Blast Theory

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Chatzichristodoulou, M. (2015). Blast Theory. in: Tomlin, E (ed.) British Theatre Companies: 1995-2014 London Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.
AuthorsChatzichristodoulou, M.
EditorsTomlin, E

Whether seen as a theatre or performance group, an art ensemble that uses different methodological approaches including live performance, or a new media art company that creates works informed by cutting-edge technology, from the very outset Blast Theory has actively questioned, challenged and transgressed disciplinary boundaries, merging theatre, performance, interactive arts and gaming. Through its artistic practice, the company innovates by developing new models for active audience participation: using emergent technologies and interactive media in ways that have shaped the contemporary British and international cultural landscapes; exploring formats that merge practices and approaches; situating its work in unconventional or unexpected contexts; confronting audiences with tough questions and challenging demands; and, above all, being prepared to take risks. Though refusing to be defined as a theatre company, Blast Theory has certainly helped shape the contemporary theatre landscape in Britain and internationally by inspiring companies to experiment with participative practices, locative media, mobile interfaces, pervasive gaming and the creation of complex and layered immersive experiences.

KeywordsBritish theatre; contemporary theatre; theatre companies; digital technology; audience participation
Book titleBritish Theatre Companies: 1995-2014
PublisherBloomsbury Methuen Drama
Place of publicationLondon
SeriesBritish Theatre Companies: From Fringe to Mainstream
Publication dates
Print26 Feb 2015
Publication process dates
Deposited27 Jan 2017
Accepted26 Feb 2015
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Journal citation3, pp. 231 - 254
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