Vapour-liquid equilibrium of propanoic acid+water at 423.2, 453.2 and 483.2K from 1.87 to 19.38bar. Experimental and modelling with PR, CPA, PC-SAFT and PCP-SAFT

Thiel soft embalmed Porcine Kidney Perfusion Model for focused ultrasound therapy

Students’ concern about indebtedness: A rank based social norms account

Social norms and rank-based nudging: Changing willingness to pay for healthy food

What Forms University? An Integrated Model from Syria

A Simple Standardization Method for the Biodiesel Cold Soak Filtration Apparatus

How do Frog Fractions and Nier use intertextual knowledge to subvert the player's expectations?

Effects of donor/recipient human leukocyte antigen mismatch on human cytomegalovirus replication following liver transplantation.

Experiences of embedding blended physical and digital making into design education

Agriculture, Gendered Time Use, and Nutritional Outcomes: A Systematic Review

The Welfare Effects of Trade in Phytomedicines: A Multi-Disciplinary Analysis of Turmeric Production

Dancing with dirt and wires; reconciling the embodied and the digital in site responsive collaborative practice

Corporate Governance and CSR under the New Legal Regime

Youth justice practice with girls

The hospital building as project and matter of concern: the role of representations in negotiating patient room designs and bodies

Provision of disability adaptations to the home: analysis of household survey data

Bank Size, Risk-taking and Capital Regulation in Bangladesh

Shareholder protection, creditor rights and bank dividend policies

Regulatory hypothesis and bank dividend payouts: Empirical evidence from Italian banking sector

Diffusion of digital innovation in construction: a case study of a UK engineering firm

Designing in caves: using immersive visualisations in design practice.

Decision Context, Associative Learning and Preference Formation in Risky Choic

The Partner Proliferation Problem in Disaster Response Networks

The Perceptions of homeless people regarding their healthcare needs and experiences f receiving healthcare.

Retrospective evaluations of sequences: Testing the predictions of a memory-based analysis

The Effects of Music as an Atmospheric Variable on Consumer Behaviour in the Context of Retailing and Service Environments

Awareness of Various Aspects of Physiotherapy among Medical Residents

Testing a frequency of exposure hypothesis in attentional bias for alcohol-related stimuli amongst social drinkers

Psychological Problems in Parents of Children with Spina Bifida

Numerical Investigations into Dynamic Loading of Rubber Compound

Understanding the ECG part 1: anatomy and physiology

What Does Live Coding Know?

Sound propagation through bone tissue

Quantification of kidneys from 3D ultrasound in pediatric hydronephrosis

Investigation into the application of an acoustic metamaterial for sound attenuation with airflow

Quadrature birdcage coil with distributed capacitors for 7.0 T magnetic resonance data acquisition of small animals

Evaluation of 3D radio-frequency electromagnetic fields for any matching and coupling conditions by the use of basis functions

Non-iterative beamforming based on Huygens principle for multistatic ultrawide band radar: Application to breast imaging

Non-invasive assessment of Neuromuscular Disorders by 7 tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy: Dedicated radio-frequency coil development

Miocene small-bodied ape from Eurasia sheds light on hominoid evolution

Assessment of Silent T1-weighted head imaging at 7 T

Design of Interference-Resilient Medium Access for High Throughput WLANs

Platelet induced hepatocellular carcinoma HEPG2 cell proliferation and angiogenic potential is integrin IIb3 dependent.

Numerical investigation of the thermal performance of water based closed loop oscillating heat pipe (CLOHP)

Validation and acceptability of double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenges in children

Relationship between maternal and child behaviors in pediatric food allergy: an exploratory study

Randomised controlled trial of fish oil supplement to treat cancer cachexia

Health-related quality of life in children with perceived and diagnosed food hypersensitivity

Fussy eating and feeding difficulties in infants and toddlers consuming a cows’ milk exclusion diet

Changing prevalence of wheeze, rhinitis and allergic sensitisation in late childhood: findings from 2 Isle of Wight birth cohorts’ 12-years apart

Association between healthy eating in pregnancy and allergic status of the offspring in childhood

A qualitative study of mothers’ perceptions of weaning and the use of commercial infant food in the United Kingdom

