Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPSs): Spotlight on lack of substance misuse training

Dynamic Linkages in Credit Risk: Modeling the Time-Varying Correlation between the Money and Derivatives Markets over the Crisis Period

Experimental evidence of the tonic vibration reflex during whole-body vibration of the loaded and unloaded leg

Sentencing, severity, and social norms: A rank-based model of contextual influence on judgments of crimes and punishments

Respiratory PCR detects influenza after intranasal live-attenuated influenza vaccination.

Objective versus subjective measures of metro map usability: Investigating the benefits of breaking design rules.

Team Relationship and Knowledge Management in Construction Projects in Thailand Part 2: Network Relationship Analysis Using UCINET Software

Service user leadership: training and development for service users to take the lead

Disentangling self- and fairness-related neural mechanisms involved in the ultimatum game: an fMRI study

Decision Complexity and Consistency in Choice Under Risk

Immediate Emotional States as Predictors of Risk Preferences

Decision Network Context: Dynamics and Learning in Preference Formation

Moral Judgements Under Uncertainty

The cognitive economy: The probabilistic turn in psychology and human cognition

The Effects Of Ambient Scent On Consumer Behavior: A Review Of The Literature

Promotional Culture and Convergence: Markets, Methods, Media

The effects of air temperature and humidity on the acoustic design of voice alarm systems on underground stations

Gender, Ethnicity and Political Agency: South Asian Women Organizing

Two Phase Flow Patterns in Large Diameter Vertical Pipes

What is the impact of contraceptive methods and mixes of contraceptive methods on contraceptive prevalence, unmet need for family planning, and unwanted and unintended pregnancies?

Pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of flooring to reduce injuries from falls in wards for older people

Literature searches and reviews related to the prevalence of food allergy in Europe

Human resource inequalities at the base of India's public health care system

Noise reduction in commercial refrigerators - a practical approach

Water consumption, not expectancies about water consumption, affects cognitive performance in adults

Vaping? profiles and preferences: an online survey of electronic cigarette users

Performance of lateritic concrete under environmental harsh condition

Comparative Analysis Of Portland Cements In Nigeria

Parental Refusal of Consent for their Child's Medical Treatment: An Ethical, Professional and Legal Dilemma

What matters to older people with assisted living needs? A phenomenological analysis of the use and non-use of telehealth and telecare

A constituição da subjetividade docente no Brasil: um contexto global

The quest for modernisation of traditional Chinese medicine

Enhancing the QLD: internationalisation and employability: the benefits of Erasmus Intensive Programmes

Study of the Relationship between Procurement Duration and Project Performance in Design-Build Projects: Comparison between Water/Wastewater and Transportation Sectors

An oral health intervention for people with serious mental illness (Three Shires Early Intervention Dental Trial): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

New results on the convergence of random matrices

Roots and effects of financial misperception in a stochastic dominance framework

Extension of dependence properties to semi-copulas and applications to the mean–variance model

A Tabu Search heuristic procedure in Markov chain bootstrapping

Economic interactions and social tolerance: A dynamic perspective

Reinvestment - The cause of the yips?

Palestinian Family Unification in Israel: The Limits of Litigation as Means of Resistance

Measurement of a reaction-diffusion crossover in exciton-exciton recombination inside carbon nanotubes using femtosecond optical absorption

Live Coding as a Model for Cultural Practice & Cultural-Epistemological Aspects of Live Coding

Researching BWPWAP: how can we save research from itself?

Speaking Code: Coding as Aesthetic and Political Expression

Disrupting Business: art and activism in times of financial crisis

The role of working memory capacity in the control of recollection

Bosnia-Erzegovina: le elezioni generali del 2010 tra l’eredità di Dayton e le incertezze sul futuro

Applying a little reason to your projects

Only a click away? – What makes virtual meetings, emails and outsourcing successful

Futurism and Musical Meaning in Synthesized Landscapes

The metacognitive therapy approach to problem drinking

The Role of Norms in Virtual Work: A Review and Agenda for Future Research

Determinants of famous name processing speed: age of acquisition versus semantic connectedness.

Automobile design history – what can we learn from the behavior at the edges?

Energy efficient vacuum glazed window: A system design and investigations on hermetic sealing materials

Initiatives to reduce energy use in cold stores

Multi-objective optimization of storage temperature of apple to minimise energy use

A quality, energy and environmental assessment tool for the European cold chain

Cold store energy performance

Improving the energy performance of cold stores

Freely available cold store energy models

A novel PCM thermo siphon defrost system for a frozen retail display cabinet

The potential for saving food waste by lowering home refrigerator temperatures

The potential for saving food waste by freezing food at home

Rejecting unfairness: emotion-driven reaction or cognitive heuristic?

A Fourier-series-based Virtual Fields Method for the identification of modulus distributions

Identification of Early Warning Signs in Front-End Stage of Projects, an Aid to Effective Decision Making

Theoretical modelling and experimental investigation of a thermal energy storage refrigerator

Some rational vehicle motions

Fourier-series-based Virtual Fields Method for the identification of 2-D stiffness distributions

Understanding treatment non-adherence in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: a survey of what service users do and why.

