Sexual Violence in the Eritrean National Service

An adaptable Discourse Analysis instrument and method to explore Caring and Compassion

Obituary: Sir Harry Kroto

Mobile Edge Computing Potential in Making Cities Smarter

An exploratory study of job insecurity in relation to household registration, employment contract, and job satisfaction in Chinese state-owned enterprises

Supporting people with learning disabilities to make and maintain intimate relationships

Investigation of Distribution and Orientation of Fibres in Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete using X-Ray Computed Tomography

New improved unsharp masking methods compatible with ultrasound B-mode imaging

High frame rate contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging of lymphatic vessel phantom

A Efficient Mapping Algorithm With Novel Node-Ranking Approach for Embedding Virtual Networks

Multiscale Shannon’s Entropy Modeling of Orientation and Distance in Steel Fiber Micro-Tomography Data

Effects of steel fibre-aggregate interaction on mechanical behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete

A network approach to risk theory and portfolio selection

A mixed integer linear program to compress transition probability matrices in Markov chain bootstrapping

Relevant states and memory in Markov chain bootstrapping and simulation

Long-range properties and data validity for hydrogeological time series: The case of the Paglia river

Assessing the relationship between toxicity and economic cost of oncological target agents: A systematic review of clinical trials

Data science for assessing possible tax income manipulation: The case of Italy

Secure Communications in Millimeter Wave Ad Hoc Networks

Global, regional, and national age-sex specific mortality for 264 causes of death, 1980–2016: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016

A Peer-reviewed Newspaper About_ Machine Research

Earthquakes economic costs through rank-size laws

A saturated red color converter for visible light communication using a blend of star-shaped organic semiconductors

Correlating photovoltaic properties of PTB7-Th:PC71BM blend to photophysics and microstructure as a function of thermal annealing

Exciton diffusion length and charge extraction yield in organic bilayer solar cells

Narrow-band anisotropic electronic structure of ReS2

Novel 4, 8-benzobisthiazole copolymers and their field-effect transistor and photovoltaic applications

Polymer colour converter with very high modulation bandwidth for visible light communications

Size dependence of efficiency of PbS quantum dots in NiO-based dye sensitised solar cells and mechanistic charge transfer investigation

Tuning crystalline ordering by annealing and additives to study its effect on exciton diffusion in a polyalkylthiophene copolymer

Boosting the Battery Life of Wearables for Health Monitoring Through the Compression of Biosignals

The Contemporary Condition: Key Concepts

Machine Research - Editorial

Detection of a slow-flow component in contrast-enhanced ultrasound of the synovia for the differential diagnosis of arthritis

Improving the quantification of contrast enhanced ultrasound using a Bayesian approach

Superpixel-based classification of gastric chromoendoscopy images

Boosted learned kernels for data-driven vesselness measure

Cortical Thickness variability in Multiple Sclerosis: The role of lesion segmentation and filling

From macro to nano: Linking quantitative CEUS perfusion parameters to CD4+ T cells subtypes in spondyloarthtitis

Grade and location of power doppler are predictive of damage progression in rheumatoid arthritis patients in clinical remission by anti-tumour necrosis factor α

Bayesian Quantification of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Images with Adaptive Inclusion of an Irreversible Component

Ways of Machine Seeing: An Introduction

Contemporary Conditions are Badly Known

Tcf7l2 plays pleiotropic roles in the control of glucose homeostasis, pancreas morphology, vascularization and regeneration

Growth abnormalities of fetuses and infants

A possible new approach in the prediction of late gestational hypertension: The role of the fetal aortic intima-media thickness

Physical activity interventions are delivered consistently across hospitalized older adults but multimorbidity is associated with poorer rehabilitation outcomes: A population-based cohort study

Acoustics and music: a forgotten link?

The nexuses between exit, voice and loyalty in the light of the indefinite Eritrean national service

Sex Work

Extant ape dental topography and its implications for reconstructing the emergence of early Homo

London Battersea Heliport Noise Monitoring

London Battersea Heliport Noise Subjective Survey

Dry wall construction workshop for acousticians

The need for acoustics education in performance music syllabi

Functional and evolutionary consequences of cranial fenestration in birds

Posture alteration as a measure to accommodate uneven ground in able-bodied gait

Increasing trunk flexion transforms human leg function into that of birds despite different leg morphology

Effects of altered sagittal trunk orientation on kinetic pattern in able-bodied walking on uneven ground

A strategic approach to exploiting and implementing BIM, Big Data Analytics, and Internet of Things (BBI) for competitive advantage in the construction industry

A Systematic Review for the Challenges Related to the Implementation of Building Information Modelling, Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things (BBI) in the Construction Sector

Decolonising Israeli society? Resistance to Zionism as an educative practice

Screening Divalent Metals for A- and B-Site Dopants in LaFeO3

Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical (QM/MM) Approaches

Electron Counting in Solids: Oxidation States, Partial Charges, and Ionicity

Heterostructures of GaN with SiC and ZnO enhance carrier stability and separation in framework semiconductors

The feasibility of nurse-delivered, low-intensity cognitive behavioural therapy for irritable bowel syndrome

Cost of accidents in the construction industry of Oman

Two Stage Sub-Wavelength Motion Correction in Human Microvasculature for CEUS Imaging

A phase velocity filter for the measurement of lamb wave dispersion

The dynamic excitation of a granular chain: Contact mechanics finite element analysis and experimental validation

Acoustic microbubble trapping in blood mimicking fluid

Elevation resolution enhancement in 3D photoacoustic imaging using FDMAS beamforming

Microbubble Axial Localization Errors in Ultrasound Super-Resolution Imaging

Generation of ultrasound pulses in water using granular chains with a finite matching layer

Two Stage Sub-Wavelength Motion Correction in Human Microvasculature for CEUS Imaging

Ultrasound Super-Resolution with Microbubble Contrast Agents

Localisation of Multiple Non-Isolated Microbubbles with Frequency Decomposition in Super-Resolution Imaging

Dissociation between the neural correlates of recollection and familiarity in the striatum and hippocampus: Across-study convergence

Terror and horror: Feelings, intersubjectivity and ‘understanding at the edges’ in an interview on a suicide attempt.

Cost-effectiveness of a preferred intensity exercise programme for young people with depression compared with treatment as usual: An economic evaluation alongside a clinical trial in the UK

Abstract intelligence: Embodying and enabling cognitive systems by mathematical engineering

The organizational and geographical boundaries of the firm: Focus on labour as a major stakeholder



Alan Turing: Founder of computer science

If music be the food of life – play on ?

