Variable Structure-Based Control for Dynamic Temperature Setpoint Regulation in Hospital Extreme Healthcare Zones

Introducing critical autism studies (CAS) from the Anglophone research

Accuracy Improvement of the Huygens' Principle-Based Method for UWB Microwave Imaging

Automated Breast Tissue Classification Through Machine Learning Using Dielectric Data

A Double-Layer Blockchain Based Trust Management Model for Secure Internet of Vehicles

Fabrication of monodisperse droplets and microcapsules using microfluidic chips: a review of methodologies and applications

Identifying lifestyle factors associated to co-morbidity of obesity and psychiatric disorders, a pilot study

Psychometric properties and psychological correlates of the COVID‐19 Anxiety Syndrome Scale: A comprehensive systematic review and meta‐analysis

In silico interrogation of the miRNAome of infected haematopoietic cells to predict processes important for human cytomegalovirus latent infection

Executive functioning, time perception, and prospective memory in adults with dyslexia

Additive Manufacturing and Physicomechanical Characteristics of PEGDA Hydrogels: Recent Advances and Perspective for Tissue Engineering

Nanostructured Al2O3/Graphene Additive in Bio-Based Lubricant: A Novel Approach to Improve Engine Performance

In silico interrogation of the miRNAome of infected haematopoietic cells to predict processes important for human cytomegalovirus latent infection.

Editor’s Introduction

Public libraries as settings for the development of critical health literacy in children.

INDCOR white paper on the Design of Complexity IDNs

The Arab COVID‐19 Anxiety Syndrome Scale (C‐19ASS): COVID‐19 anxiety syndrome and psychological symptoms in the Saudi Arabian population

Patterns of load distribution among the legs in small water striders during standing and striding

Clustering networked funded European research activities through rank-size laws

You Can Change the World With a Haircut”: Evaluating the Feasibility of a Barber-led Intervention for Men of Black and Ethnic Minority Heritage to Manage High Blood Pressure

Thresholds of repression and criminalisation of oppositional political activism in the Israeli setter state: a preliminary investigation

Understanding tertiary adrenal insufficiency.

Anti‐ableist language is fully compatible with high‐quality autism research: Response to Singer et al. (2023)

An Artificial-Intelligence-Based omnichannel blood supply chain: A pathway for sustainable development

The Ultimate Event TV: How Happy Valley Defies Ageism and Sexism in the Television Industry

Being good or being known: International reputation of high-speed railway enterprises

Green finance instruments: Exploring minibonds issuance in I taly

Consultation skills development in general practice: findings from a qualitative study of newly recruited and more experienced clinical pharmacists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Influences of smart glasses on postural control under single- and dual-task conditions for ergonomic risk assessment

AIRBODS: Findings and guidance for airborne infection resilience, A publication of Airborne Infection Reduction through Building Operation and Design for SARS-CoV-2 (AIRBODS)

Edible High Town: Assessing the value of urban community gardens.

Mammal abundance varies with geochemical specialisation in the underlying rock formations.

Water-Assisted Synthesis of Next Generation 2D Materials for Energy Storage


The Cytomegalovirus gB/MF59 vaccine candidate induces antibodies against an antigenic domain controlling cell-to-cell spread

A new perspective to evaluate the antecedent path of adoption of digital technologies in major projects of construction industry: A case study in China

Understanding Digital Transformation Challenges: Evidence from Brazilian and British Manufacturers

Recurrance analysis discriminates martial art performance patterns

Social justice in nursing education: A review of the literature

The Art of Meaningful Universal Values

Enabling the green total factor productivity of the construction industry with the prospect of digital transformation

Some Considerations on the Behaviour of Bolted Stainless-Steel Beam-to-Column Connections: A Simplified Analytical Approach

Microscopic stress analysis of nanoscratch induced sub-surface damage in a single-crystal silicon wafer

Alcohol, the overlooked drug: clinical pharmacist perspectives on addressing alcohol in primary care.

