Degraded Capability: The Media and the Kosovo Crisis


Hammond, P. and Herman, E.S. (ed.) (2000). Degraded Capability: The Media and the Kosovo Crisis . London Pluto Press.
EditorsHammond, P. and Herman, E.S.

The media served a highly partisan and propagandistic role in Nato’s Kosovo war, uncritically reproducing official spin in a way that was incompatible with their proclaimed democratic role as objective purveyors of information. Degraded Capability is the first book to integrate a critical interpretation of Western policy toward the former Yugoslavia with analysis of media coverage of the Kosovo crisis and war. The first part of the book deals with the war itself and the build-up to it, placing this in the context of earlier Western intervention in Yugoslavia. Part two discusses key issues raised by the media coverage, including the demonisation of the enemy, and the role of CNN. In the final section, contributors analyse how the war was reported in different countries around the world.

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