The importance of thinking styles in predicting binge eating.

Pain: A Statistical Account

Adults with developmental dyslexia show selective impairments in time-based and self-initiated prospective memory: Self-report and clinical evidence.

Swearing at Work: The Mixed Outcomes of Profanity

The Brutalist Playground: Vitra Design Museum, Germany

Effect of Cold on Proprioception and Cognitive Function in Elite Alpine Skiers

A moral profession.

A moral profession: Nurse educators’ selected narratives of care and compassion

EQUIP training the trainers: an evaluation of a training programme for service users and carers involved in training mental health professionals in user-involved care planning

Scenic memory: Experience through time–space

Metacognitions and emotion regulation as predictors of problematic internet use in adolescents

Path-and Place-dependence of entrepreneurial ventures at times of war and conflict

How are adjacent spinal levels affected by vertebral fracture, and by vertebroplasty? A biomechanical study on cadaveric spines

Factors influencing plasma transfusion practices in paediatric intensive care units around the world

Should nurses be role models for healthy lifestyles? Results from a modified Delphi study.

Factors associated with physical activity participation in adults with chronic cervical spine pain: a systematic review.

Qualitative process evaluation of a psycho-educational intervention targeted at people diagnosed with schizophrenia and their primary caregivers in Jordan

Substance-related and addictive disorders as mediators between borderline personality disorder and aggressive behavior

Factorial validity of the Problematic Facebook Use Scale for adolescents and young adults.

Alcohol-induced retrograde facilitation renders witnesses of crime less suggestible to misinformation.

The SAINT: a guided self-help intervention for people with intellectual disabilities

Metacognitive beliefs and rumination as predictors of anger: A prospective study.

Performance evaluation of damper control settings for operation of multiple-zone variable air volume reheat system in different building applications and climate types

Vocation, Belongingness, and Balance: A Qualitative Study of Veterinary Student Well-Being.

Paul van Ostaijen's Occupied City

Women’s health and Chinese integrative medicine

Melanin-concentrating hormone in peripheral circulation in the human

A guide to best practice dementia care: lessons learnt from a serious case review

Electrochemical Membrane Technology for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gas

Provably Correct Systems: Community, Connections, and Citations.

Muscle metabolic and neuromuscular determinants of fatigue during cycling in different exercise intensity domains.

A systematic review of gait perturbation paradigms for improving reactive stepping responses and falls risk among healthy older adults.

Stoma-associated problems: the important role of the specialist nurse.

The Achilles tendon is mechanosensitive in older adults: adaptations following 14 weeks versus 1.5 years of cyclic strain exercise.

Governance: myths and mysteries

Undertaking research with children and young people

Dark Organizational Theory

A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Psychological Approaches in the Treatment of Sex Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities

Multivariate label-based thematic maps

Computation of Rectifier Transformers employed in Railway Networks

The whys and the hows of psychosocial approaches to addiction

The potential of machine mediation in the maintenance of public service media

‘Maybe I will give some help…. maybe not to help the eyes but different help’: an analysis of care and support of children with visual impairment in community settings in Malawi

Objective Facebook behaviour: Differences between problematic and non-problematic users

Analyzing electrical installation labor productivity through work sampling

A programme to spread eGFR graph surveillance for the early identification, support and treatment of people with progressive chronic kidney disease (ASSIST-CKD): protocol for the stepped wedge implementation and evaluation of an intervention to reduce late presentation for renal replacement therapy

The case for Guided Self Help for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Modelling of temperature dependence of saturation magnetisa-tion of silicon-iron steels

Nicotine and e-cigarettes: Rethinking addiction in the context of reduced harm.

Tsunami Simulators in Physical Modelling – Concept to Practical Solutions

Evaluation of a co-delivered training package for community mental health professionals on service user- and carer-involved care planning

Intrusion Detection Systems in Cloud Computing: A Contemporary Review of Techniques and Solutions

Engineering trustworthy software systems Preface

"Our Care through our eyes": impact of a co-produced digital education programme on nurses’ knowledge, confidence and attitudes in providing care for children and young people who have self-harmed: a mixed-methods study in the UK

Innovative Capability of Building Information Modeling in Construction Design

Ordering in disguise: digital integration in built-environment practices

Verbal and non-verbal fluency in adults with developmental dyslexia: Phonological processing or executive control problems?

The importance of social interaction in the co-working spaces of Boston USA and London UK.

A Novel Mobility-Aware Playout Algorithm for VoIP Services

False Memories and Real Epistemic Problems

Large Llamas with Silver Shoes

A longitudinal, mixed methods investigation of newly qualified nurses’ workplace stressors and stress experiences during transition

The ward as emotional ecology: Adolescent experiences of managing mental health and distress in psychiatric inpatient settings.

If psychosis were cancer: A speculative comparison.

The Handy Approach - Quick Integrated Person Centred Support Preparation.

Modelling the contribution of negative affect, outcome expectancies and metacognitions to cigarette use and nicotine dependence.

The Role of Community Development in Building Critical Health Literacy

Downfall in the Oil Price; Challenges and Opportunities for the Construction Industry

Desire thinking as a confounder in the relationship between mindfulness and craving: Evidence from a cross-cultural validation of the Desire Thinking Questionnaire.

Hybrid spiral-dynamic bacteria-chemotaxis algorithm with application to control two-wheeled machines

Cyberchondria: Examining relations with problematic Internet use and metacognitive beliefs.

Characterization of Acoustical Properties of Felt and Carpet Made of Natural and Environmentally Friendly Materials

Value Co-creation through Early Warning Signs in a Project Setting

The Effect of E-Cigarette Advertisements and Anti-Smoking Messages on Explicit and Implicit Attitudes towards Tobacco and E-Cigarette Smoking in 18-65 Year Olds: A Randomised Controlled Study Protocol

An investigation of sustainable tourism using high speed railways

Cohort differences in exercise adherence among primary care patients referred for mental health versus physical health conditions.

Determining priorities in introducing accessibility measures for persons with reduced mobility (prm) case study: development of an assessment tool within the London underground network

Physical Activity Participation and The Association With Work Related Upper Quadrant Disorders (WRUQDs). A Systematic Review


Case study 2: Using games based on giant dice and time restrictions to enable creativity when teaching artistic or creative subjects

Loyalty Deficits for Small Share Brands

Population Health Outcomes of a Student-Led Free Health Clinic for an Underserved Population: A Naturalistic Study

Assessing and Augmenting SCADA Cyber Security-A Survey of Techniques

Understanding and applying the precautionary principle

The Apollo missions and Moon rocks, 1969-1972

Life in Code and Digits: When Shannon met Turing

Smart Cities and Cultural Heritage - A Review of Developments and Future Opportunities

Being normal, not vulnerable: case study of a 2-day residential programme for young adults with cancer.