The Attitudes and Beliefs About Manual Therapy Held By Patients Experiencing Low Back Pain: A Scoping Review

Acoustics of Sitzprobe Rehearsals

Design and Characterization of a Low-Cost and Efficient Torsional Spring for ES-RSEA

Trade Union Effectiveness in the UK Hospitality Sector: A Case Study Approach

The correlation between values-based leadership and economic success: An empirical evaluation within selected German cooperative banks and related policy implications

A Model For Improving Ethics In Construction Materials And Products Supply Chain Using Blockchain

Why stigma matters in addressing alcohol harm

Hearing assessment of students of a music conservatoire using otoacoustic emissions

Our future in space: The physical and virtual opening-up of parliaments to publics

Generative AI entails a credit-blame asymmetry

Blockchain-Driven Supply Chain Management and Open Innovation

Criminalisation of political activism: a conversation across disciplines

Open Access Policy for LSBU July 2023

Investigating the Impact of Task-Oriented, Relationship-Oriented, and Innovation-Oriented Leadership Competencies on Project Success in Pakistan: A Moderated Model of Multi-Dimensional Senior Management Support

Public Engagement in the Welsh Parliament

In Situ Reconfigurable Continuum Robot with Varying Curvature Enabled by Programmable Tensegrity Building Blocks

A Guiding Framework for Process Parameter Optimisation of Thermal Spraying

Does low-carbon pilot policy in China improve corporate profitability? The role of innovation and subsidy

Improving affordable housing delivery through the reduction of rework in the supply chain

Insights and Practice on Embedding Sustainability in Engineering Education

Industry 5.0 and Environmental, Social, and Governance Initiatives in Supply Chain Sustainability

Analysis of changes in the national mental health nursing workforce in England, 2011-2021

The Biafran Self-Determination Question: Challenges and Prospects

Questioning Student Voice Practices

Business Strategy as Human Rights Risk: the Case of Private Equity

Mechanical Behavior of 3D Printed Poly(ethylene glycol) Diacrylate Hydrogels in Hydrated Conditions Investigated Using Atomic Force Microscopy

Realising URRLC for Smart Energy Network Services

Reflecting on the experiential journey: Creating, developing and understanding leadership in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within a Faculty

Xenotransplantation: A historical ethical account of viewpoints

Outstanding visible light photocatalysis by nano-TiO2 hybrids with nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots and/or reduced graphene oxide

Breast Cancer Detection using Machine Learning Approaches on Microwave-based Data

Radar-based Imaging through StrokeWave Device: Preliminary Experimental Results

A Mechanistic Model on Catalyst Deactivation by Coke Formation in a CSTR Reactor

Drug Breakdown: Carbimazole

An Approach to Detect Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Using UWB Radar-Based Temporal and Spectral Features

The Effects of Activating Gender-Related Social Roles on Financial Risk-Taking

Comparative Production of Bio-Oil from In Situ Catalytic Upgrading of Fast Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass

Viseme Embeddings for Commonly Confused Words in Lip-Reading

3D printed SrNbO2N photocatalyst for degradation of organic pollutants in water

Playing at the School Table: Systematic Literature Review of Board, Tabletop, and other Analogue Game-Based Learning Approaches

Should we promote alcohol problems as a continuum? Implications for policy and practice

Phase prediction and experimental realisation of a new high entropy alloy using machine learning

Contract Violations in the Construction Projects: How Contractual Obligations are Reached Affects Contractual and Reputational Enforcement

Space and social distancing in managing and preventing COVID-19 community spread: An overview.

The state of the art of risk management in projects

Editorial Introduction: Synergies Between Game Music and Electronic Dance Music in Cultural Context

Occupational therapy students’ experiences of professional reasoning during practice-based learning: A dialogical analysis

Power, Participation, and Private Regulatory Initiatives: Human Rights Under Supply Chain Capitalism (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2021) Edited by Daniel Brinks, Julia Dehm, Karen Engle and Kate Taylor

Reframing migrant narratives through arts practice

Artificial Intelligence enabled histological prediction of remission or activity and clinical outcomes in ulcerative colitis

Microfluidic synthesis of monodisperse and size-tunable CsPbBr3 supraparticles

Comparison of Fabrication Methods for Fiber‐Optic Ultrasound Transmitters Using Candle‐Soot Nanoparticles

