Future Of Cluster Developments – Lessons From Energy Valley, The Netherlands

PhD Thesis

Manickam, ARS (2016). Future Of Cluster Developments – Lessons From Energy Valley, The Netherlands. PhD Thesis London South Bank University School of Business https://doi.org/10.18744/PUB.001803
AuthorsManickam, ARS
TypePhD Thesis

The research explored how a Dutch energy cluster embedded within a larger context
of European and global developments reflected complex dynamics due to changes in
its context. The case study explored Energy Valley of the Netherlands, a peripheral
region that meets the challenge of energy transition, regional development and
national economic interests. The research engaged complex adaptive systems
approach to gain insights into complex cluster dynamics to contribute to cluster study
and policy.
The research captured insights into increased complexity of an energy cluster due to
energy transition and other developments in the cluster context, exacerbated by
differences in perceptions and responses of stakeholders to the new challenges.
Findings on cluster developments included insights into cluster context, cluster
condition, cluster dynamics and cluster transformations, and the interconnectedness of
such developments based on Energy Valley and supplementary cases of Karlstad and
Silicon Valley. The research findings led to insights into cluster systems developments
and a model capturing cluster emergence.
The research contributed to cluster theory by developing a CAS approach for cluster
study that developed a whole systems approach to understand cluster dynamics,
offering to the field of cluster study a qualitative understanding of cluster systems
developments. Insights into interconnected developments at the micro, macro and
inter-systemic levels, and into energy clusters in the context of energy transition were
results of the research. The broad scope and nature of the study meant limitations
were inherent and therefore recommendations for future research were included. EU
Cluster Policy motivated the research and hence recommendations for policy
developments were also part of the research contribution.

PublisherLondon South Bank University
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.18744/PUB.001803
Publication dates
Print01 Nov 2016
Publication process dates
Deposited13 Feb 2018
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