The Role Of Organizational Culture And Commitment On Job Embeddedness And Stay Intention In Hong Kong

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Fong, V (2017). The Role Of Organizational Culture And Commitment On Job Embeddedness And Stay Intention In Hong Kong. Prof Doc Thesis London South Bank University School of Business
AuthorsFong, V
TypeProf Doc Thesis

This research focuses on investigating the work and non-work dimensions of job
embeddedness to stay intention and its relationship with organizational culture and
commitment in Hong Kong, using a mixed methods approach. A large organization
with over 200 staff in one of the major retail sectors in Hong Kong was chosen for a
case study.
To investigate the relationship between job embeddedness, organizational culture,
organisational commitment and stay intention, firstly, a questionnaire survey was
conducted (100 respondents) and a partial least square approach was used to identify
relationship. Secondly, face-to-face interviews were conducted (9 respondents) at the
company to triangulate the relationships among the constructs. Finally, face-to-face
interviews results and documented exit interviews from the company were also analyzed
to validate three important factors of cultural practice (fair reward, competence
development and empowerment) which is crucial for talent management.
The positive relationship of stay intention with organizational culture;
organizational commitment; and job embeddedness were investigated using quantitative
research approaches and triangulated with the qualitative research findings. The work
dimension of job embeddedness was more applicable to stay intention. Job
embeddedness was found to mediate the effect between organizational culture and stay
intention, and between organizational commitment and stay intention. Analysis of the
face-to-face and exit interviews identified fair reward, competence development and
empowerment as important factors for talent management.
The job embeddedness model (Mitchell et al. 2001) has not been investigated in
the approach within the context of Hong Kong as this research. Three cultural factors - fair reward, competence development and empowerment are important for supporting
talent management in the company and would probably help staff recruitment and

PublisherLondon South Bank University
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