An evaluation of air quality impact prediction performance undertaken as part of environmental impact assessment (EIA) in India

Moving beyond myths and realities: impact of the 5C’s strategies on the internationalization of higher education in the context of COVID-19

IOA Diploma best final project course 2022-23 at London South Bank University, receives NTI-Audio award

The ‘Silver Thread’: Hazel Hunkins-Hallinan (1890-1982), the Six Point Group, and new understandings of intergenerational female activism in England, 1960s to 1980.

Everyday Welfare in Modern British History: Introduction

Medicines management for nurses: explaining legal governance

Systems Thinking Interplay Between Project Complexities, Stakeholder Engagement, and Social Dynamics Roles in Influencing Construction Project Outcomes

Readiness of artificial intelligence technology for managing energy demands from renewable sources

Photography at a Standstill

How to promote carbon emission reduction in buildings? Evolutionary analysis of government regulation and financial investment

A hidden curriculum of certainty: Inadequate education in an uncertain world

Advancements in smoke control strategies for metro tunnel cross-passage: A theoretical and numerical study on critical velocity and driving force

Embedding student-centred active learning environment with upside-down pedagogies in teaching practice: What works for psychology?

Black phosphorus: The rise of phosphorene in 2D materials applications

Numerical simulation and optimisation design for ventilation and heat dissipation in high-temperature and high-load indoor substations

The role of interoceptive awareness in shaping the relationship between desire thinking and cigarette consumption.

A guide to lupus

Change in vaping, smoking and dual use identities predicts quit success and cigarette usage: A prospective study of people quitting smoking with electronic cigarette support

Optimizing air inlet designs for enhanced natural ventilation in indoor substations: A numerical modelling and CFD simulation study

Impact of Speckle Deformability on Digital Imaging Correlation

Ionic Liquid Processing of Residual Wood Powder into Additive-Free Wood Composites

Cognitive outcome and its neural correlates after cardiorespiratory arrest in childhood

Desire Thinking About Gambling: Assessment and Associations With Gambling Disorder and Responsible Gambling Among Chinese Gamblers.

Commodity Market Risk: Examining Price Co-Movements in the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange

‘Specialist before physiotherapist’: physicians’ and physiotherapists’ beliefs and management of chronic low back pain in Ghana – A qualitative study

The value of nursing


Exploring attitudes toward xenotransplantation: A scoping review of healthcare workers, healthcare students, and kidney patients.

Editor’s Introduction

Employees’ Entrepreneurial Orientation in Manufacturing Firms: An Empirical Study

Smart product platforming powered by AI and Generative AI: Personalization for the circular economy

Can the language we choose help us reduce alcohol-related harms?

The effect of team sport on the perceived health and wellbeing of medically discharged United Kingdom Wounded, Injured or Sick (WIS) military veterans - phase 1 of a mixed methods study

A Consensus Mechanism to Improve Prediction of Cortical Bone Properties using Ultrafast Ultrasound Acquisition

Prioritising Actions for Improving Classroom Air Quality Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process: Case Studies in China and the UK

LTSE 2024 - Flipped classrooms using pre-recorded lectures and their impact on exam performance in accounting education

Direction Estimation of the Attacked Signal in PBCH of 5G NR

Interventions for Quitting Vaping

Return to Practice for Allied Health Professionals with protected characteristics: a mixed method study.

Harnessing Digital Transformation: A Pathway to Achieving the 2030 UNSDGs and Ensuring Sustainable Corporate Performance

Does Identity as a Drinker Predict Problem Recognition Motivation in Harmful Drinkers?

Evidence of different sensitivity of muscle and tendon to mechano-metabolic stimuli

Portfolio decision analysis for pandemic sentiment assessment based on finance and web queries

From hierarchies of exclusion to participant-led inclusion: A qualitative research agenda for health information literacy

Development and validation of a scale to measure social isolation in adolescents

The moderating role of stigma in the relationship between depression and resilience: results of a cross-sectional study in university students


Complexity biomechanics: a case study of dragonfly wing design from constituting composite material to higher structural levels.

Face the (unamplified) music: Key findings for musicians

Students preferences for teaching and exam delivery modes in accounting education post COVID 19 pandemic

Qualitative descriptive study to explore paediatric oncology patients' readiness and preferences towards using a mobile health application for supportive pain management.

