Do University International Strategies Deliver What You Expect? An Exploratory Study From A Director Of Marketing Perspective

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Mcgonagle-Daly, T. D. (2022). Do University International Strategies Deliver What You Expect? An Exploratory Study From A Director Of Marketing Perspective. Prof Doc Thesis London South Bank University School of Business
AuthorsMcgonagle-Daly, T. D.
TypeProf Doc Thesis

Purpose – To explore and build on a seminal study that assesses strategic intent and strategic outcomes of selected UK Universities and their approaches to internationalisation, to better understand how these are connected and to take learning around what can be shared by other institutions. This will then be further enhanced through selected interviews with Directors of Marketing in those institutions to explore the marketing contributions made to strategy development and implementation.
Research design/methodology/approach – An exploratory study with reference to current literature and through the application of quantitative and qualitative research methods.
Findings – Identifies, discusses and compares internationalisation cluster types with the involvement of the Director of Marketing at selected institutions over the period 2003/4 to 2012/13.
Research limitations/implications – The paper focuses on the UK only and more specifically MillionPlus Institutions, although the general framework could be applied more widely if information was available. The paper offers a historical review, and any future implications will need to be taken into consideration.
Practical implications – This paper provides a very useful source of information for those currently involved in international strategy or planning to assess and reposition effort to deliver on their strategic intent. It also provides some practical recommendations for the involvement of key skills when developing and implementing international strategies, as well as suggestions around structures that may better support operational delivery.
Originality/value – This paper is timely in that it provides a working measure of internationalisation effectiveness over a 10-year period, when institutions are reviewing their approaches to marketisation, transnational education and new revenue streams, especially as an outcome of Brexit and COVID-19.

PublisherLondon South Bank University
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Print30 Jun 2022
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