In Praise of a Self-Contained Regime: Why the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations Remains Important Today

Determination of the Demagnetisation of Electrical Steel Strips

Education and social inclusion of people with disabilities in five countries in West Africa: a literature review

The impact of global economic crisis and austerity on quality of working life and work-life balance: A capabilities perspective

Employment Supports for Adults With Disabilities in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Obesity: Our biggest challenge

Compensatory puffing with lower nicotine concentration e-liquids increases carbonyl exposure in e-cigarette aerosols

Modelling Asymmetric Conditional Dependence between Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Markets

Do Performance Musicians need Acoustic Education?

Why research informed teaching (RIT) in acoustics education: How can we embed research in acoustics education to improve students' learning?

A hybrid prognostic methodology for tidal turbine gearboxes

How does the length of day shift affect patient care on older people's wards? A mixed method study

Positive Mental Health as a Predictor of Problematic Internet and Facebook Use in Adolescents and Young Adults

Dependencies among environmental performance indicators for buildings and their implications

The Mothers' Union and the Women's Movement: a history of female activism 1876-2017

A research-based mantra for compassionate caring

Filmmaker and the Milanese Independent Cinema of the 1980s and 1990s

The Influence of Feedback and Expert Status in Knowledge Sharing Dilemmas

Multi-disciplinary investigations at PoW Camp 198, Bridgend, S. Wales: site of a mass escape in March 1945

The iNEAR programme: an existential positive psychology intervention for resilience and emotional wellbeing

Bricolage, Collaboration and Mission Drift in Social Enterprises

Mobile three-dimensional visualisation technologies for clinician-led fall prevention assessments

Les Jeunesses hitlériennes et la Seconde guerre mondiale

A new report that may provide clue as to why for 70 years there was no documented cases of birth defect in Africa where Zika virus originated

Clash detection or clash avoidance? An investigation into coordination problems in 3D BIM

A review of prospective memory impairments in developmental dyslexia: Evidence, explanations, and future directions

Do nurses' personal health behaviours impact on their health promotion practice: a systematic review

Health care staff perceptions of a coaching and mentoring programme: a qualitative case study evaluation

An Investigation of Sustainable Tourism using High-Speed Railways

The organisation of working memory networks is shaped by early sensory experience

Media Coverage, Public Awareness and State Intervention in Child Abuse in China – An Analysis of High-Profile Cases

Cancer-Related Fatigue in Adolescents and Young Adults After Cancer Treatment: Persistent and Poorly Managed.

Decomposition of the Inequality of Income distribution by income types- Application for Romania

Autonomic Computing Architecture for SCADA Cyber Security

Who Told you that you were Analogue?

Variation in job titles within the nursing workforce.

Plenary keynote: Monitoring Safety Critical Infrastructure with Mobile Robots

Preventing isolation in sheltered housing: Challenges in an era of reduced support funding

A comparison study into low leak rate buoyant gas dispersion in a small fuel cell enclosure using plain and louvre vent passive ventilation schemes.

A Spatially Processed 3D Wideband Adaptive Conical Array System

Rebranding surveillance as social justice — Toronto’s School Resource Officer Program

The effect of social media on firm performance

The Science of Absent Evidence: Is there such thing as an effective responsible drinking message?

Rethinking music geography through the mainstream: a geographical analysis of Frank Sinatra, music and travel

Stimulating intellectual activity with adaptive environment (SMILE)


The Book Dispersed [exhibition]

Climbing robot design for NDT inspection

Modelling of magnetic adhesion robot for NDT inspection of large metal structures

Is women empowerment a zero sum game? Unintended consequences of Microfinance for women's empowerment in Ghana

The metacognitions about self-critical rumination questionnaire.

Temporal Conflicts and the Purification of Hybrids in the 21st Century Art Museum: Tate, a Case in Point.

rem • press twenty one years on

The associations between problematic Facebook use, psychological distress and well-being among adolescents and young adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Polio survivors perceptions of a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation programme Disability and Rehabilitation

Progression towards smoking cessation: qualitative analysis of successful, unsuccessful and never quitters

Effect of health messages on alcohol attitudes and intentions in a sample of 16- & 17-year-old underage drinkers

Metacognitions in smoking: Evidence from a cross-cultural validation of the metacognitions about smoking questionnaire in a Turkish sample.

Cultural Meaning, Advertising, and National Culture: A Four-Country Study

Anger and depressive ruminations as predictors of dysregulated behaviours in borderline personality disorder.

Environmental context influences visual attention to responsible drinking messages

Predicting Quality Of Experience For Online Video Systems Using Machine Learning

Monitoring oral health of people in Early Intervention for Psychosis (EIP) teams: The extended Three Shires randomised trial

Predictors of heroin abstinence in opiate substitution therapy in heroin-only users and dual users of heroin and crack

Good practice case study: Diversifying the curriculum and engaging students through archives and object handling

Forgetting to remember to remember: Prospective memory in adults with dyslexia

Psychosocial Risk Factors and the Association With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Systematic Review

Exploring Students’ Participation in Universal, Depression and Anxiety, Prevention Programmes at School: A Meta-aggregation

Review: Exploring an autoethnographic stance with poetry in children’s nursing

Herbert, Hercules and the Plural Society: a 'Knot in the social Bond

Adaptable cooling coil performance during part loads in the tropics - A computational evaluation

Many hands lighter work? Deciphering the relationship between Adverse Working Conditions and Organization Citizenship Behaviors in SMEs during a severe economic crisis

Encountering the Digital in Performance:Deployment | Engagement | Trace. Introduction

Effects of bone damage on creep behaviours of human vertebral trabeculae

Risk Assessment Activity Worksheet for Research Data Management

Developing the next generation of specialist cancer nurses.

Crossing of Hostile Borders

Qualitative study to understand the barriers to recruiting young people with cancer to BRIGHTLIGHT: a national cohort study in England.