Neuroinflammation in post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) as assessed by [11C]PBR28 PET correlates with vascular disease measures

Related Metacognitions, Desire Thinking and Identity Differentially Predict Compulsion and Withdrawal Symptoms in Problematic Instagram Use

Diamond machining of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V ELI: Newer mode of material removal challenging the current simulation tools

Allometric Scaling Reveals Evolutionary Constraint on Odonata Wing Cellularity via Critical Crack Length

Investigating reliable amyloid accumulation in Centiloids: Results from the AMYPAD Prognostic and Natural History Study.

Understanding the effect of saturated gases on catalytic performance of graphitic‐carbon nitride (g‐C<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub>) for H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub> generation and dye degradation in the presence of ultrasound

Prioritization of noise abatement methods for controlling hospital noise pollution

Opposition-based manta ray foraging algorithm for global optimization and its application to optimize nonlinear type-2 fuzzy logic control

Parent and staff experiences of a feasibility trial evaluating neurally adjusted ventilatory assist in infants with acute viral bronchiolitis: A qualitative study.

The Art of Being an Acoustician Conference

Perceived Foolishness: How Does the Saltybet Community Construct AI vs AI Spectatorship?

The Main Determinants of External Audit Fees: Theory and Empirical Evidence (2014-2016) from (sectoral sets of) FTSE 250 companies

Modified Flower Pollination Algorithm for Energy Forecasting and Demand Management Coupled with Improved Battery Life for Smart Building Micro-Grid

Reducing food loss and waste contributes to energy, economic and environmental sustainability

Critical drivers for the adoption of wearable sensing technologies (WSTs) for construction safety monitoring in Ghana: A Fuzzy Synthetic Analysis

Influence of an Engineered Notch on the Electromagnetic Radiation Performance of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

Nanomaterial integration in micro LED technology: Enhancing efficiency and applications

"Translating" the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to Enable the Systemic Green Transformation of the Data Centre Industry

Maximizing Polypropylene Recovery from Waste Carpet Feedstock: A Solvent-Driven Pathway Towards Circular Economy

What are the practices and experiences of prescribing practitioners in the United Kingdom? A mixed-methods study

Microstructure, Precipitation and Micro-segregation in Inconel 825 Weldments: A Comparative study between GTAW and EBW

A close-packed sphere model for characterising porous networks in atomistic simulations and its application in energy storage and conversion

Xenotransplantation Clinical Trials: Should Patients with Diminished Capacity be Permitted to Enroll?

Gender classification based on gait analysis using ultrawide band radar augmented with artificial intelligence

Allied health professionals' experiences and views towards improving musculoskeletal services in the UK for patients with musculoskeletal and co-existing mental health conditions: a qualitative study.

Effectiveness of an online intervention for parents/guardians of children aged 4-7 years who are concerned about their child's emotional and behavioural development: protocol for an online randomised controlled trial (EMERGENT study).

An evaluation of service expansion to include patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Complex Relationships: Marriage and Relationship Status, Procreation and Criminal Law

Shipping Cost Uncertainty, Endogenous Regime Switching and the Global Drivers of Inflation

Digital Technologies for Quality Assurance in the Construction Industry: Current Trend and Future Research Directions towards Industry 4.0

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of the Experiences of Autistic Psychiatrists: “If We Can't Recognize Ourselves, How Can We Diagnose Autistic Patients Accurately?”

Deep Learning and Image data-based surface cracks recognition of laser nitrided Titanium alloy

Multi-Global Models for Edge Computing Environment

Enhancing Sustainability in Edge Computing Environments

Borophene: A 2D Wonder Shaping the Future of Nanotechnology and Materials Science

Functional Characteristics and Coping Strategies among Rugby Athletes: A Cluster Analysis Approach

Performance evaluation of solar chimney in tunnel for passive ventilation and smoke exhaustion: A numerical approach

Problematic social media use in childhood and adolescence.

Strain‐Promoted Cycloadditions in Lipid Bilayers Triggered by Liposome Fusion

Collaborative care model versus usual care for the management of musculoskeletal and co-existing mental health conditions: a randomised feasibility mixed-methods study.

Off-Site Technologies: Can Panelised Off-Site Construction Be The Solution To London's Housing Crisis?