Study on refined mathematical model of solar chimney power plant integrated with seawater desalination and the influence of dewing

Settings for the development of health literacy: A conceptual review

Drug Breakdown: Sitagliptin

Control over Multi-Scale Self-Organization-Based Processes under the Extreme Tribological Conditions of Cutting through the Application of Complex Adaptive Surface-Engineered Systems

An assessment of different alkali-activated cements as stabilisers of sulphate-bearing soils

The Asymmetry between Threats and Opportunities in Risk Management: Results from a Survey among APM Corporate Members

Implementing a discharge process for patients undergoing elective surgery: Rapid review

Data Driven Machine Learning Model for Condition Monitoring and Anomaly Detection in Power Grids

Parametric design of a modular acoustic panel for sound recording space versatility

Results from The Quiet Project - UK Acoustic Community's response to Covid-19

Iatrogenic effects of Reboot/ NoFap on public health: A preregistered survey study

A Study on Modelling Energy Performance in Buildings

Thermo-physical characteristics of 3C-SiC structure subjected to microwave exposure: A molecular dynamics study

Double-Tuned Birdcage Radio Frequency Coil for 7 T MRI: Optimization, Construction and Workbench Validation

"I have no control over how much time I play" the metacognitions about online gaming scale: Evidence from a cross-cultural validation among Israeli adolescents.

The Metacognitions about Binge Eating Questionnaire (MBEQ): investigation of the association between specific metacognitions and Binge Eating Disorder

Defining Short-Term Accommodation for Animals

A critical review on cancer vaccines based on tumor-associated anti-gens: a promising immunotherapy

Reliability Improvement of Magnetic Corrosion Monitor for Long-Term Applications

How Much Is Winning a Matter of Luck? A Comparison of 3 × 3 and 5v5 Basketball

Meeting Net Zero Carbon Emission Targets: A case study tailored to local industry

Game-Based Learning in Higher Education using analogue games

Skin Capacitive Image Stitching and Occlusion Measurements

Editorial: How do extreme environments influence psychological functioning for performance?

Loss of a sense of aliveness, bodily unhomeliness and radical estrangement: A phenomenological inquiry into service users’ experiences of psychiatric medication use in the treatment of early psychosis

Human resilience to forward falls: adaptation and transfer of stability control

Assessing the performance gap of two dynamic thermal modelling software tools when comparing with real-time data in relation to thermal loss

System Framework for Digital Monitoring of the Construction of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Based on IoT, BeiDou Navigation System, and 5G Technology

"Ending death, not ending life": Understanding Positive Attitudes toward Assisted Dying in the UK

Carbon emissions from refrigeration used in the UK food industry

Raw Data - A Freeware, Equitable Approach to Dental Topographic Analysis

Non-pharmacological interventions for self-management of fatigue in adults: an umbrella review of potential interventions to support patients recovering from critical illness

Data mining to map nutrition value of industrial cheese produced in France

TRACK-a new algorithm and open-source tool for the analysis of pursuit-tracking sensorimotor integration processes.

Spatial regulation of the glycocalyx component podocalyxin is a switch for prometastatic function

Wellbeing and lifestyle in transplantation (WALT): selected themes from a qualitative study

Editor’s Introduction

Prediction of the cross-sectional capacity of cold-formed CHS using numerical modelling and machine learning

Worldview Literacy as Transformative Knowledge

Evaluating the feasibility and acceptability of home-based urinalysis for albumin-creatinine ratio with smartphone technology: a quality improvement project

Neural Network-Based Li-Ion Battery Aging Model at Accelerated C-Rate

Developing an evidence-Informed decolonising curriculum wheel – A reflective piece

Miscellaneous Factors. In Health and welfare of captive reptiles

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Secrecy Energy-Efficient UAV Communication with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface

Measures of neck muscle strength and their measurement properties in adults with chronic neck pain-a systematic review.

