The Influence Of Delta Plan Wing Vortex Generators Upon Room Air Movement

PhD Thesis

Missenden, John (1987). The Influence Of Delta Plan Wing Vortex Generators Upon Room Air Movement. PhD Thesis Council for National Academic Awards Department of Environmental Engineering, The Polytechnic, of the South. Bank’,
AuthorsMissenden, John
TypePhD Thesis

An investigation has been carried out into the use of thin delta plan aerofoils of small semi angle at large angles of incidence in an artificially ventilated room. The object was to assess the influence of the strong leading-edge vortices upon room air movement. A vortex structure has been proposed in terms of three zones of differing angular velocity from which an angular momentum and kinetic energy model of the supply air jet conversion has been produced. Three alternative arrangements of wing mounting within a room ceiling jet including one control test have been examined in a full size mock up room and results compared. The experimentation together with the computer models indicated that vortex generators may be expected to reduce overall room momentum and kinetic energy allowing higher air supply rates before a condition of discomfort is reached. At the same time, fragments of fast-moving burst vortices penetrate many chord lengths beyond the wing edges, adding to locally perceived air movement. The computer model shows the effect on jet conversion of pitch circle ‘mounting diameter, wing size. -and jet velocity.

PublisherLondon South Bank University
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