Practicing Solidarity: ‘Reconciliation’ and Bosnian Protest Movements

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Lai, D. (2019). Practicing Solidarity: ‘Reconciliation’ and Bosnian Protest Movements. Ethnopolitics. 19 (2), pp. 168-187.
AuthorsLai, D.

This paper asks whether, and in what sense, civic protests can contribute to some form of ‘reconciliation’. Focusing on the 2014 protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it analyses the actions and activities involved in the practice of protesting. In this context, reconciliation can be understood as civic solidarity: a forward-looking commitment to fighting for social justice and against the privileges of political elites. Solidarity is not only built horizontally across social or ethnic groups, but also vertically through opposition to the ruling ethnonationalist elite. Solidarity-building activities such as protests, however, are hindered by an institutional system that crystallises social divisions and dilutes citizens’ efforts.

KeywordsPolitical Science and International Relations; Cultural Studies; History
Journal citation19 (2), pp. 168-187
PublisherInforma UK Limited
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Online23 Aug 2019
Print14 Mar 2020
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