Terrorism: international perspectives

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Mylonaki, E (2019). Terrorism: international perspectives. in: Morgan, RD (ed.) The Sage Encyclopedia of Criminal Psychology Sage.
AuthorsMylonaki, E
EditorsMorgan, RD

The phenomenon of terrorism has featured in history since the “Reign of Terror” during the French Revolution (1793-1794) but has changed considerably since then. Therefore, a term that was used originally to describe governmental actions it is now mostly used to refer to actions committed against civilians and perpetrated by individuals or groups not directly linked to a state. An examination of the historical evolution of terrorism reveals not only a change in the modus operandi of terrorist organizations but also a shift in the international dimension of the phenomenon. After discussing issues associated with defining terrorism within an international framework, this entry focuses on the international efforts, including laws and models, to counter terrorism.

Book titleThe Sage Encyclopedia of Criminal Psychology
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Print01 Jul 2019
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Accepted13 Nov 2018
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