The Experiences of Male Holocaust Victims at Auschwitz

Unfinished business: a conversation on sound art in the united kingdom

A literature review about the prevalence and identification of people with an intellectual disability within Court Liaison and Diversion Services.

Pressure drop, void fraction and flow pattern of vertical air-silicone oil flows using differential pressure transducer and advanced instrumentation

Human Rights in Nursing Practice

Firms clustering in presence of technological renewal processes

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Adults with Dissociative Seizures: The CODES Randomised Controlled Trial

The health of the nursing workforce. A survey of National Nurse Associations

Skewed non-Gaussian GARCH models for cryptocurrencies volatility modelling

Daily exposure to formaldehyde and acetaldehyde and potential health risk associated with use of high and low nicotine e-liquid concentrations

Enhanced Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Ability of Cu-Doped Anatase TiO2 Thin Films: Theory and Experiment

The Critical Raw Materials in Cutting Tools for Machining Applications: A Review

Parental Responsibilities and Moral Status

The visualisation on Pangolin scales using gelatine lifters

Measuring PMO Performance – Application of the Balanced Scorecard in a Collaborative Research Context

An experimental study on lap joining of multiple sheets of aluminium alloy (AA 5754) using friction stir spot welding

Chemical functionalisation of 2D materials via batch and continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis

Cervical spine radiculopathy epidemiology

Overview on Pattern identification – history, nature and strategies for treating patients: a narrative review

Comparison of the Yearly Power Generation of a Pumping Cycle Kite Power System and a Traditional Wind Turbine in Aberdeen Scotland UK

Physical configuration-based feedforward active noise control using adaptive second-order truncated Volterra filter

Daring to tilt worlds: the fiction of Irenosen Okojie.

Reading intersections of race, class and gender in fiction by black British women writers.

Parenting styles and metacognitions as predictors of cannabis use

On the Plane Symmetric Bricard Mechanism

Student voice in higher education: Opening the loop

Liquidity transmission and the subprime mortgage crisis: a multivariate GARCH approach

What does the future hold for the nursing associate role?

Creative acts of citizenship: Performance of activist citizenship by migrant artists

Spirals, Spikes and Spinning Wheels: Temporal models challenging the sustainability agenda in relation to fast fashion consumption.

Measuring the impact of the Capital Card®†, a novel form of contingency management, on substance misuse treatment outcomes: A retrospective evaluation

A comparative assessment of chemical stabilisers including waste materials, for the treatment of swelling-shrinking soils

Towards an improved understanding of plasticity, friction and wear mechanisms in precipitate containing AZ91 Mg alloy

Impact of congenital heart disease on siblings – a review

Who set the ball rolling? The first prescribers of OxyContin

Combined Hazard Analyses to Explore the Impact of Liquid Hydrogen Fuel on the Civil Aviation Industry

Patient and Family Member Experiences of Involvement in Critical Care Research and Quality Improvement Projects

Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficient Technologies

Motor entry point acupuncture for shoulder abduction dysfunction after stroke: a randomized controlled feasibility trial

Innovative education for people with chronic kidney disease: an evaluation study

Smoking amongst adults experiencing homelessness: A systematic review of prevalence rates, interventions and the barriers and facilitators to quitting and staying quit

Thermal performance analysis of a new structured-core translucent vacuuminsulation panel in comparison to vacuum glazing: Experimental and theoretically validated analyses

Landscapes, Real and Imagined: ‘REforREal’

Vortex fluidic mediated synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticle/MXene composites

Social norms and e-motions in problematic social media use among adolescents

Can Chinese Medicine Be Used for Prevention of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)? A Review of Historical Classics, Research Evidence and Current Prevention Programs

Setting the Scientific Stage for Esports Psychology: A Systematic Review

How visual information influences dual-task driving and tracking

Review of Test Procedures for the Characterisation of the Acoustics Properties of Alternative Ventilation Ducts

An Adaptive Task Scheduling Method for Networked UAV Combat Cloud System Based on Virtual Machine and Task Migration

Exploring the financial risk of a temperature index: a fractional integrated approach

The Skew Normal multivariate risk measurement framework

Sustainable consumption behaviours in P2P accommodation platforms: an exploratory study

