The usefulness and application of fuzzy logic and fuzzy AHP in the materials finishing industry

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Averill, A. (2020). The usefulness and application of fuzzy logic and fuzzy AHP in the materials finishing industry. Transactions of the IMF. 98 (5), pp. 224-233.
AuthorsAverill, A.

It is suggested that fuzzy logic could occupy a more prominent role in the materials finishing industry. Whilst a number of applications have already been made to control finishing processes and help with decision making, there is clearly scope for extending the use of fuzzy logic in the industry. After surveying some of these applications, the background to fuzzy logic is described and its set theory explained. Finally, the steps involved in selecting an environmentally acceptable metal cleaning agent from possible alternatives using a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) are described in detail. As illustration, two different sets of selection criteria ranking are considered for choosing (i) the best solvent for cleaning equipment to be used in oxygen service and (ii) for cleaning metal parts prior to further finishing treatment.

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KeywordsMechanics of Materials; Surfaces, Coatings and Films; Surfaces and Interfaces; Condensed Matter Physics; Metals and Alloys
JournalTransactions of the IMF
Journal citation98 (5), pp. 224-233
PublisherInforma UK Limited
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Online14 Sep 2020
Print02 Sep 2020
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Accepted03 Jul 2020
Deposited08 Jul 2020
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