Human Factor - Endless prototyping


Rossi, F and Quagliola, D (2016). Human Factor - Endless prototyping. Drive Volkswagen Group Berlin 01 Jul - 27 Aug 2016
CreatorsRossi, F and Quagliola, D

A robotic milling machine becomes a sculptor’s apprentice that turns out art in serial production. Sculpture Factory is a contemporary take on Michelangelo’s “non-finito”, and like the uncompleted originals, these works are unfinished too. Courtesy of Quayola and bitforms gallery. Sculpture Factory is an ongoing project developed with the technical development of DARLab from London Southbank University, Federico Rossi, QD-Robotics, Kuka and Autodesk Delcam.

Keywordsrobotic; cnc; digital art; digital architecture; advanced manufacturing
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Deposited22 Jun 2018
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Print01 Jul 2016
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