Systemic risk assessment through high order clustering coefficient

Teams in New Ventures: Gender, Human Capital and Motivation

Multidimensional eHealth Literacy for Infertility

How visual information influences dual-task driving and tracking

An adaptive dwell time scheduling model for phased array radar based on three-way decision

Globalisation and HR practices in Africa: When culture refuses to make way for so-called universalistic perspectives

Resisting global universalistic practices - the endurance of culture and particularism in African HRM

Mapping child growth failure across low- and middle-income countries

Mapping disparities in education across low- and middle-income countries

Direct muscle electrical stimulation as a method for the in vivo assessment of force production in m. abductor hallucis

Thermal Energy Harvesting Using Pyroelectric-Electrochemical Coupling in Ferroelectric Materials

Improving Trip- and Slip-Resisting Skills in Older People: Perturbation Dose Matters

The “doing” or the “being”? Understanding the roles of involvement and social identity in peer-led addiction support groups

A Peer Reviewed Newspaper About_ Research Networks

Autism in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities: A Report on The First Autism Voice UK Symposium

The workload of the diabetes specialist nurse workforce in the UK

Sound exposure of choristers

An objective comparison of detection and segmentation algorithms for artefacts in clinical endoscopy

The Costs of Accidents in Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia Construction Industry

Women and waterbirth: a systematic meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Functional evaluation and testing of a newly developed Teleost’s Fish Otolith derived biocomposite coating for healthcare

FDM-based Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing): Techniques for Polymer Material Systems

The off-prescription use of modafinil: an online survey of perceived risks and benefits

Foot strike alters ground reaction force and knee load when stepping down during ongoing walking

Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Synthesis of Blue-Luminescent, Excitation-Independent Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Quantum Dots as Nanosensors

Do virtual renal clinics improve access to kidney care? A preliminary impact evaluation of a virtual clinic in east London.

Air infiltration control to reduce hygiene hazard in refrigerated food processing and storage facilities

Statistical measurement of trees’ similarity

Continuum beliefs are associated with higher problem recognition than binary beliefs among harmful drinkers without addiction experience.

Another Map from P^7 to the Study Quadric

Cloud-based Autonomic Computing Framework for Securing SCADA Systems

Developing an E-Cigarette Ontology

Is Category Expansion a Realistic Long-Term Objective for Established Brands?

Editorial for special issue: Vulnerable Groups: Addiction Research, Policy and Practice

Using knowledge discovery through data mining to gain intelligence from routinely collected incident reporting in an acute English hospital

On the Use of the Theory of Critical Distances with Mesh Control for Fretting Fatigue Lifetime Assessment

Alchemical Adaptations: Performing Leonora Carrington's The Hearing Trumpet

The quality and reliability of the mechanical stethoscopes and Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) to record tracheal sounds

Practical Scholarship: Optimising Beneficial Research Collaborations Between Autistic Scholars, Professional Services Staff and ‘Typical Academics’ in UK Universities

Deferred Heritage: digital renderings of sites of future knowledge production.

Problematizing ‘Liberation’ and Democratisation in post-independence Eritrea

Ignition of flammable hydrogen/air mixtures by high mass mechanical impact of Magnox contaminated surfaces

Datafication, Fluidity, and Organisational Change: Towards A Universal ‘PSM 3.0’

Environmental Geology

The Euler Spiral of Rat Whiskers

Novel economic modelling of a Peer-to-Peer Electricity Market with the inclusion of distributed energy storage

The Family in Modern Germany

Networks as ‘Laboratories of Experience’: exploring the life cycle of the suffrage movement and its aftermath in Ireland 1870-1937

The role of Design as a barrier to and enabler of the Circular Economy

Digital Affect and the Microbiological in Maxì Dejoie’s The Gerber Syndrome: il contagio and Alex Infascelli’s H2Odio

Teaching Family Mediation in Higher Education

Context-Specific Drinking and Social Anxiety: The Roles of Anticipatory Anxiety and Post-Event Processing

Communicating the Relative Health Risks of E-Cigarettes: An online experimental study exploring the Effects of a Comparative Health Message versus the EU Nicotine Addiction Warnings on Smokers’ and Non-Smokers’ Risk Perceptions and Behavioural Intentions.

Preliminary Study of a Solar Assisted Heating System

Strategies of Preparation and Impression Management - How Innocence can Backfire

Women in Public Life: campaigns for the equal political representation of women in nineteenth and twentieth century Britain