Sustainability and Consumer Education on Food Sustainability

Masters Thesis

Moeti, I. (2022). Sustainability and Consumer Education on Food Sustainability. Masters Thesis London South Bank University National Bakery School
AuthorsMoeti, I.
TypeMasters Thesis

In order to minimise food waste, there needs to be significant change at all stages of food production and consumption. Household food waste makes up 70% of all food waste in the UK. 65% of this food waste is avoidable, but significant changes in consumer shopping and household food management behaviours are necessary. Whilst consumer awareness of sustainability is rising, it does not always translate into action by consumers to implement sustainable practices in their lives. The food sustainability and sustainability awareness survey found that consumers are eager to live more sustainably, however lack of education and a disconnect between their actions and behaviour inhibits sustainable practice. Consumers need to learn how to approach sustainability holistically and understand the connection between their daily actions and climate change. Personal, social and financial barriers each contribute to how individuals approach sustainability, financial barriers being the biggest barrier to green consumerism. The majority of consumers feel a responsibility to be more sustainable, however they also believe the weight of the environmental crisis and sourcing solutions should be placed on the food production sector and governments. The survey also revealed that there is an interest in educational resources on managing household food waste, food sustainability and climate change. Informal education avenues such as educating on food sustainability online or on urban farms show promise. Urban farms and community gardens provide idyllic spaces to educate on food sustainability, along with feeding local communities, creating employment and fostering community spirit.

PublisherLondon South Bank University
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