The financial and economic challenges of housing provision for an ageing society

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Ruddock, L and Ruddock, S (2016). The financial and economic challenges of housing provision for an ageing society. Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction. 21 (2), pp. 85-98.
AuthorsRuddock, L and Ruddock, S

Purpose The purpose of the paper is to assess the critical financial and economic issues associated with the provision of adequate housing in the UK in the face of current and future demographic change. Design/methodology/approach The review is based on an investigation of the current state of preparedness of the housing market and its various stakeholders based on recent reports and secondary statistical evidence. Findings The findings emphasise the need for a multi-faceted approach to tackle the challenges that need to be addressed. Unless measures are initiated to influence the market, the requisite increase in the stock of appropriate housing in the face of rapid demographic change will not occur. Originality/value The value of the study is that it identifies the issues based on the current state of provision and makes recommendations for meeting the challenges arising from these issues. These recommendations have strong implications for policymakers and other stakeholders.

Keywords1202 Building; 0905 Civil Engineering
JournalJournal of Financial Management of Property and Construction
Journal citation21 (2), pp. 85-98
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Print01 Aug 2016
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