‘Resilient Corporate Agents: the workers’ role in sustainability

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Ang, Y. (2022). ‘Resilient Corporate Agents: the workers’ role in sustainability. in: Sjåfjell, B., Liao, C. and Argyrou, A. (ed.) Innovating Business for Sustainability: Regulatory Approaches in the Anthropocene Edward Elgar Publishing. pp. 210-230
AuthorsAng, Y.
EditorsSjåfjell, B., Liao, C. and Argyrou, A.

Challenging current attitudes to governance and regulation in business, this timely book ascertains how regulatory approaches can innovate to ensure sustainable business that contributes to social justice for current and future generations within ecological limits.

Combining a research-based approach with a gendered perspective of how sustainability goals are shaped and how businesses should engage with them, this pioneering book creates a comprehensive and contemporary understanding of what sustainability means for business. Identifying the limitations of current approaches to gender and equality alongside the weaknesses of current regulatory and theoretical approaches in business, chapters seek to enhance the practical understanding and embeddedness of sustainability into business within legal and regulatory landscapes. Insights from an international collection of expert scholars in fields ranging from sustainability science to law offer meaningful alternatives to the sustainable business status quo on both conceptual and concrete levels.

Providing a regulatory analysis of business positioned in a systems-based sustainability research framework, this book will prove an invaluable resource for students and scholars of sustainability science, business and management, and law and regulation. With practical insights, it will also prove essential for policymakers working in business regulation and sustainability in business.

Page range210-230
Book titleInnovating Business for Sustainability: Regulatory Approaches in the Anthropocene
PublisherEdward Elgar Publishing
All rights reserved
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ISBN978 1 83910 131 1
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Deposited05 Jan 2023
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