Business process re-engineering using a customised mapping model: a case study in a SME

The role of language in mathematical development; Evidence from children with specific language impairments.

Visual perception for basketball shooting

A competitive future for UK construction?

The futures of construction: A critical review of construction future studies

The first-run effect: How temporal sequence patterns affect judgments and memory

Absolute Frequency Identification: How a Sequence of Events can Affect People's Judgements

Deciding about Risky Prospects: A Psychological Descriptive Approach

Life Swap: Celebrity Expert as Lifestyle Advisor

OVID-BV: Optimising Value in Decision-Making for Best Value in the UK Social Housing Sector

Randomized, double-blind comparison of patient-controlled epidural infusion vs nurse-administered epidural infusion for postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing colonic resection

The effects of smoking and abstinence on experience of happiness and sadness in response to positively valenced, negatively valenced, and neutral film clips

A double-blind placebo controlled experimental study of nicotine: II - Effects on response inhibition and executive functioning

Media, War and Postmodernity

Mobile robotics moves forward on standardisation

Modelling and simulation of an air motor system using extended radial basis algorithm

Expanding the Boundaries of Political Activism

Dynamics of financial time series in an inhomogeneous framework

Productivity and costs for firms in presence of technology renewal processes

Reduced specificity of autobiographical memory and depression: The role of executive control

Curves of stationary acceleration in SE(3)

Recognition and management of critical illness by midwives: implications for service provision

Systems Engineering Tools for the Surveillance and Protection of Complex Networks and their Infrastructures

The effect of reward interdependence on cooperation and information-sharing intentions

Three-dimensional effects of an air curtain used to restrict cold room infiltration

Three-dimensional surface reconstruction of aircraft component using digital photogrammetry

Metaphors as symbolic environment of the self: How self-knowledge is expressed verbally

Embedding Employability Skills into the Marketing Curriculum; A Rationale & Description

Development of a novel multi-capillary, multi-temperature commercial refrigerator cabinet with common low-pressure receiver

The interplay of 'big five' personality factors and metaphorical schemas - a pilot study with 20 lung transplantat recipients

Trigeneration in food retail: An energetic, economic and environmental evaluation for a supermarket application; Applied Thermal Engineering

Numerical modelling of formation and propagation of drying cracks in soils

Centrodes and Lie algebra

Cayley maps for SE(3)

Introduction to Polynomial Invariants of Screw Systems

Non-equilibrium gas-liquid transition model

Scope of Concentrated Solar Power Technology in Pakistan

Does the face fit the facts? Testing three accounts of age of acquisition effects

Working memory functioning in developmental dyslexia.

Temperature and energy performance of refrigerated retail display and commercial catering cabinets under test conditions

Humidification of unwrapped chilled meat on retail display using an ultrasonic fogging system.

Refrigerant flow instability as a means to predict the need for defrosting the evaporator in a retail display freezer cabinet

Chapter 6: Amphibious NDT robots