Unifying theories of programming Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10134

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Bowen, JP and Zhu, H (2017). Unifying theories of programming Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10134. 10134, pp. V-VI.
AuthorsBowen, JP and Zhu, H

Preface to the UTP 2016 Symposium proceedings Interest in the fundamental problem of the combination of formal notations and theories of programming has grown consistently in recent decades. The theories define, in various different ways, many common notions, such as abstraction, refinement, choice,
termination, feasibility, locality, concurrency, and communication. Despite these differences, such theories may be unified in a way that greatly facilitates their study and
comparison. Moreover, such a unification offers a means of combining different languages describing various facets and artefacts of software development in a seamless and logically consistent manner.

Keywords08 Information And Computing Sciences; Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Journal citation10134, pp. V-VI
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Print27 Jan 2017
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Accepted05 Jun 2016
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