Climb every Montaigne: a citation rhapsody

Conference paper

Weaver, Max (2019). Climb every Montaigne: a citation rhapsody. Central Questions in Law, Society of Legal Scholars 2019. University of Central Lancashire, Preston
AuthorsWeaver, Max
TypeConference paper

Rather than seeking the Holy Grail—a watertight definition of law—an analogy with music is explored. The exercise encourages consideration of the various ways that music and law are manifested—beyond words and text—in the minds of those who produce use and are affected by it.. Perhaps Beethoven had a point when he wrote in a letter in 1810, ‘Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy’
The posted file is a slightly revised version of the paper delivered at the Conference

Keywordscitation; analogy; where is the music/law manifest?; authors, performers and audiences; core and penumbra revisited
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Print04 Sep 2019
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