A multi-centre, parallel group superiority trial of silk therapeutic clothing compared to standard care for the management of eczema in children (CLOTHES Trial): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial


Closure to “Time Development of Scour around a Cylinder in Simulated Tidal Currents”

Recreational cocaine use is associated with attenuated latent inhibition

Detection and mapping of illicit drugs and their metabolites in fingermarks by MALDI MS and compatibility with forensic techniques

The effects of e-cigarette visual appearance on craving and withdrawal symptoms in abstinent smokers

Face processing in Williams syndrome is already atypical in infancy

Effects of steel fibres on compressive and flexural strength of steel fibre reinforced concrete

Hub and spoke model for nursing student placements in the UK

Targeting cell cycle regulators in hematologic malignancies

Identifying typologies of user-innovators in value co-creation.

User-innovator typologies in co-innovation: from creativity to reality

Redesigning the Schedule Time Slots for Qatar University to Cope with Local Specificities

TV Production in the Academy: Bringing Commercial Practices into the Classroom

Greenhouse effect reduction by recovering energy from waste landfills in Pakistan

What is quality in assisted living technology? The ARCHIE framework for effective telehealth and telecare services

Co-production in practice: How people with assisted living needs can help design and evolve technologies and services

Social BIM: Co-creation with shared situational awareness

The design and simulation of natural personalised ventilation (NPV) system for multi-bed hospital wards

Is traditional Chinese medicine recommended in Western medicine clinicalpractice guidelines in China? A systematic analysis.

Sustainable Architecture Assemblages

Design Optimisation of CO2 Gas Cooler/Condenser in a Refrigeration System

Diagnosis of CAH in infancy and management in a new nurse led adrenal clinic

Case study presentation: Craniopharyngioma

Endocrine nursing, social media and research: results of an international study

The Clinical Nurse Specialist role in the DSD service in the UK

Society for Endocrinology Competency Framework for Adult Endocrine Nursing: 2nd edition

New nurse prescriber-led clinic for children with adrenal disease

Introduction: Echoes from the Dub Diaspora

Echoes from the Dub Diaspora

Special AT-rich sequence-binding protein 2 suppresses invadopodia formation in HCT116 cells via palladin inhibition

SATB 2 suppresses the progression of colorectal cancer cells via inactivation of MEK 5/ERK 5 signaling

A comparison of subgroup construction workers’ perceptions of a safety program

Investigation of Concrete Recycling in the U.S. Construction Industry

Survey of the current status of sustainable concrete production in the U.S.

Novel metaheuristic hybrid spiral-dynamic bacteria-chemotaxis algorithms for global optimisation

A cluster randomised controlled trial and process evaluation of a training programme for mental health professionals to enhance user involvement in care planning in service users with severe mental health issues (EQUIP): Study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Preferred intensity exercise for adolescents receiving treatment for depression: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Evaluation of the impact of a psycho-educational intervention for people diagnosed with schizophrenia and their primary caregivers in Jordan: A randomized controlled trial

Signatures of systems with non-exchangeable lifetimes: some implications in the analysis of financial risk

Approximating Markov Chains for Bootstrapping and Simulation

Auditory reafferences: The influence of real-time feedback on movement control

The impact of innovation on companies’ performance: an entropy-based analysis of the STAR market segment of the Italian Stock Exchange

Patent Valuation under Spatial Point Processes with Delayed and Decreasing Jump Intensity

Risk and uncertainty in the patent race: a probabilistic model

On the coexistence of innovators and imitators

A review of aggregation techniques for agent-based models: understanding the presence of long-term memory

Evidence of economic regularities and disparities of Italian regions from aggregated tax income size data

Corruptibility and tax evasion

Approximating multivariate Markov chains for bootstrapping through contiguous partitions

Socio-economical analysis of Italy: The case of hagiotoponym cities

Cross ranking of cities and regions: population versus income

An Overview of the Western African Response to the International Counter-terrorism Legal Framework

Gender and the Holocaust: Male and Female Experiences of Auschwitz

Effect of religious rules on time of conception in Romania from 1905 to 2001

A Peer-reviewed Newspaper About_ Datafied Research

Controlling exciton diffusion and fullerene distribution in photovoltaic blends by side chain modification

Fluorescent Red-Emitting BODIPY Oligofluorene Star-Shaped Molecules as a Color Converter Material for Visible Light Communications