A PID Inspired Feature Extraction for HVAC Terminal Units

Autonomic computing meets SCADA security

Estimating the value of passing trade from pedestrian density

Framework for productivity and safety enhancement system using BIM in Singapore

The EU law 'core' module: surviving the perfect storm of Brexit and the SQE

Double Jeopardy - 50 years on. Reviving a forgotten tool that still predicts brand loyalty

IoTA: IoT Automated SIP-based Emergency Call Triggering System for general eHealth purposes

Improving the Resilience of Infrastructure to Create Sustainable Futures

Making Sense of Common Dirichlet Deviations

Building Community Resilience in the Re-settlement of Displaced Communities

Collaboration Time Influences Information-Sharing at Work

Obesity prevalence among healthcare professionals in England: a cross-sectional study using the health survey for England

Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of Allen Carr’s Easyway programme versus Lambeth and Southwark NHS service for smoking cessation.

A study on helicopter main gearbox planetary bearing fault diagnosis

Crowd medical services in the English Football League: remodelling the team for the 21st century using a realist approach

Development of Highly Repellent Silica Particles for Protection of Hemp Shiv Used as Insulation Materials.

Mobile Icosapods

The event-based prospective memory of adults with developmental dyslexia under naturalistic conditions

A qualitative study exploring senior nurses’ understanding of compassionate leadership in community healthcare

The Cornish Experience Of The ASSIST-CKD Project

Energy and Water Environmental Trade-Offs of Data Center Cooling Technologies

Solar Energy Gain and Space-Heating Energy Supply Analyses for Solid-Wall Dwelling Retrofitted with the Experimentally Achievable U-value of Novel Triple Vacuum Glazing

Occupancy Based Household Energy Disaggregation using Ultra Wideband Radar and Electrical Signature Profiles

Using perspective to resolve reference: the impact of cognitive load and motivation

Advancing Nursing Practice: The Emergence of the Role of Advanced Practice Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Experimental analysis of 3D cracking in drying soils using Ground Penetrating Radar

Conflicting and competing roles and expectations: the conundrum of failing social work students on placements

University Incubators May Be Socially Valuable, but How Effective Are They? A Case Study on Business Incubators at Universities

HACH: Heuristic Algorithm for Clustering Hierarchy Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network



MotoGP and heterogeneous design

Legible London: mobilising the pedestrian

Mobilising Design

Dealing with mathematical anxiety: Should one size fit all?

What Social Impact Does Exposure to Domestic Violence Have on Adolescent Males? A Systemic Review of Literature

Investigations into the potential anticancer activity of Maximin H5

The reporting radiographer's role: a contemporary insight

Rapid synthesis of graphene quantum dots using a continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis approach

Empowering People Experiencing Usher Syndrome as Participants in Research

Task Integration Facilitates Multitasking

The synthesis of CuxS from Cu layers by low pressure plasma processing

Encouraging disabled leaders in higher education: recognising hidden talents

Understanding Adaptation to First Episode Psychosis Through the Creation of Images

The Brexit Environment Demands that Deliberative Democracy Meets Inclusive Growth

Racialized citizenship, respectability and mothering among Caribbean mothers in Britain

Language brokering: mediated manipulations, and the agency of the interpreter/translator

Motion Interpolation in Lie Subgroups and Symmetric Subspaces

Performing the Present, Saving the Future: Digital Media Presence in the Work of Raspeani Skopjani

Housewives and Citizens: Encouraging Active Citizenship in the Print Media of Housewives' Associations during the Interwar Years

The development and evaluation of a mentor training program for those working with autistic adults

The Cambridge Project: reflections on a university-based AS social group

Exploring Aspects of Strategic Management for a Small Plant Bakery

A review on thermal and catalytic pyrolysis of plastic solid waste

Phosphenes of Qualia: A glass fine art exhibition

Domestic Refrigerator Design -Safety Issues and Opportunities

Selective Calixarene Directed Synthesis of MXene Plates, Crumpled Sheets, Spheres and Scrolls.

Equity Risk Premiums and Risk Free Rates in Modelling and Prediction of Financial Markets

Metropolitan Integrated Cooling and Heating

Cooling and recovery of heat from underground railway tunnels for district heating

Introducing a device to assist in the application of anti-embolism stockings

Harmonious spaces: the influence of Feng Shui on urban form and design

Sport and exercise psychology in 2050

Associations Between Bipedal Stance Stability and Locomotor Stability Following a Trip in Unilateral Vestibulopathy

The U.K. NICE 2014 guidelines for osteoarthritis of the knee: lessons learned in a narrative review addressing inadvertent limitations and bias

Does movement influence representations of time and space?


Institutional resources as a source of trade union power in Southern Europe

Achilles tendon is mechanosensitive in old adults: a 1.5 year resistance training intervention

Matching triceps surae muscle strength and tendon stiffness eliminates age-related differences in drop-jump performance

The experiences of specialist nurses working within the uro-oncology multidisciplinary team in the UK

Monitoring muscle-tendon adaptation in elite athletes: Preliminary data from a 1-year longitudinal investigation

Emergency care patient driven solutions for severe asthma

The Walworth alternative: Retaining and enhancing Britain’s social housing estates utilising contemporary timber construction

Age-related differences in drop-jump performance are eliminated by matching triceps surae muscle strength and Achilles tendon stiffness.

The effect of habitual athletics training on muscle and tendon adaptation in young and older elite athletes.

Supporting the inclusion of autistic children

What do we mean by inclusive practice?

Supporting Inclusive Practice and ensuring opportunity is equal for all

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): A Comparative Performance Analysis of Open-Source Cloud Platforms

Walking back to the future: The impact of walking backward and forward on spatial 2 and temporal concepts

Influence of Rice Husk Ash Density on the workability and strength of structural concrete

Performance of Anthill Soil Replaced Concrete in Sulfate Solutions

The health literacy dyad: the contribution of future GPs in England

Metering measurement challenges & monitoring of a large scale ground source heat pump (GSHP) system

The European Union Temporary Protection Directive: an example of solidarity in law but not in practice. A Review of Temporary Protection in the European Union 1990-2015.

