Algorithmic Music for Synthesised Strings


Parkinson, A. (2020). Algorithmic Music for Synthesised Strings. Los Angeles, California Astral Plane Recordings.
CreatorsParkinson, A.

This output consists of a suite of 12 compositions titled “Algorithmic Music for Synthesised Strings” (AMSS) released as a 37 minute album under the Dane Law alias.

The album was released on 24th April 2020 by Astral Plane recordings and available on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp to stream or download. The compositions use a set of algorithms to generate musical sequences and synthesise sound. AMSS communicates research from the academic discipline of Music Computing to the broader cultural sector, reaching wider audiences in popular electronic.

Keywordsmusic, computer music, sound art
Date24 Apr 2020
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All rights reserved
Place of publicationLos Angeles, California
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One piece from the album (Michael) has been uploaded here as an MP3, and links are provided for streams to the full album under Web address and Related URL.

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Deposited11 May 2020
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