Karen by Blast Theory: Leaking Privacy

Book chapter

Chatzichristodoulou, M (2016). Karen by Blast Theory: Leaking Privacy. in: Broadhurst, S and Price, S (ed.) Digital Bodies: Creativity and Technology in the Arts and Humanities Palgrave Macmillan.
AuthorsChatzichristodoulou, M
EditorsBroadhurst, S and Price, S

This project offers engagement with digital technologies related to bodily interaction and creativity from a multi-disciplinary perspective. In so doing it aims to illustrate the synergies and differences in the theorisation of the body and technology, and how this in turn shapes new or evolving practices across the arts and humanities. By taking a multi-disciplinary approach the collection offers a comprehensive view of digital technology research that both extends our notions of the body and creativity through a digital lens, and informs of the role of technology in practices central to the Arts and Humanities.

Book titleDigital Bodies: Creativity and Technology in the Arts and Humanities
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
Publication dates
Print06 Sep 2016
Publication process dates
Deposited14 Mar 2017
Accepted06 Sep 2016
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)doi:10.1057/978-1-349-95241-0
Accepted author manuscript
CC BY 4.0
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