Control and Monitoring Systems Update for Thermal Printers

Numerically-analysed Multiwavelet Transform computations: multidimensional compression case studies

Novel 3D Stereoscopic Film Compression using Multiwavelet

Coding and Decoding Stereoscopic Film Compression by Multiwavelet Transform

Size Optimization of 3D Stereoscopic Film Frames

Safety and service. Reframing the purpose of nursing to decision makers

Energy losses during drop weight mechanical impacts with special reference to ignition of flammable atmospheres in nuclear decommissioning: theory and determination of experimental coefficients for impact analysis and prediction

Effect of long-term exercise-induced changes of the triceps surae muscle-tendon unit properties on maximal walking velocity in the elderly

Refrigerated warehouses as intelligent hubs to integrate renewable energy in industrial food refrigeration and to enhance power grid sustainability

Muscle and tendon adaptation in young and older adult athletes: A combined longitudinal and cross sectional investigation

Simplified triceps surae muscle volume assessment in the elderly

Body mass index mortality paradox in chronic kidney disease patients with suspected cardiac chest pain

Exploring senior nurses' understanding of compassionate leadership in the community

Negotiating Mixed Identities: Generations of mixed African Caribbean and white Londoners

Life-Saving Cooling

Outcomes of an Australian Nursing Student-led School Vision and Hearing Screening Programme

Application of Low Concentration Surfactant Enhanced Water-Alternating-Gas Flooding

Comparative Study of Polyacrylamide Co-polymers for EOR at High Salinity Conditions “Laboratory and Simulation"

Experimental Validation of a Thirteen Level H-Bridge Photovoltaic Inverter Configuration

1) “Negotiating Mixed Identities: Generations of mixed African Caribbean and white Londoners”.

Non-destructive testing robots (NDTBOTS) for in-service storage tank inspection

An adaptable Discourse Analysis instrument and method to explore Caring and Compassion

An Efficient Channel Access Scheme for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

On the use of skin texture features for gender recognition: An experimental evaluation

Mechanical Properties and Durability of Concrete with Water Cooled Copper Slag Aggregate

How might your staff react to news of an institutional merger? - A psychological contract approach

The Eritrean National Service: Servitude for the Common Good and the Youth Exodus

Nurse staffing levels and outcomes - mining the UK national datasets for insight.

The SAINT: A Guided Self-Help Approach for People With Intellectual Disabilities

Experimental measurement of hermetic edge seal's thermal conductivity for the thermal transmittance prediction of triple vacuum glazing

Religious Literacy through Religious Education: The Future of Teaching and Learning about Religion and Belief

Feeling down and understanding depression

What interventions work to improve relationships between birth parents and children in foster care?

Guidelines, strategies and tools for pain assessment in children

Adults learning mathematics in the workplace through their trade unions: what motivates them?

Taktik und Taktiktraining

From healthcare assistant to student operating department practitioner—are you ready for the ODP challenge?

User concerns about Facebook: Are they important

Fall Prevention Self-Assessments Via Mobile 3D Visualization Technologies: Community Dwelling Older Adults' Perceptions of Opportunities and Challenges.

An exploration of the interaction between global education policy orthodoxies and national education practices in Cambodia, illuminated through the voices of local teacher educators.

Is Zika virus the definitive culprit in cases of Microcephaly?

Motor heuristics and embodied choices: how to choose and act

Does 'mentoring’ offer effective support to autistic adults?: a mixed methods pilot study

What long term measures can tell us about brand loyalty

Performance of Class F Pulverised Fuel Ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag in Ternary Concrete Mixes

Characterising the performance of hydrogen sensitive coatings for nuclear safety applications

Muscle-tendon adaptation monitoring in elite athletes: Preliminary results from a longitudinal investigation

Achilles tendon mechanosensitivity is preserved in old age: In vivo evidence from a 1.5 years long resistance training intervention

Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil via supercritical methanol: Optimisation and reactor simulation

Footfall, attraction and conversion; a retail empirical generalisation

Normobaric hypoxic conditioning to maximise weight-loss and ameliorate cardio-metabolic health in obese populations: A systematic review.

Heat acclimation has a protective effect on the central but not peripheral nervous system

Stochastic Modelling of Capital Goods Buying

Homoeostasis and vital signs: their role in health and its restoration

What do women want? Housewives’ associations, activism and changing representations of women in the 1950s

Overview of Sustainable Refrigerated Road Transport Systems

Unifying theories of programming Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10134

Design Paradigms in Car History

Reciprocating compressor prognostics

Preparation and characterization of tunable oil-encapsulated alginate microfibers

Jumping off the cliff?


Characterisation of an analogue liquid for hydrodynamic studies of gas-ionic liquid flows

Everyday memory in adults with dyslexia

Climbing Robots for NDT Applications

Belonging and absence: resisting the division

User acceptance of information technology: A critical review of technology acceptance models and the decision to invest in Information Security

Supporting eLearners by Increasing Digital Literacy Skills in Healthcare Educators

Communication device and method for achieving multi-protocol interoperability

Impact that Acoustic Design has on Higher Education for Non-English Speaking Students

An Investigation into the Effect of Acoustics on Vocal Strain of Opera Singers

Face the Music: A before and after study of the hearing acuity of Classical music students

An experimental-based energy integrated process for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using supercritical methanol

Mission Effectiveness and Social Entrepreneurship: Theoretical insights and case-study evidence from three Christian charities in England

Behaviour of Composite Beams Made Using High Strength Steel

‘The Lady of Shalott’: Insights Gained from Using Visual Methods and Interviews Exploring the Lived Experience of Codependency

Women in the Refrigeration Industry

Biodiesel production from high acid value waste cooking oil using supercritical methanol: Esterification kinetics of free fatty acids

Optimising biodiesel production from high acid value waste cooking oil using supercritical methanol

Investigating the attitudes of nurses who are obese.

A comparative study on biodiesel production from waste cooking oils obtained from different sources using supercritical methanol

Screening and Diagnostic Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Mental Health Comorbidity in a Male Prison

Two-Stage Stabiliser Addition Protocol as a Means to Reduce the Size and Improve the Uniformity of Polymer Beads in Suspension Polymerisation

Predicting the Solar Energy and Space-heating Energy Performance for Solid-wall Detached House Retrofitted with the Composite Edge-sealed Triple Vacuum Glazing

Carbon dioxide utilization by graphene based nanocomposite materials as catalysts

The impact of extended clinical placements on overall student academic attainment: preliminary findings of a collaborative research project at London South Bank University

The impact of extended clinical placements on student academic achievement: preliminary findings of a collaborative research project at London South Bank University

Legal Employability: Clinic, CILEx and Training Reform – Threats and Opportunities for Law Schools

Predicting the Solar Energy and Space-heating Energy Performance for Solid-wall Detached House Retrofitted with the Composite Edge-sealed Triple Vacuum Glazing

Potential Impacts of the Montreal Protocol Kigali Amendment to the Choice of Refrigerant Alternatives

Integration and management of solar energy for electric vehicle charging station

Design, Development and Thermal Performance Analysis of Ultra-Low Heat Loss Triple Vacuum Glazing

Reflections on the Posthuman in International Relations: The Anthropocene, Security and Ecology

Greener synthesis of styrene carbonate from CO2 using heterogeneous catalyst

Perception, action and cognition of football referees in extreme temperatures: Impact on decision performance

Improving Victim Satisfaction In Volume Crime Investigations: The Role Of Police Actions And Victim Characteristics

Post-screen experiments

New ways of working; delivering better care for people with long-term conditions

Zika Virus and Microcephaly

Nursing and midwifery council registration for overseas children's nurses: a perfect storm?