Economic keywords in political communications and financial markets

Climate Litigation Unleashed: Catalysing Action against States and Corporations

Optimizing Lead-free MASnBr3 Perovskite Solar Cells for High-Efficiency and Long-Term Stability Using Graphene and Advanced Interface Layers

A pragmatic trial of an Artificial intelligence DRiven appOInTment maNagEment SyStem (ADROITNESS) in NHS outpatient departments: WP3 REPORT

Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 Mitigation Measures on Quality Assurance of Cross-border Construction Logistics and Supply Chain

Forest hardening and Hirth lock during grinding of copper evidenced by MD simulations

Artificial Intelligence and Endo-Histo-OMICs: New Dimensions of Precision Endoscopy and Histology in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Factors affecting intention to adopt Green Building Practices: A Journey towards meeting Sustainable Goals

Finite Element Modelling to Design a Concrete Dual-Probe – An Innovative Tool for Monitoring the Drying of Concrete

A reordering: to teach EU law or not?

Modelling the critical challenges of quality assurance of cross-border construction logistics and supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic

Revisiting young masculinities through a sound art installation: What really counts?

Differences in run-up, take-off, and flight characteristics: successful vs. unsuccessful high jump attempts at the IAAF world championships


E-Evidence in Ukrainian Criminal Justice: Exploring the Legal Realities and Theoretical Perspectives

The Impact of Postures and Moving Directions in Fire Evacuation in a Low-Visibility Environment

Cumulative incidence and risk factors for cutaneous squamous-cell carcinoma metastases in organ transplant recipients: the SCOPE-ITSCC metastases study, a prospective multi-center study.

Development and evaluation of a de-escalation training intervention in adult acute and forensic units: the EDITION systematic review and feasibility trial.

A systematic review of the relationship between generic and specific metacognitive beliefs and emotion dysregulation: A metacognitive model of emotion dysregulation

Economic evaluation of a trial exploring the effects of a web-based support tool for parents of children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Critical Success Factors for Cost Overrun Minimization in Public Construction Projects in Developing Countries: The Case of Ghana

Infection Prevention and the Protective Effects of Unidirectional Displacement Flow Ventilation in the Turbulent Spaces of the Operating Room

Editor’s Introduction

Cooling Effect of 3D Oscillating Heat Pipe with Nanofluid on Photovoltaic Panel in Hot Climates

Stock Market and Inequality Distributions – Evidence from the BRICS and G7 Countries

Coaches’ migration: decisions and perceived importance of international experience

Form Follows Fever: Malaria and the Construction of Hong Kong, 1841–1849 (Introduction)

Genetic Disenhancement and Xenotransplantation: Diminishing Pigs’ Capacity to Experience Suffering through Genetic Engineering

Transforming Carbon Quantum Dots Synthesis: Innovative Continuous Hydrothermal Flow Methods for Environmental Advancements and Beyond

Machine learning for optimal design of circular hollow section stainless steel stub columns: A comparative analysis with Eurocode 3 predictions

3D Indoor Positioning in 5G networks

SRNT Europe Debate: The use of nicotine oral products in adults may be a rationale behaviour

Fatigue After CriTical illness (FACT): Co-production of a self-management intervention to support people with fatigue after critical illness

Feminist policymaking in turbulent times: critical perspectives

Waste heat from the London Underground: an investigation of the potential benefits of integrating heating and cooling

Effectiveness of an online intervention for parents/guardians of children aged 4-7 years old who are concerned about their child’s emotional and behavioural development: protocol for an online randomised controlled trial (EMERGENT study)

Unobservable Costly Effort in Security Design

Involving Lived Experience in regional efforts to address gambling-related harms: going beyond ‘window dressing’ and ‘tick box exercises’

Introducing the new IOA Research Member grade

The Digitisation of the Sputter Deposition Process of Transparent Conductive Oxides by Implementing Artificial Intelligence

A wearable sensor and framework for accurate remote monitoring of human motion

Perfectionism in patients with eating disorders: The role of metacognitive beliefs and repetitive negative thinking

Biomechanics in anthropology

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater: Preserving children’s undergraduate nurse education in the move towards genericism in nursing


“The Pandemic is Just Happening on Top of a Pandemic for Us”. Unpaid Carers’ Experiences of Lockdown in the UK: A Thematic Analysis

MM DialogueGAT- A Fusion Graph Attention Network for Emotion Recognition using Multi-model System

Venturi nozzles for desalination brine discharges

Variable structure based control strategy for treatment of HCV infection

Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid within a workplace context.

