Achieving Secure and Transparent Supply Chains With Blockchain Technology


Ghouri, A. (ed.) (2024). Achieving Secure and Transparent Supply Chains With Blockchain Technology. IGI Global Publishing.
EditorsGhouri, A.

The advent of Industry 5.0 has introduced unprecedented challenges for organizations in maintaining the effectiveness, transparency, and security of their operations, leading to disruptions in supply chain management. The traditional methods of managing transactions and data sharing in supply chain networks are proving inadequate in the face of these complexities. The need for a comprehensive solution that addresses these issues has become critical.

In response, editors Mustafa Khan, Naveed R. Khan, and Arsalan Ghouri present Achieving Secure and Transparent Supply Chains With Blockchain Technology, a groundbreaking edited collection that offers a compelling solution. This book provides a thorough overview of blockchain technology and its potential to enhance supply chain efficiency, security, and resilience. By leveraging its decentralized and secure platform, blockchain emerges as a game-changing technology that can transform supply chain management.

By delving into contemporary theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical findings, this book equips academics, practitioners, policymakers, researchers, professionals, and students with the necessary knowledge and understanding to harness the power of blockchain technology for supply chain management. From exploring the applications of blockchain in traceability and resilience to examining its impact on sustainability and ethical sourcing, this book covers a wide range of topics critical to achieving secure and transparent supply chains.

KeywordsTransparency. Supply Chains, Blockchain Technology
PublisherIGI Global Publishing
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