Mercaptophosphonic acids as efficient linkers in quantum dot sensitized solar cells

Novel fast color-converter for visible light communication using a blend of conjugated polymers

Unprecedented Strong Panchromic Absorption from Proton-Switchable Iridium (III) Azoimidazolate Complexes

Crítica de la violencia software

Datafied Research - Editorial

Archiving the Databody: Human and Nonhuman Agency in the Documents of Erkki Kurenniemi

Postscript on the Post-digital and the Problem of Temporality

Real-time for Pirate Cinema

M$M@Gaydar - Queering the Social Network

Developing Temporary Manufacturing Facilities For Residential Building: A Case Of The Modern Flying Factory

Strong call to include acoustic education in the music performance curriculum

The Feeding Biomechanics and Dietary Ecology of Paranthropus boisei

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging with chirps: Signal processing and pulse compression

Application of Lean Construction Principles to Enhance the Construction Performance and Flow

Band energy control of molybdenum oxide by surface hydration

Buckeridge et al. Reply:

Polymorph Engineering of TiO2: Demonstrating How Absolute Reference Potentials Are Determined by Local Coordination

Morphological Features and Band Bending at Nonpolar Surfaces of ZnO

Determination of the Nitrogen Vacancy as a Shallow Compensating Center in GaN Doped with Divalent Metals

Traditional Chinese Medicine - challenges for research

Rationale for Ethics and Integrity of a Family Mediator

Strategic interviewing to elicit admissions: Making guilty suspects more forthcoming

Interviewing Strategically to Elicit Admissions From Guilty Suspects

Motivated Memories: Effects of reward and recollection in the core recollection network and beyond

Ultrasonic propagation in finite-length granular chains

Recollection-Related Increases in Functional Connectivity Predict Individual Differences in Memory Accuracy

Retrieval Goal Modulates Memory for Context

Studio for Electronic Theatre – Jumping Into the Abyss of Technology

Impact of proactive case management by multiple sclerosis specialist nurses on use of unscheduled care and emergency presentation in multiple sclerosis

Life Cycle Assessment of salmon cold chains: Comparison between chilling and superchilling technologies

PGCHE Poster: Lessons Learned from the BIM Extracurricular Activity for Construction Students in the Architecture and Built Environment Faculty at LSBU

Modelling and development of sustainable Refrigerated road transport systems

Development of Supercooling as a storage technique for pork

Métodos para evaluar el uso de energía en los almacenes frigoríficos para alimentos (Methods to assess energy usage in food cold stores)

Work-life balance can benefit business during financial crisis and austerity: Human resources (HR) must convince management of the need for a flexible approach

How should "hot" players in basketball be defended? The use of fast-and-frugal heuristics by basketball coaches and players in response to streakiness.

A prospective observational study of machine translation software to overcome the challenge of including ethnic diversity in healthcare research

Behaviour of ultrasonic waves in porous rigid materials: an anisotropic Biot-Attenborough model

Elevated temperature material properties of cold-formed steel hollow sections

If BIM is the solution, what is the problem? A review of the benefits, challenges and key drivers in BIM implementation within the UK construction industry

The role of C-terminal amidation in the membrane interactions of the anionic antimicrobial peptide, maximin H5.

Challenges to leaders in promoting the design of innovative and sustainable social housing

The Role of Context in Virtual Work

Evaluating Lossiness and Fidelity in Visualization

Blast Theory

Barriers against effective responses to early warning signs in projects

Pharmacologic modulation of hand pain in osteoarthritis: A double-blind placebo-controlled functional magnetic resonance imaging study using naproxen

The biomechanical characteristics of wearing FitFlop™ sandals highlight significant alterations in gait pattern: a comparative study.

