Exploring Aspects of Strategic Management for a Small Plant Bakery

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Leary, PA, Bell, GA and Thomson, EM (2017). Exploring Aspects of Strategic Management for a Small Plant Bakery. British Academy of Management 2016 Conference. Newcastle upon Tyne 06 - 08 Jun 2016 London South Bank University.
AuthorsLeary, PA, Bell, GA and Thomson, EM

This paper explores the use some aspects of strategic management in order to inform a small plant bakery. We briefly review key theories underpinning business strategy and its implementation. A small plant bakery in the UK was analysed, identifying its Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) comparing these with previous periods and other successful bakery businesses. Furthermore, the case study strategy is used to guide this research. We seek to determine if critical success factors and key performance indicators can be used to improve strategic direction, performance and prioritise new investment. Together with reviewing the small plant bakery’s employee’s opinions of how they feel the small plant bakery is achieving on its strategy and CSF’s. The findings of this research are described and further refinements for future research are proposed.

PublisherLondon South Bank University
Accepted author manuscript
CC BY 4.0
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Print06 Jun 2017
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Deposited12 Apr 2017
Accepted06 Jun 2017
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