Recognising and addressing health misinformation in nursing practice

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Sharman, J. (2023). Recognising and addressing health misinformation in nursing practice. Primary Health Care. 33 (3).
AuthorsSharman, J.

Misleading and inaccurate health information increasingly being shared within the public domain, particularly via social media platforms. This can result in negative real-world consequences, particularly in the context of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Nurses and other healthcare professionals need to be aware of those people who are susceptible to believing false information and be prepared to have open conversations with patients about what they may have read or heard about health-related matters. Correcting disinformation and misinformation can be complex as it is often based on part truths and if handled inappropriately can risk causing the belief to become further embedded. This article provides nurses with information and resources to address incorrect information in clinical practice, as well as highlighting strategies for debunking online myths.

Keywordsclinical; communication; coronavirus; COVID-19; health promotion; medicines; nurse-patient relations; professional; public health; social media; vaccines
JournalPrimary Health Care
Journal citation33 (3)
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