A review of Fulcrum Consulting's low energy buildings exploring the opportunities and limitations of low energy building design

Some results on the structure and spectra of matrix-products

A semantic-enhanced trajectory visual analytics for digital forensic

Cognitive-behavioural case formulation in the treatment of a complex case of social anxiety disorder and substance misuse

Development of an On-Line System for Precision Dimensional Measurements in Electrical Steels using Approach to Ferromagnetic Saturation

Editorial for the launch of Addictive Behaviors Reports

Using text in visualizations for micro/macro readings

On the Brink of Genuinely Collaborative Care: Reflections on the Use of Experience-based Co-design for Translating Qualitative Research into Service Development

The impact of gambling on rural communities worldwide: A narrative literature review

Rough Riders Two Brothers and the Last Stand at Gallipoli

Indicators for Spatial Planning and Territorial Cohesion: Stakeholder-Driven Selection Approach for Improving Usability at Regional and Local Levels

Acupuncture for the treatment of phantom limb syndrome in lower limb amputees: a randomised controlled feasibility study

Why Education and User Feedback Won’t Close the Performance Gap for University Accommodation

Treatment Outcome and Metacognitive Change in CBT and GET for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Modelling of fault detection in electrical wiring

The experiential impact of hospitalisation: Parent's accounts of caring for young people with early psychosis

The effects of responsible drinking messages on attentional allocation and drinking behaviour.

The close proximity of threat: Altered distance perception in the anticipation of pain

Critical review of procurement method research in construction

Management of Engineering Projects - Critical Success Factors and Integrated Systems Perspective

Ventilation effectiveness and contaminant distribution in an occupied space conditioned with low exergy ventilation technologies in the tropics

Checking New Media Dreaming

Introducing energetic and capacitive energy efficiency measures in the sector of chilled and frozen food storage via an electronic platform

Exploiting voting strategies in partially replicated IEC 61499 applications

The relative contribution of metacognitions and attentional control to the severity of gambling in problem gamblers.

Neknomination': Predictors in a sample of UK university students

Desire thinking as a mediator of the relationship between novelty seeking and craving.

Do you want therapy with that? A critical account of working within IAPT

Experimental study of slender concrete-filled elliptical hollow section beam-columns

AA Members Understandings of the Higher Power (HP) A Qualitative Study

True or false memory? Evidence that naïve observers have difficulty identifying false memories of emotional events, especially for audio-only accounts.

Rational interpolation of car motions

Collaboration in BIM Enabled Design Projects: Effects of Interoperable Information Technologies

An analytical insight into the buckling paradox for circular cylindrical shells under axial and lateral loading

The remote securitisation of Islam in the US post-9/11: euphemisation, metaphors and the “logic of expected consequences” in counter-radicalisation discourse

Dependence of Magnetisation near Saturation on Alloying Content in Ferromagnetic Steel

Predicting the other in cooperative interactions.

Compassionate Balliol

FIERCE scent boosts mood and emotion to enhance brand assets

Teaching mathematical modelling: demonstrating enrichment and elaboration

Burial’s Echoic Loneliness

Multiply and conquer: A replication framework for building fault tolerant industrial applications

The Early Warning Procedure in an International Context

Development and validation of the BRIGHTLIGHT Survey, a patient-reported experience measure for young people with cancer

Can technology help us spot a false memory? A linguistic analysis of rich false memories of committing crime

Minimising product moisture loss in professional service cabinets

Use of phase change materials in retail display cabinets to reduce the effect of defrosts

A Novel Passive Defrost System for a Frozen Retail Display Cabinet with a Low Evaporator

Tolerating partial failures on IEC 61499 applications

Comparison of copper and glass oscillating heat pipes with Fe2O3 under magnetic field.

Using the Technology Acceptance Model to explore community dwelling older adults' perceptions of a 3D interior design application to facilitate pre-discharge home adaptations.

The impact of variation in chemical and physical properties of PFA and BPD semi dry cement paste on strength properties

Verdictive Foreseeability

Omni-channel customer experience: An investigation into the use of digital technology in physical stores and its impact on the consumer's decision-making process

Developing innovation in higher education: the catalytic effect of conference attendance

The Fasnacht Fold Notes on Heide Fasnacht’s “New Frontier”

Detecting Early Warning Signs of Delays in Shipbuilding Projects

Using workload measurement tools in diverse care contexts: The experience of staff in mental health and learning disability inpatient settings

Equimomental systems and robot dynamics

Efficient and selective molybdenum based heterogeneous catalyst for alkene epoxidation using batch and continuous reactors

The effects of age of acquisition and semantic congruency on famous person category verification

Fritz and Tommy Across the Barbed Wire

Pancyclicity when each cycle must pass exactly k Hamilton cycle chords.

