Review: Exploring an autoethnographic stance with poetry in children’s nursing

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West, R. (2017). Review: Exploring an autoethnographic stance with poetry in children’s nursing. Journal of Research in Nursing.
AuthorsWest, R.

As a tool that facilitates reflection and reflective practice, the reviewed study has articulated the strength of poetry. The study acknowledges the subjective nature of the activity. What is noted is that the exercise and activity of poetry, while solitary, has the power to exude and affect the perception and senses to self and others. As a medium that is both absorbing and provoking, the author also demonstrates that poetry is potentially a dynamic lifelong learning tool that can address personal and professional issues in the moment, from the past and to prepare for future behaviours and practice.

JournalJournal of Research in Nursing
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Print01 Nov 2017
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Accepted01 Nov 2017
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