The Enhancement of Social Norm Compliance: Prospects and Caveats

A Feminist Reading of Foreign Policy under Trump: Mother of All Bombs, Wall, and the “Locker Room Banter”

Numerical analysis of desiccation, shrinkage and cracking in low plasticity clayey soils

UWB Localization Employing Supervised Learning Method

Loading rate and contraction duration effects on in vivo human Achilles tendon mechanical properties.

The boundaries of the drone discourse in international law

Emotions and Time: Approaching Emotions through a Fusion of Horizons

Inclusive teaching and learning: what's next?

Unwrapped food product display shelf life assessment

Incentivising pro-circular behaviours: proposing a new enhanced capital allowance scheme for remanufactured products - the case of refrigerated display cabinets in the United Kingdom

Pro-circular behaviours and refrigerated display cabinets: supporting resource efficiency in the retail refrigeration sector

100 Days of Trump: Security and Foreign Policy Implications

Optimising biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using supercritical methanol

What is vocational learning, who are the vocational learners, how does vocational learning take place?

Vocational education: your options

Microtext Line Charts

Alternative calcium-based chemical stabilisers for ground improvement: Paper Sludge Ash treatment of London Clay

On Elastoplastic Buckling Analysis of Cylinders under Nonproportional Loading by Differential Quadrature Method

Modelling knowledge integration process in early contractor involvement procurement at tender stage – a Western Australian case study

Designing an ‘optimal’ domestic retrofit programme

Long-term effects of acoustic reafference training (ART).

Changing Behaviour: Electronic Cigarettes

Edu-Cloud: On-the-fly Employability Skills as a Service

Practical Materialism: Engels’s Anti-Dühring as Marxist Philosophy

Enhancing care transitions for older people through interprofessional simulation: a mixed method evaluation

A study on low energy demand materials used in glasscrete to counteract alkali-silica reactions

COALA: A Protocol for the Avoidance and Alleviation of Congestion in Wireless Sensor Networks

Stem & Leaf Plots Extended to Various Ranges of Text

Unsupervised Learning Techniques for HVAC Terminal Unit Behaviour Analysis

Learning Bayesian Network Parameters from a Small Data Set: A Further Constrained Qualitatively Maximum a Posteriori Method

Feature Extraction and Labelling Large Data Sets Using Deep Learning

Greener synthesis of styrene carbonate from CO2 using graphene-inorganic nanocomposite catalysts

Radar Burst Control Based on Constrained Ordinal Optimization under Guidance Quality Constraints

Experimental measurement of hermetic edge seal's thermal conductivity for the thermal transmittance prediction of triple vacuum glazing

Social work-generated evidence in traumatic brain injury from 1975 to 2014: A systematic scoping review

Stroke 1: definition, burden, risk factors and diagnosis

Contextualising Autobiographical Remembering: An expanded view of memory

Service User Involvement in Healthcare Improvement

Improved LJF equations for the uni-planar gapped K-type tubular joints of ageing fixed steel offshore platforms

Systematic comparative study of Polyacrylamide Co-polymers for EOR at High Salinity Conditions

Share Your Research – Make it Count

Defendants with Autism Spectrum Disorders: What is the role of Court Liaison and Diversion?

Multitasking as a choice: a perspective

Recalibration in functional perceptual-motor tasks: A systematic review.

An introduction to ethical theory for healthcare assistants

Factors influencing physical activity participation in adults with chronic cervical spine pain

How tall buildings affect turbulent air flows and dispersion of pollution within a neighbourhood

The use of evidence-based guidance to enable reliable and accurate measurements of the home environment

Understanding and meeting your legal responsibilities as a nurse

An integrative review of interventions to support parents when managing their child’s pain at home

Hyperbolic pseudoinverses for kinematics in the Euclidean group

Robotics for Inspection and Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plant

Environmentally benign biodiesel production from renewable sources

Prediction of Breast Cancer Survivability using Ensemble Algorithms

The Study Room Guide on The Displaced and Privilege: Live Art in Age of Hostility

Effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of shoulder pain: A systematic review of published randomised clinical trials

Does diversity in society inevitably lead to a rise in xenophobia among children and young people?

One-step production of biodiesel from high acid value waste cooking oil using supercritical methanol

Temperature and energy performance of domestic cold appliances in households in England

What is a task? An ideomotor perspective

Characteristics of prisoners with intellectual disabilities

Predictive Ensemble Modelling: An Experimental Comparison of Boosting Implementation Methods

A revised speech spectrum for STI calculations

It’s Always a Threesome. Or, on the intricacies of educating an architect

The nature and extent of service user involvement in critical care research and quality improvement; a scoping review of the literature.

Multi-Access Edge Computing: Open issues, Challenges and Future Perspective

Supporting and including children from low income families

Enhancing Ministry & Improving Clergy Well-Being: Exploring the impact of Bowen’s Systems Coaching on the Work-Related Psychological Health of Clergy

Large deflections of a clamped-slider-pinned rod with uniform intrinsic curvature

Parallel (of Life and) Architecture: The Ostrich and the Kipper [exhibition]

Do not disturb! The impact of wearing red aprons on medication administration in PICU

Sources of inspiration: from the monument to the ordinary

Non-Destructive Testing Robot Applications in Hazardous Environments

A Thoroughly Cordial Relationship. A Narrative Account of the French Flag Nursing Corps 1914-19

Outcomes for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disability

Multidimensional prognostics for rotating machinery: A review

A comparative study of helicopter planetary bearing diagnosis with vibration and acoustic emission data

Nurse titrated analgesia and sedation in intensive care increases the frequency of comfort assessment and reduces midazolam use in paediatric patients following cardiac surgery.

Behavioural Effects of a Citizen’s Income on wages, job security and labour supply

Using independent component analysis scheme for helicopter main gearbox bearing defect identification

Beneath the Surface: how asylum seekers understand and evaluate their well-being

Disabled Student Support for England in 2017. How did we get here and where are we going? A brief history, commentary on current context and reflection on possible future directions.