Food Activities and Identity Maintenance Among Community-Living Older Adults: A Grounded Theory Study

Risk Management in hierarchical production planning using inter-enterprise architecture

Examining the cognitive costs of counterfactual language comprehension: Evidence from ERPs.

Ground source heat pumps and their interactions with underground railway tunnels in an urban environment: A review

An investigation into the plastic buckling paradox for circular cylindrical shells under non-proportional loading

47 An acute session of high-frequency, low-intensity, wide-pulse electrical stimulation evokes fatigue adaptations in an intrinsic foot muscle

The role of group membership continuity and multiple memberships on mental well-being amongst post-operative stoma patients

Passenger noise exposure in London underground

Exact matrix treatment of an osmotic ensemble model of adsorption and pressure induced structural transitions in metal organic frameworks

Limitations of recreational camera traps for wildlife management and conservation research: a practitioner's perspective.

The power of simplicity: a fast-and-frugal heuristics approach to performance science.

Shared foundations and conceptual differentiation in immunities from jurisdiction

Testing Participatory Design and Responsive User-Interfaces to Teach Digital Skills to NEETs: Using an Experimental Online Learning Platform

All-optical NRZ-to-RZ format conversion at 10 Gbit/s with 1-to-4 wavelength multicasting exploiting cross-phase modulation & four-wave-mixing in single dispersion-flattened highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber

Classification of awake, REM, and NREM from EEG via singular spectrum analysis

A systematic review of factors associated with non-adherence to treatment for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.

Open Access Policy for LSBU

The specialist nursing workforce caring for men with prostate cancer in the UK

Big Data Analytics System for Fact/Data-driven Decision Making

Managing preconceived expectations: mental health service users experiences of going home from hospital: a grounded theory study

Evaluating the feasibility and effectiveness of a critical care discharge information pack for patients and their families: a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial

A comparative study of adaptive filters and linear prediction in detecting a naturally degraded bearing within a gearbox; Case Studies in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing

Defensive practice as ‘fear-based’ practice: Social work’s open secret?

Putting theory into theory: Thematic value of research in public administration teaching

Bringing meaning to user involvement in mental health care planning: a qualitative exploration of service user perspectives

Getting the Balance Right: The Ethics of Researching Women Trafficked for Commercial Sexual Exploitation

From Computer-Assisted to Data-Driven: Journalism and Big Data

Multi-Location Clinical Trials: Do TEWL Readings Change With Altitude?

The politics of integrative medicine: The case of CAM

Fault Detection in Aircraft Wiring using Enhanced multi-pulse TDR Technique

Radio Buncefield at Punto de Fuga

Buncefield Soundsystem

flockOmania 1 exhibition, performance event & catalogue

Innovation ecosystem

The Brutalist Playground, RIBA


Breaking the Electronic Sprawl

A Class of Explicitly Solvable Vehicle Motion Problems

Practising kinship care: Children as language brokers in migrant families

Solidarity and self-organisation as generators of change: The role of self-organised art initiatives in Macedonia

UWB power propagation for bio-medical implanted devices

Metacognitions about desire thinking predict the severity of binge eating in a sample of Italian women

From the Mouths of Mothers: Can Drama Facilitate Reflective Learning for Social Workers?

What is a Wife? Reconstructing Domesticity in postwar Britain before The Feminine Mystique

Asking the ‘right’ questions: the constitution of school governing bodies as apolitical

Knowledge, Experts and Accountability in School Governing Bodies

The professional capabilities framework and contemporary debates: implications for social work education in England

A Modular Synthesis of Multidentate S-, N- and O-Containing Meta- and Paracyclophanes

A Modular Approach to Functionalised Dyes

Waterspace planning and the River Thames in London

Human Behaviour Model Combining Multiple Sensors

A new approach for event detection using k-means clustering and neural networks.

The Augmented Book

An investigation of the barriers to e-business implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises

The effect of ice rubble on ice-ice sliding

Properties of thermo-elastic waves in saline ice

2D DEM of Ice Rubble: the effect of rate-dependent friction.

