Sanitation and Human Security in South Sudan

PhD Thesis

Ogunfemi, Q. (2020). Sanitation and Human Security in South Sudan. PhD Thesis London South Bank University School of Law and Social Sciences
AuthorsOgunfemi, Q.
TypePhD Thesis

This research investigated the pathways through which sanitation affects human security using the case of South Sudan. The country has faced multiple intermittent and devastating disasters since 1955, the cumulative effect of which has impacted sanitation and human security leaving about two-thirds of the population in need of humanitarian assistance. In consequence, it becomes a necessity to examine
implications of these on achieving a target of the sustainable development goal which aims to end open defecation particularly among people in vulnerable situations by 2030. Reviewing the literature revealed that there are theoretical and empirical gaps on the relationship between sanitation and human security resulting in the sanitation security model being designed to create starting points for data collection, analysis, interpretation and discussion. Site visit to South Sudan and use of qualitative data collection methods highlighted contextual nuances and processes required in addressing research question. By applying case study research design and contextually appropriate research methods, the differences, similarities, variations and contradictions in rural, urban and displaced persons site regarding the research topic were investigated. It is found that the sanitation and human security nexus is complex and bidirectional with security and sustainable sanitation as intervening factors. There is the need for more appropriately contextualised research, policy and practice on sanitation and human security both together and apart if the sustainable development goals are to be met and poverty eradicated.

PublisherLondon South Bank University
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