Development of a novel crawler based robot for mooring chain climbing

Students' Perspective on the relevance of sustainability literacy in a postgraduate built environment programme

A smarter way to electrify heat – The Balanced Energy Network approach to demand side response in the UK

Greener synthesis of 1, 2 butylene carbonate from CO2 using graphene-inorganic nanocomposite catalysis

Fluidity and friendship: the choir that surprised the city

CO2 absorption in flat membrane microstructured contactors of different wettability using aqueous solution of NaOH

Head-tracked auralisations for a dynamic audio experience in virtual reality sceneries

Partnership with patients and their families.

The challenge of nutritional management in people with kidney disease.

Why prediction matters in multitasking and how predictability can improve it

Walking Back to the Future.

Securitisation Theory

Multifunctional metal matrix composites with embedded printed electrical materials fabricated by ultrasonic additive manufacturing

A Fourier-series-based virtual fields method for the identification of three-dimensional stiffness distributions and its application to incompressible materials

Hitler's 'National Community': Society and Culture in Nazi Germany Second Edition

Explore the lived experience of Dementia Friends Champions: Poetic representation

Implicit and explicit knowledge both improve dual task performance in a continuous pursuit tracking task

Joint variable stiffness of musculoskeletal leg mechanism for quadruped robot

Effect of composition on the mechanical properties of 3d printed polymer nanocomposites

Assessment strategy of human upper forearm inter-relation and muscle fatigue

Real-time embedded sliding mode observer for quadcopter UAVs

Upper-limb exoskeleton for human muscle fatigue

Degree Classification: Does the Calculation Model Affect the Award?

Modern Surveying Technology: availability and suitability for Heritage Building Surveying and Heritage Building Information Models (HerBIM)

A practical guide to expressing breast milk

Understanding Risk in Social Work

The use and impact of manual and motorised blinds as aids to thermal and visual comfort in domestic buildings in the UK

Contemporary Music and Hull

A tale from the tropics: Education for sustainability and the value of project based learning

Growing Spaces: developing a sustainability literate graduate.

A Case Study assessing the impact of Shading Systems combined with Night-Time Ventilation strategies on Overheating within a Residential Property

Returning to Work after cancer treatment: case study of health care worker after cancer

Modelling and control of standing up and sitting down manoeuver

Research skills for social work

Towards a Theory and Practice of Religious Literacy: a case study of religion and belief engagement in a UK University

The cost of mapping trachoma: data from the Global Trachoma Mapping Project

Integration of Eye Health into Primary Care Services in Tanzania: A Qualitative Investigation of Experiences in Two Districts.

Zasliševanje arhitekture [Interrogating Architecture]

European Social Work Research Association SIG to Study Decisions, Assessment, and Risk

Loading rate and contraction type effects on the human Achilles tendon force-elongation relationship

Review: Challenges of having a child with thalassaemia major: a phenomenological study

Redefining Design in Construction

Sustainability of HSR as a mass transportation mode in terms of efficient use of natural resources

Transnational Migration, Integration, and Identity: A Study of Kurdish Diaspora in London

Challenges in designing a localisation system suitable for hazardous environments

Can Volunteering Help Create Better Health and Care. An evidence review.

Community Energy in the UK: The End or the Beginning of a Brighter Future?

The Difficulty Of Practising Fine Artists In Making A Living: Why Arts Entrepreneurship Education Is Important

Hybridizing invasive weed optimization with firefly algorithm for unconstrained and constrained optimization problems

Buprenorphine—an atypical opioid: All you need to know

Combining Canonical Variate Analysis, Probability Approach and Support Vector Regression for Failure Time Prediction

Social responsibility and ethics

Pricing and Discounting

Ethnography: challenges and opportunities

Understanding And Modelling Thermal Energy Demand And Emissions In Urban Environments

The Greater The Power, The More Dangerous The Abuse: Facing Malicious Insiders in The Cloud

Study Of Fluid Flow Assurance In Hydrocarbon Production – Investigation Wax Mechanisms

Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Optimisation of Wireless Sensor Networks

Data Acquisition and Data Analysis in Skin Measurements

Effect of Surfactant on ThreePhase Relative Permeability in Water-Alternating-Gas Flooding Experiment

Thinking Culturally About Critical Thinking In Cambodia

Nursing Students’ Approaches to Learning and Clinical Decision-making

Urban Wind Turbines: A Feasibility Study

Skin Image Processing and Skin Characterizations

Investigation of the efficacy of an online diagnostic tool for improving the diagnosis of ocular fundus lesions imaged by Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Navigating intimacy with ecstasy: The emotional, spatial and boundaried dynamics of couples’ MDMA experiences

Synthesis of hydrophobically modified polyacrylamide and investigation of its behaviour in porous media

The Role Of Organizational Culture And Commitment On Job Embeddedness And Stay Intention In Hong Kong

Building an adaptive E-learning system

Effect of tin fluoride content on the structure and properties of phosphate glass – polyamide 11 hybrids

For the times they are a-changing.

What is a case study?

Social movements

Collective Violence

On obfuscating compilation for encrypted computing

New Pathways in the Synthesis of 2-Dimensional Materials

The Turing Guide

Rhythmic variations of labour

Encrypted computing: Speed, security and provable obfuscation against insiders

Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management: A Comparative Analysis of Cultural Barriers in Chinese Companies

Community Development, Tourism and the Sustainable Development Fund within the Brecon Beacons National Park

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in Practice Placements: Experiences of pre-registration student nurses with dyslexia

A Double Masked Randomised Crossover Trial of two Silicone Hydrogel Multifocal Contact Lenses

Reciprocating compressor prognostics of an instantaneous failure mode utilising temperature only measurements

Autism and old age

Healthcare stakeholders' perceptions and experiences of factors affecting the implementation of critical care telemedicine (CCT): Qualitative evidence synthesis

Review: Burnout and its relationship to empathy in nursing: A review of the literature

The challenge of nutritional management in people with kidney disease

Support for sustained breastfeeding

Primary and Secondary Stroke Prevention Strategies

Study Of Fluid Flow Assurance In Hydrocarbon Production – Investigation Wax Mechanisms

Modelling Of The Thermal Interactions Of Underground Railways With Nearby Vertical Ground Heat Exchangers In An Urban Environment

Usher syndrome: A phenomenological study of adults across the lifespan living in England

Stroke 3: life after stroke, assessment and rehabilitation

Considering employment of young people with intellectual impairment and autism leaving school and college

The Dialectics of Work and Leisure in Marx, Lukács and Lefebvre

Have You Voted? Teaching OSCOLA with Mentimeter

Processing and characterisation of silicon micro-rod solar cells

How And Why Might Secondary School Mathematics Teachers Situate Real-World Equity Issues The Classroom?