Investigating energy saving performance interdependencies with retrofit triple vacuum glazing for use in UK dwelling with solid walls, Sustainable Development on Building and Environment

Using Life Cycle Assessment to Illustrate the Benefits of Blinds as Passive and Sustainable Energy Saving Products in the Domestic Environment in the UK

An Assessment of Differing Environmental and Economic Factors and their Impact on the Development of a Circular Economy for Refrigerated Display Cabinets in the UK

Label-checking strategies to adapt behaviour to design

Cognitive predictors of accuracy in quality control checking

Automated Peripheral Neuropathy Assessment using Optical Imaging and Foot Anthropometry

Automated Semmes Weinstein monofilament examination replication using optical imaging and mechanical probe assembly

Cognitive behavioural treatment for problematic hoarding: A case study

Case study: lessons learned from Building Information Modelling (BIM) extracurricular activity organised for architecture, engineering and construction students with a UK university

Approaches to cloud computing in the public sector: Case studies in UK local government

Efficient and selective polymer supported Mo(VI) catalyst for alkene epoxidation in batch and continuous reactors

Investigations into incidents involving the kindling chain of materials in high-pressure oxygen atmospheres

Inspired by Law: A gallery of and for Inspiring Lawyers 2015 Cohort [exhibition]

Carbon Reduction and Energy Optimization Strategy for one NHS Trust

Numerical Investigation into Dynamic Loading of Rubber Compound

Developing a student-led health and wellbeing clinic in an underserved community: collaborative learning, health outcomes and cost savings.

Design for the New Natural in the Age of Post-Media

Nationalising local sustainability: lessons from the British wartime Utility furniture scheme

Re for Real: The Future of Teaching and Learning about Religion & Belief

Conference Presentations: Reflecting on the Learning Opportunities

Research Data Management Policy for LSBU

Reducing energy consumption in cold stores using a freely available mathematical model

Main Protocol

The occlusion effects in capacitive contact imaging for in vivo skin damage assessments.

Virtualization for cost-effective teaching of assembly language

Median architecture by accumulative parallel counters

Pipelined median architecture

Measuring children's working memory: The influence of titrated time constraints on complex span tasks and the relationship with higher order cognitive abilities

The use of supercooling for fresh foods: A review

A pragmatic observational feasibility study on integrative treatment for musculoskeletal disorders: Quantitative results.

Changes to student nurse financing in the UK: A good or a bad thing?

Optimising palliative and end-of-life care within care home settings.

Does framing the hot hand belief change decision-making behavior in volleyball?

Does training with 3D videos improve decision-making in team invasion sports?

SMART-ER: a Situation Model of Anticipated Response consequences in Tactical decisions in skill acquisition - Extended and Revised.

Feasibility Study on Offshore Polymer Flooding, Forecasting Production Through Integrated Asset Modelling, A Technical and Economic Approach

The Building Blocks of Performance: An Overview

A note on structuring employability skills for accounting students

Student Self-Assessment of Quantitative Skills: A Pilot Study of Accounting Students

Prediction of Peptide and Protein Propensity for Amyloid Formation

The Fasnacht Fold. Notes on Heide Fasnacht?s New Frontier (2015)

Impact of hiv related stigma and discrimination on working women in sub-sahara africa

Mapping the UK thesis landscape: Phase 1 project report for Unlocking Thesis Data

Novel participatory methods of involving patients in research: naming and branding a longitudinal cohort study, BRIGHTLIGHT

The impact of variation in chemical and physical properties of PFA and BPD semi-dry cement paste on strength properties

Catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) into value added chemicals

Emerging Refrigeration and Freezing Technologies for Food Preservation

Preface in Performance psychology: perception, action, cognition, and emotion

Performance Psychology: Perception, Action, Cognition, and Emotion

Research on Well Test Interpretation Model for Unconventional Tight Oil and Gas Reservoirs

A study on the effects of lime on the mechanical properties and behaviour of London clay

A new low-temperature hermetic composite edge seal for the fabrication of triple vacuum glazing

Gig Going on London’s Periphery: Charting the Mainstream in the Margins

"Revealing Too Much?": Reflecting on emotions in research with south Asian women

Using Type to Add Data to Data Visualizations

Heterogeneous Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Value Added Chemicals

Ocular exposure to occupational non-ionising radiation in professional pilots

Experience of Partner Selection and Relationships for People with Learning Disabilities

A Case Study Of How Nursing Students Learn Clinical Decision-Making In Practice Placements

Exploring Learning in Practice to support Construction Teachers’ Professional Development

An exploration of the return to work experiences of individuals who are managing a traumatic hand injury and the development of a return to work intervention.

