Archidoodle City: An Architect's Activity Book


Bowkett, S (2017). Archidoodle City: An Architect's Activity Book. London Laurence King Publishers.
AuthorsBowkett, S

More than half of the World’s population now live in urban centres across the globe and this figure is increasing year on year. Our capacity to deal with booming urban populations and reinvent how we live in cities is at the core of how many Architects and Urban Planners spend their time. ‘Archidoodle City’ is a book dedicated to imagining what some cities may have looked like in the past and what they could be in the future. Like my original book, ‘Archidoodle’, it is an activity book that invites the reader to design, sketch, colour and doodle on aspects of architecture, only this time the focus is ‘The City’. I have drawn from a broad spectrum of examples of cities and their details as the starting point for each exercise. These range from ancient to contemporary, small to large scale, academic to playful with the overriding focus on having fun whilst you draw.

You are at liberty to draw in any style and with any medium you please. All of my drawings are somewhat clean and neat but this is only for the sake of clarity and you are encouraged to experiment with different drawing tools within and around the spaces provided. Many people, particularly in schools and colleges, found ‘Archidoodle’ to be a good portfolio prima and I hope ‘Archidoodle City’ is equally as useful in inspiring you all to draw and to dream about the future of our urban environment.

PublisherLaurence King Publishers
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Print20 Feb 2017
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Deposited20 Mar 2019
Accepted20 Feb 2017
Place of publicationLondon
ISBN978 178067 608 1
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