Structural Performance Of Timber Framed/Brick Veneer Construction

MPhil Thesis

Procter, Stephen (1986). Structural Performance Of Timber Framed/Brick Veneer Construction. MPhil Thesis Council for National Academic Awards Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Polytechnic of the South Bank.
AuthorsProcter, Stephen
TypeMPhil Thesis

A research programme is described in which the structural performance of timber framed/brick veneer walls subject to lateral (flexural) loading is investigated to establish the degree of composite action between the timber and the brickwork. A review of previous research into the behaviour of laterally loaded timber/brickwork walls and their component parts is given and current design requirements summarised. A programme of tests designed to investigate the structural behaviour of each individual component of the walls separately and within the composite wall structure was carried out. This included more than 600 tests on wall ties and 9 full size composite walls tested to destruction. In addition to the laboratory tests measurements were taken of movements on new constructed timber frame/brick veneer houses to establish the degree of flexibility required of the wall ties. An analytical model was developed using the Finite Element method of analysis in the form of the PAFEC package... A background to the Finite Element method is included. The analytical model was tested against the results of the full size composite wall tests and then used to predict the effects of varying such parameters as the length, height and number of storeys within the wall. A limited guide to design is presented with recommendations for further research work. It is concluded that careful use of proprietary flexible ties of the preformed type can lead to satisfactory design performance.

PublisherLondon South Bank University
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Deposited16 Nov 2023
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