Permeability of Corncob Ash, Anthill soils and Rice husk replaced concrete

The diet conundrum

Led by a cuppa: the journey of an Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist

Check a pulse—save a life

Jean Lambert-wild ou la scène au-delà du visuel

Pills or push-ups?

Heart disease and mental health

The future of specialist nursing

Tracked-wheel crawler robot for vertically aligned mooring chain climbing design:simulation and validation of a climbing robot for mooring chain

Optimisation of mechanical activation of aluminium for an economical on-demand hydrogen production

Can a training programme in motivational interviewing change musculoskeletal physiotherapists’ practice? The example of low back pain

Co-creating in the Networks: A Reply to “What is 21st Century Photography?” [Internet Publication]

Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in Practice Placements: Experiences of pre-registration student nurses with dyslexia

Orthokeratology, binocular co-ordination and myopia control

A World with Robots

Is “transforming care” failing people with autism?

Hiding in Plain Sight: A Longitudinal Study of Combosquatting Abuse

Art museum knowledge and the crisis of representation

Does physical activity change following hip and knee replacement? Matched case-control study evaluating Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Context-Aware Personalized Activity Modeling in Concurrent Environment

Hadoop and what it is good for

Canonical Variable Analysis for Fault Detection, System Identification and Performance Estimation

Towards an adaptive SOA-based QoS & Demand-Response Provisioning Architecture for the Smart Grid

Accumulate, Aggregate, Destory: Database fever and the archival web

Mobile phones, Foucault and fear: their role in coercive control.

Micro-mechanical properties of the tendon-to-bone attachment

Surface free energy analysis of electrospun fibers based on Rayleigh-Plateau/Weber instabilities

X-ray Imaging of Transplanar Liquid Transport Mechanisms in Single Layer Textiles

Stress concentrations in nanoscale defective graphene

Extreme Toughness Exhibited in Electrospun Polystyrene Fibers

Maternity care international perspectives: setting the scene

Migrant midwives: contributing to a different culture

Hear The Music, Play The Game. Music And Game Design: Interplays And Perspectives

Introduction: Towards a Polyphonic Approach to Games and Music Studies


Investigating the Application of Project Management Principles to Research Projects – An Exploratory Study

Mucosa-associated invariant T cells link intestinal immunity with antibacterial immune defects in alcoholic liver disease

HFE mRNA expression is responsive to intracellular and extracellular iron loading: short communication

Erratum to: HFE mRNA expression is responsive to intracellular and extracellular iron loading: short communication

Knowledge sharing maturity model for Jordanian construction sector

Dysfunctional Cognitions in Online Gaming and Internet Gaming Disorder: a Narrative Review and New Classification

Investigating the Scope for Agile Project Management to Be Adopted by Higher Education Institutions

The impact of IEQ on occupants’ satisfaction in Malaysian buildings

The views of older people and health professionals about dignity in acute hospital care.

Drywall Construction Workshop for acousticians

Rola samorządów w kształtowaniu polityki mieszkaniowej. Przykład Wielkiej Brytanii

Disulfiram overcomes bortezomib and cytarabine resistance in Down-syndrome-associated acute myeloid leukemia cells

Novel Trigeneration Analysis Model (TAM) for Assessing Optimal Cooling and CCHP Scenarios in Urban New Developments

The Relation between Survivin Gene Expression and Urinary Bladder Cancer Disease

Crowd Theory Thamesmead

Nuclear insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor phosphorylates proliferating cell nuclear antigen and rescues stalled replication forks after DNA damage

Predictive Condition Monitoring Of Rotating Machinery With Application To Gas Turbines And Compressors

An Investigation into the Effects of Classroom Acoustics on Teachers’ Voices

Investigation of a new clinical method of measuring amplitude of accommodation

Hip-Spine Interaction in Low Back Pain: The Role of the Hip Extensors

Causes of construction accidents in Oman

An ethnographic investigation into Mongolian management in the context of cultural and institutional changes

EP-1845: The impact of intra-fractional bladder filling on adaptive bladder radiotherapy

Sustainability of HSR as a Mass Transportation Mode in terms of Efficient use of Natural Resources

Social Sustainability of High-Speed Railway-Comparative Study

Keynote Presentation: Investigating the Critical Success Factors for the Management of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Projects

Seminar: Building a Project Management Office to Support Collaborative Research Projects

Machine Learning based optimised live virtual machine migration over WAN Links

An Investigation of the Operational Reliability of High-Speed Railways and Possible Measures to Improve it

Network Coding for Energy Efficient Transmission in Wireless Body Area Networks

Carbon-Nanodot Solar Cells from Renewable Precursors

Photoelectrocatalysis of Rhodamine B and solar hydrogen production by TiO2 and Pd/TiO2 catalyst systems

Pyroelectric energy harvesting for water splitting

Enhanced photocatalytic activity of heterostructured ferroelectric BaTiO3/α-Fe2O3 and the significance of interface morphology control

Simulating Auditory Hallucinations in a Video Game: Three Prototype Mechanisms

Technoshamanic Visions from the Underworld II

Parallel (of Life and) Architecture: The Ostrich and the Kipper

Archidoodle City: An Architect's Activity Book

The Hearing Trumpet

Disaster 'soft' and 'hard' laws: building resilience for displaced people in the Middle East and North Africa (mena) region.

Developing the Business Process Management Performance of an Information System Using the Delphi Study Technique

Disputed Earth

Ever Growth

The Evolution and analysis of the viability of human resources and its relationship with the innovative capacity: An empirical study in various European countries

The Evolution and analysis of the viability of human resources and its relationship with the innovative capacity: An empirical study in various European countries

Always On: Mobile Culture and Its Temporal Consequences

Of Drones and Angels: GAIKA's Sonic Images of Urban Resistance

From confidence crises and action norms to self-reflection and individual actions

Space Temple

Barriers and enablers of type 2 diabetes self-management in people with severe mental illness

Bio fuel: Environmentally benign biodiesel production from renewable sources

Podcast with Prof Helen Gunter about ''Knowledge, Experts and Accountability in School Governing Bodies"