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Hush, RM, Hush, RM and The Law Society (2015). Main Protocol. in: Law Society, The (ed.) Family Law Protocol 4th edition London, UK The Law Society.
AuthorsHush, RM, Hush, RM and The Law Society
EditorsLaw Society, The

This authoritative set of best practice guidelines has been comprehensively updated to cover all the changes since 2010 and includes two new chapters on forced marriage and alternative pathways to parenthood. Endorsed by the President of the Family Division, the Protocol is the standard by which members of the Law Society and Resolution are judged. The fourth edition of this indispensible book takes account of significant developments including: changes to public funding in family law proceedings private family law arrangements for children and parental involvement new legislation on honour-based violence and forced marriage alternative pathways to parenthood including adoption and surrogacy. Developed by the Law Society in association with Resolution and other leading organisations, interest groups and figures in the field, this is the go-to text for family law practitioners

KeywordsFamily Law; Protocol; Divorce; Separation; ancillary relief; financial remedy; cohabitation; children law; parenthood; forced marriage
Book titleFamily Law Protocol 4th edition
PublisherThe Law Society
Place of publicationLondon, UK
Publication dates
Print30 Oct 2015
Publication process dates
Deposited28 Mar 2017
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