Personalisation as contribution-focused social work practice

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Richardson, A. (2022). Personalisation as contribution-focused social work practice. Journal of Social Work Practice. 36 (4), pp. 385-399.
AuthorsRichardson, A.

As a key driving force in adult social care policy in both the United Kingdom and internationally personalisation has wide-ranging implications for the social work profession. Yet its meaning can be elusive and is often contested. This article explores findings from a doctoral study which sought to explore the current meanings associated with the notion of personalisation, by asking those with lived experience how it is experienced by them. Unique features of the study’s participatory and psychosocial research design, which placed lived experience at its centre, are outlined. Original findings from the study explored in this paper include a range of themes related to dependence, independence and interdependence, depersonalisation and reciprocity. Risks associated with contemporary practice models in adult social work, including strengths-based approaches are explored. Based on the findings a reorientation towards ‘contribution-focused practice’ within a relationship-based practice model is proposed.

JournalJournal of Social Work Practice
Journal citation36 (4), pp. 385-399
PublisherTaylor & Francis
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Online25 Oct 2022
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Accepted02 Oct 2022
Deposited31 Oct 2022
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