Ever Growth

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Federico, R (2017). Ever Growth. in: Federico, R (ed.) The Italian Stone Theatre Marmomac 2017 Italy Editoriale Domus S.P.A..
AuthorsFederico, R
EditorsFederico, R

Ever Growth is the project developed by Federico Rossi for the exhibition and catalogue for "The Italian Stone Theatre" published with Domus 1017

Keywordsdesign; exhibtion; generative design; robotic machining; marble; architecture; furniture; digital manufacturing
Book titleThe Italian Stone Theatre Marmomac 2017
PublisherEditoriale Domus S.P.A.
Place of publicationItaly
Publication dates
Print03 Sep 2017
Publication process dates
Deposited27 Apr 2019
Accepted03 Sep 2017
Web address (URL)http://architetturaedesign.marmomac.com/it/mostre/territorio-design/
Journal citationDomus
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CC BY 4.0
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