Cutting edge preparation of microdrills by shear thickening polishing for improved hole quality in electronic PCBs

Content/Form: A Peer-reviewed Newspaper

Digital Twins for Smart Building at the Facility Management Stage: A Systematic Review of Enablers, Applications, and Challenges

Close contacts of xenograft recipients: Ethical considerations due to risk of xenozoonosis

How European Human Rights Law Will Reshape U.S. Business


Deep learning analysis of plasma emissions: A potential system for monitoring methane and hydrogen in the pyrolysis processes

Pediatric Cardiac Xenotransplantation: Recommendations for the Ethical Design of Clinical Trials

A Luddite Archaeology of Hobbyist Computation

A three-wave longitudinal study on the underlying metacognitive mechanism between depression and Internet gaming disorder

7. Eurorack to VCV Rack: Modular Synthesis as Compositional Performance

Chapter 8. Strutting with Streets of Rage: When Dance Music Enters the Fight

Combined effect of the magnetic field, orientation, and filling ratio on cylindrical pulsating heat pipe using distilled water and distilled water/Fe3O4 nanofluid


Time-varying Parameters in Monetary Policy Rules: A GMM Approach

Influenza H1N2 - first human case detected in the UK

Machine learning-driven web-post buckling resistance prediction for high-strength steel beams with elliptically-based web openings

Achieving Secure and Transparent Supply Chains With Blockchain Technology

Theoretical and experimental investigations on conformal polishing of microstructured surfaces

Nonintrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) Using a Deep Learning Model with a Transformer-Based Attention Mechanism and Temporal Pooling

Computational and theoretical investigation of acoustical and vibrational properties of rigid thin material

Discrimination and social identity processes predict impairment and dysfunction among heavy drinkers

Managerial framework for quality assurance of cross-border construction logistics and supply chain during pandemic and post-pandemic: lessons from COVID-19 in the world’s factory

A gendered analysis of US decline: a cautionary tale

Cellulose based materials to accelerate the transition towards sustainability

Vitality and nature in psychiatric spaces: Challenges and prospects for ‘healing architecture’ in the design of inpatient mental health environments

Comparative life cycle assessment of a novel sustainable road pavement system adopting recycled plastic from PET bottles and carbonated aggregate

Zooming in on Justice: The Case for Virtual Bioethics Conferencing.

Persistent Low-Level Variants in a Subset of Viral Genes Are Highly Predictive of Poor Outcome in Immunocompromised Patients With Cytomegalovirus Infection

Constrained estimation of intracranial aneurysm surface deformation using 4D-CTA

Evaluating the variation characteristics of ecological resilience along expressways in developing countries: the case of the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway in Cambodia

Perceived cognitive performance in off-prescription users of modafinil and methylphenidate: an online survey

Analysing behavioural factors that impact financial stock returns. The case of COVID-19 pandemic in the financial markets.

Machine learning model of acoustic signatures: Towards digitalised thermal spray manufacturing

Stress concentration targeted reinforcement using multi-material based 3D printing

Xenograft recipients and the right to withdraw from a clinical trial


Strain softening observed during nanoindentation of Equimolar-Ratio Co-Mn-Fe-Cr-Ni High Entropy Alloy

“Battling, not Bottling”: the transformative power of WI activism

Troubling French Feminist Diplomacy with the National Context

Work-life Balance in Architecture

The Gender Agenda: Transphobia and the Perceived Erasure of Women

Security, Privacy and Trust of Distributed Ledgers Technology

The role of the archive: How solutions are arrived at in an online workscape

Look away now! Defensive processing and unrealistic optimism by level of alcohol consumption

Industry 4.0 or Pharma 4.0?

Editorial: Employment sustainability and teaching/learning techniques in higher education institutions.

WingSegment: A Computer Vision‐Based Hybrid Approach for Insect Wing Image Segmentation and 3D Printing

Editor’s Introduction

Photothermal Radiometry Data Analysis by Using Machine Learning