Effectiveness of Critical Care Discharge Information in Supporting Early Recovery From Critical Illness

A systematic review of experimental and clinical acupuncture in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.

Fabrication of Energy Efficient Vacuum Glazing using a Novel Edge Sealing Material

Framing the ultimatum game: the contribution of simulation.

Online Communities: Visualization and Formalization

Valuing Complex Third Sector Organisations

Physical activity in deprived communities in London: examining individual and neighbourhood-level factors.

Prevalence and causes of ocular morbidity in Mbeere District, Kenya. Results of a population-based survey.

Ground penetrating radar system for detection of desiccation cracks in soils

Training and development of the Assistant Practitioners (APs) in radiography

Characterisation of Frenet-Serret and Bishop motions with applications to needle steering

Arise, Careerless Politician: The Rise of the Professional Party Leader

Understanding the polarized perspectives in BIM enabled projects

How else might we learn to do design? Alternative visions for future development of skills for the profession

Application of performance measurement as an early warning system

Quantifying the test-retest reliability of cerebral blood flow measurements in a clinical model of on-going post-surgical pain: A study using pseudo-continuous arterial spin labelling


A Review on Possible Approaches for Detecting Early Warning Signs in Projects

Effect of Hypohydration on Peripheral and Corticospinal Excitability and Voluntary Activation


Participating Publics: Implications for Production Practices at the BBC.

The impact of climatic risk factors on the prevalence, distribution, and severity of acute and chronic trachoma.

The use of phase change materials in domestic refrigerator applications

Promoting low-carbon home adaptations and behavioural change in the older community

Stuck in a stack—Temperature measurements of the microclimate around split type condensing units in a high rise building in Singapore

Repeated sprint training in normobaric hypoxia

Specific energy consumption values for various refrigerated food cold stores

Types of social capital and mental disorder in deprived urban areas: a multilevel study of 40 disadvantaged London neighbourhoods.

Novel design and performance enhancement of domestic refrigerators with thermal storage

Determining Key (Predictor) Modules for Early Identification of Students At-Risk

Reducing domestic food waste by freezing at home

Acoustic enhancement of polymer/ZnO nanorod photovoltaic device performance

On the geometry of the homogeneous representation for the group of proper rigid-body displacements

NRP Enterprise Centre: The use of local timber materials (briefing Paper 006)

Membrane solvent penetration measurements using contact imaging

Certifying Machine Code Safe from Hardware Aliasing: RISC is not necessarily risky

Electronic Visualisation in Chemistry: From Alchemy to Art

Critical slip and time dependence in sea ice friction

Assessing the utility of acoustic communication for wireless sensors deployed beneath ice sheets

Briefing Paper 04: Introduction to Passivhaus

NRP Enterprise Centre - The use of local timber materials

An Open Question on the Uniqueness of (Encrypted) Arithmetic

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BYOD! We don't think so

An investigation on edge sealing materials for the fabrication of vacuum glazing

Montage in the Portrait Film: Where Does the Hidden Time Lie?

Cost of Building to Passivhaus Standard [Briefing Paper 008]

Memory in sea ice friction

Treatment Completion in a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Service for Problem Gamblers: Clinical Outcome Study

The Victorian Gambling Screen: Validity and Reliability in an Adolescent Population

Lighting strategy for Norwich Research Park Enterprise Centre ( briefing Paper 007 )

In vivo skin capacitive imaging analysis by using grey level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM).

Assistant Practitioners (APs) in radiography: An exploration of perceptions and experiences related to role development

Exploring the curriculum gap: Some thoughts on management accounting education and curriculum design

Design and fabrication of vacuum glazing units using a new low temperature hermetic glass edge sealing method

The German Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) and Urban Regeneration: Lessons from the IBA Emscher Park

Fast Fourier Virtual Fields Method for determination of modulus distributions from full-field optical strain data

A numerical investigation into the plastic buckling of circular cylinders

Induction Motor Stator Fault Detection by a Condition Monitoring Scheme Based on Parameter Estimation Algorithms

Assessment of methods to reduce the energy consumption of food cold stores

Randomised Controlled Trials: an introduction for nurse researchers

Nanointerfacial strength between non-collagenous protein and collagen fibrils in antler bone

The split in the international and the origins of war

Managing university-industry research partnerships through a process of alignment

Emerging Requirements for Technology Management: A Sector-based Scenario Planning Approach

Developing an Integrated Systems Perspective of Engineering Project Management

Two Generations Of Black Caribbean Women‘s Experiences Of The Education System

Effect of Ferroelectricity on Solar-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Activity of BaTiO3? Influence on the Carrier Separation and Stern Layer Formation

Influence of anneal atmosphere on ZnO-nanorod photoluminescent and morphological properties with self-powered photodetector performance

Delhi Durbar Dress. In Derbyshire.

Archidoodle: The Architect's Activity Book

Is knowledge and practice safer in England after the release of national guidance on the resuscitation of patients in mental health and learning disabilities?