Studio for Electronic Theatre – Jumping Into the Abyss of Technology

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Salihbegovic, F. (2015). Studio for Electronic Theatre – Jumping Into the Abyss of Technology. Body, Space and Technology. 14 (1).
AuthorsSalihbegovic, F.

This article discusses the compatibility of live theatre and projected media from a practitioner-based perspective. It tackles Arnold Aronson’s conception that projected imagery such as video or film cannot have a successful or legitimate place within the setting of live performance. Drawing upon two examples of original theatrical works, I aim to demonstrate that theatre art, in an age of proliferating multi media and digital technologies, can, using this very technology, reinvent itself, exploring, on the one hand, the aesthetic potential of this technology for both dramaturgy and scenography, and, on the other, offering unique commentary on the political, social and psychological aspects of the uses and the effects of media technology in our contemporary culture

KeywordsDigital Performance; Theatre Practice
JournalBody, Space and Technology
Journal citation14 (1)
PublisherBrunel University
Publication dates
Print01 Jan 2015
Publication process dates
Deposited12 Dec 2016
Accepted01 Jan 2015
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