Research on development of aspheric diffractive optical element for mid-infrared imaging

Recent Progress and Perspective on Batteries made from Nuclear Waste

The opportunities and challenges of digitalization for SME's

Toward a Minor Tech: A Peer-reviewed Newspaper, Volume 12, Issue 1, 2023

Corrigendum: The moderating effect of learning experience on learning motivation and learning outcomes of international students

Ecological and Carbon Footprints of Cities

Recognising & responding to defendants with intellectual disability in court settings

Evaluating the implementation of IBA interventions with students in a university setting

An Intelligent model for supporting Edge Migration for Virtual Function Chains in Next Generation Internet of Things

The role of metacognitions in cyberbullying and cybervictimization among adolescents diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety Disorders: A case‐control study

Nanoindentation Response of 3D Printed PEGDA Hydrogels in a Hydrated Environment

Enhanced History Matching Process by Incorporation of Saturation Logs as Model Selection Criteria

Innovative Higher Education Approaches for Power System Courses

Just a famous actor sitting in front of a judge: Hugh Grant’s presentation of self in the Leveson inquiry

A Preprogrammable Continuum Robot Inspired by Elephant Trunk for Dexterous Manipulation

Radiation-free Microwave Technology for Breast Lesion Detection using Supervised Machine Learning Model

Drug Breakdown: Celecoxib

Double-spiral: a bioinspired pre-programmable compliant joint with multiple degrees of freedom

A Framework for User-Focused Electronic Health Record System Leveraging Hyperledger Fabric

The Museum – A Conversation

The cross-cultural training needs of football coaches

Nanoparticle mediated cancer cell therapy: Basic science to clinical applications

Mobile Zoos and Other Itinerant Animal Handling Events: Current Status and Recommendations for Future Policies

Insightful Electric Vehicle Utility Grid Aggregator Methodology Based on the G2V and V2G Technologies in Egypt

End-to-end Lip-reading: A Preliminary Study

General Practitioner Autism Training and Mandatory Medical Training: A Cross-Sectional Study of GPs’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices

Understanding the role of peer pressure on engineering students' learning behavior: A TPB perspective

Chemistry of Fingerprint Residue

Characterization of quenched MD simulated porous carbon electrodes for supercapacitors

Influence of a Hybrid MPPT Technique, SA-P&O, on PV System Performance under Partial Shading Conditions

Oblique nanomachining of Gallium Arsenide explained using AFM experiments and MD simulations

Effect of surface oxide layers in Solid-State Welding of Aluminium Alloys - Review

A demedicalised approach to cognitive behavioural psychotherapy

A perspective on nanocomposite coatings for advanced functional applications

Overcoming the challenges of recruiting and interviewing research participants following critical illness due to Covid-19.

E-cigarette support for smoking cessation: Identifying the effectiveness of intervention components in an online randomised optimisation trial

‘The Great Unknown’- Thea von Harbou’s script for Dr Mabuse, der Spieler (Fritz Lang, Germany,1922)

Racism and the Representation of the Murder of Stephen Lawrence in Audio: An Analysis of Audience Experience of the Immersive Story Environment

Synthesis and optical characterization of lead-free phenylenediammonium bismuth halide perovskites: a long charge carrier lifetime in phenylenediammonium bismuth iodide

North Macedonia

Acoustic wave propagation through panels that are made of used tea bags

Acoustic and aesthetics: The effect of paint on fabric backed by a sound absorber

An audio-based vehicle classifier using convolutional neural network

Mental Health Presentations

Mental Health, Intellectual Disability & Autism.

Multiple group membership, optimistic bias and infection risk in the context of emerging infectious diseases

Real Estate Finance and Economics: A Guide to Securing Finance for Real Estate Project Development in Developed and Emerging Economies

When does control curb opportunistic behavior: Evidence from the construction industry

Reluctant Gangsters Revisited

History taking for patients who lack mental capacity

Subwoofer array design for optimal performance and minimal noise pollution in the Roman theatre of Italica, Spain

Music and the Collective Life of the Prison

Experimental acoustic testing of alternative ventilation ducts

‘The Alchemy of Race and Rights’: The Logic of Historicizing Contempo-rary Narratives on Race, Youth and Gangs

Kinematics from the Active Point of View

SDF - Broken Glass EP