An experimental study of strategy development.

Taking Actors' Perspectives Seriously: Whose Knowledge and What is Managed? Knowledge Management in a Transdisciplinary Perspective

Metaphern des Selbst. Wie Sprache, Umwelt und Selbstkognition zusammenhängen

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Clifford algebra of points, lines and planes

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Preparation of 2, 5-Diamino-3, 6-Dinitropyrazine (ANPZ-i): A Novel Candidate High Energy Insensitive Explosive

Clean Synthesis of Energetic Materials Using Solid-Supported Reactions and Related Technologies

Solid Nitrating Reagent

Chapter 3.4: Wall Climbing Crawlers for Nondestructive Testing

Clean synthesis of energetic materials using solid-supported reactions and related technologies

Current Strands of Research in DERA on the Chemistry of Energetic Materials and Insensitive Munitions