Conference Presentations: Reflecting on the Learning Opportunities

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Joshua, B (2015). Conference Presentations: Reflecting on the Learning Opportunities. 3rd NUS NUH International Conference & 20th Singapore Malaysian (NUS/NUH) Conference. Singapore 18 - 20 Nov 2015 Royal College of Nursing.
AuthorsJoshua, B

Research productivity is a major indicator of Higher Educational Institutions’ (HEI) academic performance. Therefore the increased focus on research productivity, places an expectation on academics to publish their research initiatives, ideas and developments within their scope of work or area of interest. The notion of research productivity also appears to have a significant influence on academic status. Nursing academics also are compelled to meet this requirement by undertaking higher degrees, including PhD or other doctoral studies. This paper articulates a nurse academic’s reflection of presenting her doctoral thesis at an International Conference and also serves to encourage students to embrace the research dissemination process

Keywordsconference presentation; doctoral students; research dissemination
JournalNurse Researcher
PublisherRoyal College of Nursing
Accepted author manuscript
Publication dates
Print17 Nov 2015
Publication process dates
Deposited07 Mar 2017
Accepted17 Oct 2015
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