What is the Experience of Primary Eyecare for Children with an autistic spectrum disorder? A grounded theory investigation

Advances in UWB-based Indoor Position Estimation and its Application in Fall Detection

Local Area Dynamic Routing Protocol: a Position Based Routing Protocol for MANET

The study, development and experimental investigation of a novel, solar powered refrigeration system based on the jet-pump cycle

Factors Constraining The Implementation Of Hazard Analysis In Small And Medium Sized Food Businesses In The London Borough Of Camden

G.A. Cohen and the Limits of Analytical Marxism

Newly qualified nurse transition: stress experiences and stress-mediating factors – a longitudinal study

Fire Resistance Simulation for High Strength Reinforced Concrete

Scholars’ agency in securitisation: a leap forward

Work and Study Habits in the Interconnected Age: What It Means for Businesses of the Future

Suspended Time

Risk Factors for Gambling Problems: An Analysis by Gender.

Display of unwrapped foods

Human Biology and Health

Environmental impact and energy management of sports stadia

Wetting Hierarchy in Oleophobic 3D Electrospun Nanofiber Networks

Mechanical Behavior of Osteoporotic Bone at Sub-Lamellar Length Scales

Extreme strength observed in limpet teeth

Structural orientation dependent sub-lamellar bone mechanics

Microscopy and supporting data for osteoblast integration within an electrospun fibrous network

3D imaging of cell interactions with electrospun PLGA nanofiber membranes for bone regeneration

The cytolinker plectin regulates nuclear mechanotransduction in keratinocytes

3D nanomechanical evaluations of dermal structures in skin

Applying an Integrated Systems Perspective to the Management of Engineering Projects

Exploring the challenges and opportunities for higher education institutions: Work domain analysis and development of strategic options

Exploring the application of agile management practices to higher education institutions

Characterisation of hepcidin response to holotransferrin treatment in CHO TRVb-1 cells

New Approaches and Rules of Measurement for Cost Estimating and Planning

Achieving Zero Carbon in Sustainable Communities

Environmental Assessment Tools: An Overview of the UK’s BREEAM and the US’s LEED

Appraisal of Design to Determine Viability of Development Schemes

Reusing knowledge and leveraging technology to reduce design and construction costs

Theories and Principles of Design Economics

Sustainable Design, Innovation and Competitiveness in Construction Firms

Procurement and Contract Strategy: Risks Allocation and Construction Cost

Design Economics for the Built Environment Impact of Sustainability on Project Evaluation

‘Westminster’s wingman’? Shadow chancellor as a strategic and coveted political role

Finite Element Analysis based Optimization of Magnetic Adhesion Module for Concrete Wall Climbing Robot

Economic Context, Policy Environment and the Changing Role of Design Economists

The RaRE Research Report: LGB&T Mental Health - Risk and Resilience Explored

Out of the cage

Lessons for specifying the system boundaries of an asset management plan from four case studies of failures

Implementation of Renewable Energy Technologies in Rural Africa

Betaine, in context.

Routes to energy conversion with functional oxide films and nanostructures, a short review

Plasmon enhanced visible light photocatalysis for TiO 2 supported Pd nanoparticles

Incorporation of Ag nanowires in CuWO 4 for improved visible light-induced photoanode performance

Priority Based Energy Aware (PEA) routing protocol for WBANs

Optical Research: A Curated Visual Music Collection

Holophonor: On the Future Technology of Visual Music

Representing Altered States of Consciousness in Computer Arts

Borderlands: Dub Techno’s Hauntological Politics of Acoustic Ecology

Quake Delirium EEG: A Pilot Study Regarding Biofeedback-Driven Visual Effects in a Computer Game

Second Screen Comes to the Silver Screen: A Consumer Study Regarding Mobile Technologies in the Cinema

Second Screen Comes to the Silver Screen: A Technology Feasibility Study Regarding Mobile Technologies in the Cinema

Fingerprinting: the UK landscape: processes, stakeholders, and interactions

Writing The Dictatorship: Reuse Of Myth In Ismail Kadare’s Novels