Embodying Difference. An Initial Dialogue

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Sopeoglou, E. and Mejía Moreno, C. (2022). Embodying Difference. An Initial Dialogue. Field: a free Journal for Architecture. 8 (1), pp. 123-144.
AuthorsSopeoglou, E. and Mejía Moreno, C.

One of the points that ‘Anti-Racism at SSoA: A Call to Action’ calls for is the ‘diversification and contextualisation of the teaching of architectural history’ under the section of ‘equalising and diversifying the curriculum in all aspects’. Throughout the academic year 2020-21, as Humanities and Environment and Technology Leaders, we had regular conversations to reflect, as well as to think how, from our positions, we responded to this call. Our presentation at a recent ACAN Tutor’s Workshop was the platform where we publicly reflected on these initial discussions and suggested steps towards addressing some of the questions from the call in the Humanities and the Environment and Technology modules at the School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield. However, sometimes our conversations went beyond the call, but also sometimes we found ourselves struggling. Sometimes our thoughts took us to different places and experiences, sometimes we ended up having conversations with some of the voices that have influenced our thinking. Most importantly, these conversations brought to the fore, once again, complexities and entanglements, lacks and gaps, legacies and hierarchies that we needed to recognise, acknowledge and embody, to have this conversation to then be able to embody and work towards anti-racism. This piece reflects one initial conversation between the two of us. Whilst we didn’t wish to be named, the dialogue follows the fonts in the paragraphs. Moreover, some of the voices that have inspired and shaped our thinking and practice are also included, in red or quotations.

Keywordsanti-racism, architecture
JournalField: a free Journal for Architecture
Journal citation8 (1), pp. 123-144
PublisherThe University of Sheffield School of Architecture
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